Sony Alpha SAL85F28 85mm f/2.8 A-mount Standard & Medium Telephoto Fixed Lens (Black)


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85mm F2.8 SAM Prime Lens

This lightweight, compact lens offers an 85mm medium telephoto focal length on 35 mm full-frame cameras, and a 127.5 mm equivalent telephoto focal length on APS-C format Interchangeable-lens digital cameras. Color aberration is minimal, and contrast and resolution are excellent even at maximum F2.8 aperture.

85mm F2.8 SAM Prime Lens


Circular Aperture Distance encoder SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor)

Circular Aperture

When changing your aperture to defocus the background, the light sources appear blurred. This ‘bokeh’ effect of the blurred background can be enhanced with circular aperture blades used in this lens. Conventional aperture blades have flat sides creating unappealing polygonal shaped defocussed points of light. α lenses overcome this problem through a unique design that keeps the aperture almost perfectly circular from its wide-open setting to when it is closed by 2 stops. Smoother, more natural defocusing can be obtained as a result.

Distance encoder

The distance encoder plays an integral part in ADI flash metering, which delivers high precision flash metering that is unaffected by the reflectance of subjects or backgrounds. The distance encoder is a lens component that directly detects the position of the focusing mechanism, and sends a signal to the CPU in order to measure distance to the subject. During flash photography, this data is very useful in calculating how much flash output is appropriate to the scene.

SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor)

Rather than using the focus drive motor in the camera body, SAM lenses feature an autofocus motor built into to the lens itself that directly drives the focusing element group. Since the built-in motor directly rotates the focus mechanism, operation is significantly smoother and quieter than conventional coupled autofocus drive systems.

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Product information Product Dimensions 2.05 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches Item Weight 6.2 ounces ASIN B0042GFYHW Item model number SAL85F28

I read all of the reviews, then went out and bought Sony's 35mm and 85mm lenses (SAM). Yes, they're cheap Chinese plastic and they may not make my estate list for my kids. Who cares? The optics are outstanding, the focus is reasonably fast and the images are tack sharp and contrasty. In my lifetime I've had Leicas, Hasselblads, Nikons, full frame Canons, Lumix (4:3), Linhof Technicas . . . .the list goes on. None of them can match the performance of this cheap lens. I'm also pleased with the weight (another benefit of low build quality). The 35mm is my "walking around' lens and I've become quite attached to it. I use the 85mm for aerial photography, with 20x30 enlargements. So for those of you who are hung up on the build quality, think of it this way. Do you really want to spend (seven) times as much on a lens that is built better, but gives virtually the same performance? Why not spend the money on travel and shoot some great shots?

What you may not realize about the 85mm is that it's super compact. Mounted on the Sony A65, it's no larger than a small wide angle lens, yet it yields a view akin to a 130mm. Talk about stealth mode. For a fraction of the cost of a CZ lens, I figure I can go through seven or eight of these if I have to and still be ahead. Great optics that will serve me well. It doesn't pretend to be anything else . . . .it's sharp, light, small and cheaply made. Use it tell it falls apart!

I bought this lens used but it was in decent condition. It focuses fairly quickly much quicker than a telephoto lens. But that's what you expect with a prime lens. The Boca is nice but would be much better if it had a larger aperture. However 2.8 aperture will do the job for portrait photography. Typically I use a 50mm for portraits with a aperture of 1.4. However I kept hearing how the 85mm was amazing for portraits. But I wasn't about to waste my money on a ridiculously expensive one. I think this lens will work very well for my purposes. And I think it's a great lens for someone who is just starting out. It is important to have the right equipment but even more so it's important not to waste your money. This lens will definitely get the job done without spending too much.

If you're buying used don't spend more than $100. If you're buying new it's hard to say just look around and find the best price.

Yes, this lens DID meet my expectations. I purchased it as a means of introduction to photographic portraiture, of which I had essentially no knowledge. And I was hunting for an economical means of obtaining needed practical experience. This lens is affordable and is well regarded for its good performance. I AM satisfied with the performance of this lens. And I can recommend it as a simple, reliable, well performing tool for the beginner in photographic portraiture.

So, YES, I WOULD RECOMMEND this lens to a friend for the type of service I needed.

This lens is literally a fraction of the weight of my Tamron 17-50/2.8 and weighs less than the 50/1.4.

The SAM motor is definitely nowhere near as fast or silent as an USM/SSM based lens. However, this lens also weighs next to nothing. Three of the A77 batteries will weigh more than this lens, if that gives you a sense of how light this lens is.

I made some test shots after receiving the lens in the mail. The image quality coming through the lens is nice. Very clear and works well in normal indoor night time lighting, as expected of a 2.8 lens.

This is definitely a great moderate telephoto prime for the weight. However, focusing could hunt in low light conditions. There is also no focus limiter, so given the range, it can take a while to AF.

By far, the lightest lens I’ve ever used. Not only are the mount and case all plastic, the mount appears “skeletonized” to save the manufacturer even more. That said, the images are sharp and contrasty, with minimal aberration and distortion. If not all plastic with the inherent durability problems of this kind of construction, I’d give it five stars instead of four.

I liked the lens, very good and if you don't have a 50mm lens this one would certainly be a great option. For me I prefer a 50 mm 1.4 lens over this one, however, the cost is double so factor in cost and need and with this one you certainly have a little more distance from your subject over a 50mm. Either way this lens a good and for most a wonderful addition to your Sony lens arsenal.

Nice image quality.

Feels light and cheap.

Good for the money.

Good for video.

Is full frame.

It has a manual Auto/Manual focus switch.

bought this for my wife, its a great lens, very little CA in high contrast points, super sharp, great Bokeh, Just a beautiful little lens