Tamron Interchangeable Lenses SP 70-200mm F / 2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Model A025) [Nikon F Mount](Japan Import-No Warranty)




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Product information Product Dimensions 7.6 x 3.46 x 3.46 inches Item Weight 3.23 pounds ASIN B01MZI83NO Item model number A025N

Stunning! Focus, tack sharp. Vibration reduction, amazing. Sharpest lens I own, all the others are Nikon and this is streets ahead on every metric. I can’t believe that this is the price it is at less than half the price of the Nikon. I have always used Nikon lenses, if I am in the market again I will definitely be looking at Tamron. Update: Disaster strikes, dropped the lens from height of one metre. Minor damage to filter ring everything else OK. So its tough! Sent it to Tamron repair and it took a little while for the part to arrive but once it had arrived from Germany the boys at Intro 2000 repaired and next day shipped the lens back to me. Cost of repair was reasonable, 5 year warrantee unaffected and the lens is still the sharpest lens I own with the best VC I have ever seen. Just makes me want to say even more how very pleased I am with this lens. Brilliant piece of kit for the money and built like a brick .... shed!!

Anfang Mai habe ich mich dazu entschlossen mein erstes 70-200 f2.8 hier auf Amazon zu kaufen, gemeint ist das Tamron G2. Seitdem hat das Objektiv einiges durchmachen müssen. Da ich ein Exemplar mit deutlichem Backfocus erwischt hatte, war ich zuerst ernüchtert. Ich benutze das Objektiv hauptsächlich für Sportfotografie in Amateurligen und konnte an meiner D5300 zunächst kein einziges scharfes Bild aus der Linse zaubern. Das war zu dem Zeitpunkt direkt am darauffolgenden Tag nach dem Kauf.

Ich zweifelte zunächst an meiner Kamera und an mir, also bat ich einen Kollegen das Objektiv an seiner D500 auszuprobieren. Normalerweise schießt der seine Bilder mit dem Nikkor 70-200 FL. Wenn einer also scharfe Bilder gewohnt war, dann er. Kurzerhand also Objektive getauscht, er schoss mit meinem Tamron, ich mit seinem Nikkor. Ergebnis: Ich hatte scharfe Bilder, er nicht.
Damit konnte ich schonmal ausschließen, dass meine Kamera der Grund war.

Ich kaufte mir daraufhin beim lokalen Fotohaus die TapIn-Konsole von Tamron und nahm mir einige Stunden Zeit. Danach war ich noch frustrierter, denn prinzipiell bei jeder konfigurierbarer Brennweite (70,100,135,200), konnte ich bei so gut wie jeder Fokusdistanz (0,95, 5, 10, ∞) einen teils starken Backfocus feststellen. So bewegten sich die Werte in der TapIn-Konsole zwischen -7 bis öfters sogar -20 für die Autofukusjustierung. Ich hatte am gleichen Wochenende ein lokales Fußball-Kleinfeldturnier fotografiert und deutlich über 1000 Bilder geschossen. Ergebnis: Bis auf wenige Aufnahmen gestochen scharf. Erleichterung machte sich breit. Aber irgendwie war ich trotzdem unzufrieden. Ich wollte nicht einsehen, warum ich mich mit meiner eigenständigen Justierung zufrieden geben sollte, wenn ich 1300 Euro dafür ausgegeben habe. Also kurzerhand Kamera und Objektiv eingepackt und Tamron zur Justage verschickt. 2,5 Wochen später hatte ich alles wieder. Also ausgepackt und gleich raus für Testaufnahmen. Ergebnis: gestochen scharf. Erleichterung machte sich breit. Allerdings bin ich mir immer noch nicht ganz sicher, ob da bei 135mm und 5 Meter Distanz nicht doch noch was faul ist. Also selbst nochmal mit der Konsole nachgebessert, was aber eigentlich nichts mehr gebracht hat. Ich sehe den Fehler da eher auf meiner Seite, nicht beim Objektiv.

Nachdem ich das Objektiv also zurück hatte, habe ich ein Relegationsspiel fotografiert und war sehr zufrieden, wobei man klar sagen muss, dass ich mit einer besseren Kamera doch noch etwas mehr rausholen könnte.

Fazit: Wenn man kein Montagsprodukt mit Front- oder Backfokus erwischt oder man es anschließend justieren lässt, dann kann ich die Linse wirklich uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Knackscharf, sehr schnell, wirklich überragend verarbeitet und schwer in der Hand! Ich muss ehrlich gestehen, auch wenn das Nikkor vllt. noch einen ticken schärfer und schneller ist, den wertigeren Eindruck macht das Tamron.

Llevaba tiempo detrás de un 70-200 pero no acababa de decidirme. Mis alternativas eran (para montar en una D750):
- 70-200 VRII 2.8 Nikon
- nuevo VRIII 2.8 de Nikon,
- 70-200 f4 de Nikon
- versión anterior del Tamron
-Sigma 70-200 también 2.8.
No me quiero extender, tenéis un montón de reviews detallados en internet, pero la calidad de este objetivo Tamron es como mínimo igual a la del Pata Negra de Nikon. En tema de soporte técnico y cómo le afecten el paso de los años no puedo opinar, todavía es muy pronto.
Pero en cuanto lo pones en la cámara notas que está muy bien fabricado, tacto metálico y robusto.
El enfoque es rapidísimo, nitidez muy buena desde 2.8, nada de reflejos, el estabilizador es increíble, en fin, desde el punto de vista óptico yo no le he encontrado pega.
Os pongo las únicas pegas que he encontrado hasta ahora:
-El botón del estabilizador se me ha desactivado sin darme cuenta más de una vez
-Con el parasol enganchado en modo "guardar" no tienes acceso al tambor de zoom
-Pesa bastante, pero como cualquier 2.8. Si tienes que cargar con él todo el día valora el f4.
Muy contento con la compra la verdad. Que al hacer zoom sólo se muevan los internos dificulta que te entre polvo o suciedad. Lo he usado en un safari y cero pegas en ese sentido.
Bravo Tamron!

This is my first ‘real’ lens and the difference it’s made to my photos is immense. Fast, accurate focus. Great image quality. Amazing VC.

Also think it looks much cooler than the Nikon and Canon equivalents. Sturdy too.

As others have noted the switches can be changed inadvertently when using a sling. I get around this by covering them with some black electrical tape, folded over at the end to make a little tab for easy access. It’s hardly noticeable.

Weddings - Portraits - Events - Used for over a year without fault.
For the cost of one Nikon you can get the G2 70-200 and 24-70.
Sweaty technical types will and have taken great pleasure in pointing out the differences between this and the Nikon, and everything they say is right... but genuinley for the price and quality you wont notice. And more importantly your customers/friends/family wont care.
The build quality is brilliant, vc is great in low light and everything is very easy to get used to on the lens.
I definitely recommend it.

Good lens, definitely needed the Tap-in console, which I already had for the 150 - 600 G2, as I needed several adjustments for my D7200. Great image quality once adjusted, fast focus. Best results for clarity at F8 but acceptable at F2.8. Don't really use it beyond F10 but no diffraction issues upto F10.
The foot is very small, can't get my fingers through it for carrying. Rotation smoothness is ok for the foot, not great can feel a bit gritty.
Switches are awful and positioned badly, I tend to attach a sling strap for carrying and with the foot in the best position, to enable bringing the camera up to my eye, the switches are against my body as I walk and tend to get knocked out of my preferred settings. The switches are also obscured by the foot when in my alternate position. So quick fire is poor due to having to check the switches every time you try to take some shots.

Stunning lense, whisper quiet AF, insane VC, smooth smooth bokeh and sharp as all hell across the whole focal range. Was a very expensive treat for me but I am blown away by this lense (paired in a Nikon D500)

Is this a good lens? Well, everyone says so, but I had my first one replaced, as it was way too soft. The replacement, I thought, was quite a bit better. But I noticed that it was unreliable in its focusing (and, yes, I am aware of my technical limitations, but much worse than, say, with my Nikon 200-500 or my Nikon 70-200 f4). Eventually, I got tired and replaced it with my Nikon 70-200 f2.8 FL, which is a noticeable step up in sharpness and colour fringing (absent, not obvious). My advice, for what it’s worth, is buy a second hand Nikon from MPB (to which I sold my Tamron - very easy, but 50% down the drain. Oops) if buying new is too much. Or buy new from Panamoz, who are excellent and v cheap.
I would, however, echo those who have cited the build quality of the Tamron.
For info, I was using it with a D850 - I have no idea if that accentuates the quality differences with the Nikon FL lens.

Fantastic value, good quality telephoto lens. F2.8 throughout the focal range. A little bit heavy, but appears to be solidly built and zoom action mechanism inspires confidence. The optics are excellent. Highly recommended.

Fantastic quality. Great value. Love this lens totally recommend

Ho comprato questo obbiettivo perchè avevo bisogno di andare oltre i 120mm di focale, e purtroppo non avendo abbastanza soldi per prendermi l'ultimo nato di casa Nikon ho dovuto ripiegare su qualcosa che non mi costasse quanto un rene e un polmone. Bè risultato...ho preso il nuovo Tamron G2 e devo dire che fino ad ora è stato l'acquisto migliore mai fatto per la reflex.
Arrivato il giorno dopo l'ordine la scatola contiene:
- Obbiettio;
- Paraluce;
- Sacca da trasporto morbida
- Carteggio vario

Devo dirlo dopo 3 mesi di intenso utilizzo non posso dire altro che è una bomba, l'ho dovuto smontare solo per esigenze di focale (dovevo sgrandangolare) ma per il resto se fate foto di ritratti, spettacoli ed eventi è il gioiello che fa per voi!
Ha un contrasto magnifico e una nitidezza ottima! (Devo dire però che non raggiunge la perfezione suprema del VR II della Nikon). Ma la cosa che mi ha davvero lasciato senza parole è lo stabilizzatore, ammetto che ero partito un pò prevenuto pensando che avessero gonfiato la descrizione...bè mi sbagliavo. Appena provato e acceso lo stabilizzatore già in oculare percepivo la potenza, impugnato a mano libera e tutto risce a ridurre quasi totalmente il movimento del respiro. Quando sei in fase di messa a fuoco l'iquadratura sembra tipo calamitata e nonostate qualche oscillazione rimane tutto immobile.
Unica pecca, è meglio dotarsi di una batteria extra. Ho notato che il bestione con lo stabilizzatore attivo consuma un pò. Io sono arrivato comunque senza problemi a circa 1200-1400 scatti (poi ho finito perchè era finito l'evento) però ho notato che a fine giornata rimanevo con meno batteria del solito.

Per il resto questo 70-200 l'ho trovato superiore a tutti gli altri, eccetto il VR II nikon. (Non entro in merito al Canon serie L perchè non lo conosco e non posso dare un giudizio). Un acquisto che consiglio alla stragrande

Best lense purchase what I’ve ever made.
The auto focus is outstanding and accurate. Very sharp and bring the quality what NIKON 70-200 does. I would say this is very competitive to Nikon but a £1200 cheaper. I’m very happy with it so far. My only concern is I’m curious how long it’s gonna last, if it’s built from good quality, premium parts not. Anyway there is 5 years of warranty which also a good thing.
Although I do recommend it! Make a huge difference.

Love this lens

When I decided to purchase a super zoom lens this Tamron model fitted the bill for performance and price. It produces
photos of a high standard in quality and presentation. I have just recently taken up Photography as a hobby and am not
as yet qualified to give a technical appraisal, I will leave that to the experts.

I was worried, that lens would have issues on my Z6 with the FTZ. I needn't have worried, I was shooting straight out of the box with no issues.
This is a keeper! I was considering the manufacturer equivalent lens, but I am so glad that I went for the Tamron. I saved some cash, and I have peace of mind with a 5 year warranty!