Samyang SY12M-E-BK 12mm F2.0 Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Sony E Cameras, Black


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  • Focuses to 7.9" (0.2m) and Accepts 67 Filters
  • 98.9 Degree Angle of View / 18mm (35mm Equivalent
  • Fast f/2.0 Maximum Aperture Benefits Working in Low-Light Conditions
  • Nano Coating System (NCS) For Increased Light Transmission and Reduced Internal Reflections.Durable aluminum alloy build
  • Utilizes 12 High Precision Glass Lens Elements Including 1 Hybrid Aspherical (H-ASP) + 1 Aspherical (AS) + 1 Low-Dispersion (ED) High Precision Glass Lens Elements For Superior Image Quality



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*:Black  |  Style:Sony NEX

The Samyang 12mm f2. 0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens is designed specifically for mirrorless cameras. Its 35mm focal length equivalency for Sony E- Mount (NEX) Cameras is 18mm. With an f2. 0 maximum aperture, it is particularly effective in low-light capture and can control shallow depth of field for precise subject focus with pleasing out-of-focus backgrounds. It offers a minimum focus distance of 7. 9" and its front filter thread accepts 67mm size filters. The lens's impressive optical construction consists of three Extra-low Dispersion elements, one aspherical, and one hybrid aspherical element. The nano-crystal coating is applied Made just for mirrorless cameras is the new Samyang 12mm f2. 0 NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens. Its 35mm focal length equivalency for Sony E- Mount (NEX) Cameras is 18mm. With a f2. 0 maximum aperture, it is particularly effective in low-light capture and can control shallow depth of field for precise subject focus with pleasing out-of-focus backgrounds. It offers a minimum focus distance of 7. 9" and its front filter thread accepts 67mm size filters. The lens's impressive optical construction consists of three Extra-low Dispersion elements, one aspherical, and one hybrid aspherical element. The nano-crystal coating is applied to the inner surface of the two front-most lens elements to minimize ghosting and flare and improve overall image clarity.

Product information *:Black  |  Style:Sony NEX Product Dimensions 2.3 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches Item Weight 9.6 ounces ASIN B00KT0UH72 Item model number SY12M-S-BK

I have owned this lens for about 6 months now and I can say with confidence that this is one of my favorite lenses I have used. I originally purchased this lens for my Sony A6000 for a trip to Japan since I was expecting cramped streets and tall buildings. The 12mm focal length and F2.0 Aperture is such a great combination that it never failed to capture what I wanted and what I imagined whether rain, shine or night.

Peeping at the photos, it is amazingly clear throughout the frame around F4.0 and even at F2.0 you only get slight vignetting in the corners. I didn't find myself using the lens hood too often so I mainly left it out of my bag. As for the manual focus, it is almost a set and forget it with such a wide focal length. Just set it to infinity and it will mainly keep everything in focus(not all the way till it stops turning, but just to the left of the L shape on the barrell while going towards the infinity end).

I recommend this lens for those looking to capture cityscapes, landscapes, real estate, etc. It really isn't meant for portraits or group photos as the distortion isn't desirable for it.

This review should cover both the Samyang & Rokinon 12mm lenses since they share exactly the same components (just branded differently).

This lens is NOT perfect, but it serves its purposes PERFECTLY. What do I mean? This is obviously a landscape & architectural lens and when the lens is set for those purposes, it works very well. But once you start trying to use it for different scenarios its shortcomings become very apparent.

1) Manual Focus Lens: pretty much means anything fast-moving is none capturable (Not a word, but you probably get what I mean)
2) Since it is COMPLETELY manual, it doesn't even leave aperture metadata (not a huge deal since you should only be shooting at f8 & f11. Photos will detail exactly why)
3) My particular lens was off center and the left side was not as sharp as the right side, but was remedied at smaller apertures
4) I bought this lens for landscapes and astrophotograhy (because its f2.0) but f2.0 the photos are far from sharp which somewhat defeats its purpose for astro.

1) Exceptionally wide angle view w/o fisheye (I feel fisheye has its place, but not for my purposes)
2) Once the aperture is set appropriately the lens sharpens up A LOT! (see the pics to see what I mean)
3) Affordable (subjective)
4) It is compact and relatively light and matches my a6000 very well, dare I say, even jacket pocketable, but not pants pocketable.

If you want to shoot landscapes, this lens will serve you VERY well at F8.0 & F11. Other apertures are pretty poor.
It has a short minimum distance which is good to get a somewhat macro-ish image
I don't think there is a better deal out there for landscape photogs at the moment and if that is your preference, but it now (mine 3 1 9 u s d)!

Do check the photo to see why the extreme apertures are not recommended, but the sweet spot is f8-f11.

Hope this helps! Also, you can check out my post processed images I've taken with this lens on my flickr account "k1ngkong" just in case Amazon doesn't allow my links below.


So far I couldn't be more pleased with this. I purchased for trip to Switzerland that is coming up. My new Sony a6000 is great but the kit lenses are f3.5 and I'm used to f1.7 on my previous camera (panasonic LX100, which is also a great travel camera). I was a little nervous about a manual lens. However, and has been mentioned by others, I found this to be almost a non-issue. It's sharp from 3m to infinity, and I've been setting it on f8 and just leaving it alone for standard day time use. So far I love it, and I know it will perform well in low light wide shots (like night streets and inside cathedrals etc where flash isn't allowed and useful regardless due to distances. Once I figured out how to use the magnifier tool in the camera I can easily fine tune focus where needed. This may be my ONLY lens I use on my trip as the a6000 at 24mp is a champ where I need to crop a scene. I looked at a picture at enlarged to full size from a 16th crop (pretty small) and, while a little grain, it was acceptable for me if I really needed it. I'm just a standard non-pro camera junkie but have enough experience to understand what works well, at least for my needs.

Set this to f8 and focus to infinity and then just click away. Everything 24" out and further will be in sharp focus. This is my favorite landscape, architecture, real estate, street photography and video lens. On the street, I just point and click with this on my Sony A6000. It is not even noticed and I know everything will be tack sharp. Don't shoot wide open. It is perfect at f8 and that's where I keep it.

Hands down the best wide angle lens for Sony E-Mount cameras (in my case the A6000). This lens produces pretty sharp pictures at all focal lengths with edges gradually less sharp the lower you drop your f-stop, example: f2.0, which is to be expected with a wide angle lens. I've had no problem focusing to infinity and nailing sharp shots like others seem to have a problem with. If your comfortable with manual focus and know how to use your camera properly in manual mode, you wont have any issue using the Samyang 12mm.

I'm a photo hobbiest and fairly critical of lenses. As the professional reviews state, this is a good value, fixed focal length wide-angle lens. I was taking this on vacation and planned on setting it to focus from about 3ft to infinity and leaving it there. I compared this against the much more expensive Voigtlander Nokton 17mm/.95 wide-angle lens. I made many comparison shots with both at similar distances with the same aperture/speed/iso settings. Given that I wanted a lens that I could set-and-forget for 3ft-infinity focusing, the Samyang proved just as capable for that purpose. I'm happy to spend more money on a lens when it delivers a much better image. In this case, I went with the Samyang.

The best landscape/astro lens on Sony APS-C e mount, without a doubt. Focus to infinity, set your aperture, and anything beyond 8 feet or so is tack sharp focused. Even makes for some great creative portrature. Edges can be a bit soft wide open, but stopped down it's great. Infinity focus point isn't necessarily infinity, but focus peaking makes it very easy to find it. I'd recommend this lens for anyone looking for something super wide on aps-c emount!

First you have to understand, I am old school as I first starting taking photos in the 80s and had my own dark room. So for me, this lens is exactly what I love. Meaning, it has an aperture ring on the lens (you cant use the camera's dials) and I manually have to focus. I have to use the light meter in the camera, just like a normal old school light meter. That for me is the perfect form factor. Going fancy and electronic is not always the best form factor. Beyond that, shooting in Raw on the a6500, and processing in Adobe Camera Raw, I find the images clear, no abbreviations, great colour. Its a low cost lens because youre not spending the money on electronics, you are spending money on glass. Oh what! What a concept. I wish more manufacturers did this....

I love this lense. Aside from it being a manual focus lense It has shot some really great pics on my Sony Alpha. The wide angle is nice and clean with no vignetting or rounding at the edges. The blur is great. The weight isnt too bad. Considering the camera body being so small any lense is sort of dense but I dont mind it really. Lense body is well made. Have been using it for a few months now and I keep it on as my every day lense. Would reccomend. No adapter needed. Snaps great right into body.

Casi no hay opciones de objetivos gran angular para la montura de sony E, además del sony 10-18 f4 que tiene varias desventajas, además de costar muchisimo más. Esta es una excelente opción, a buen precio y con increible calidad optica.
Al ser un gran angular, la estabilización optica no es tan critica. Si vas a tomar fotografia arquitectonica/bienes raices, normalmente usas un tripie. Si haces fotografía de paisaje, tambien sueles usar un tripie. Con su apertura f2 es increible inclusive en escenas nocturnas. Lo hemos usado en video con y sin estabilizador motorizado y los resultados son excelentes. Vale mucho la pena.
Ya forma parte de nuestro kit compacto para las Sony E.

A solid well built lens with beautiful clarity paired with my sony a6000. Focus and aperature rings are solid and smooth. I bought this lens for astrophotography as well as interior real estate photography. It performs obeying my expectations at this price point. This is the lowest f stop wide angle lens available for the emount platform. I will definitely be looking into more samyang products in the future. Be aware this is a manual lens and will not function with your cameras auto features. That being said, it's not difficult to use this product in manual mode.

Really like this lens - especially for low light, long exposure astrophotography which I just started dabbling in. This lens is sharp and has an awesome filed of view.

Great lens for landscapes. Good for architecture as well, but may need to clean up some distortion in post. When set to f5.6 and focused to infinity, pictures turn out tack sharp with a small bit of softness in the corners. I'll use this when shooting in lowlight with a tripod and when I don't need to take videos.

I got what I paid for.
Not Sharp but the price is low so I got what I paid for. Even at infinity and small aperture, the image still kind blur compare to a Sony lens.
Super wide angle for sure. Great for real estate shooting

Super sharp! Bought this for my a6300 and its just wide enough! I can crop in with the in body zoom if i find it too wide so the 12mm focal lenght is great! Gives that extra wide feel and the f2.0 let just enough light in for those low light situation!

Este lente ha superado todas mis expectativas. Esperaba que por ser un lente gran angular de los mas baratos los resultados serian aceptables, pero no fenomenales. Ultimamente es el unico lente que uso en mi A6000. Adjunto unas imagenes tomadas con este lente y la camara sony a6000

If you’re looking for a wide lens this will be your hero. It is a great lens accordingly with price, you can have it fun and testing many things as : Astro or landscapes or even street photos. It is a manual focus but on my Sony a6400 it turns out very easy to set it. I didn’t find so far any huge problem or lack to turn back my mind. Good price for a good lens.

Lo uso principalmente para astrofotografía, va perfecto. por su longitud focal el hecho de ser manual no representa ningún problema.

Love this manual lens. Works beautifully with my Sony A5100. Operating in manual not an issue at all. For my needs works great...quite sharp. PHOTO attached

This lens is amazing! Brought it to our trip and I ended up using this lens the whole time! It's lightweight, super wide and amazing at low light / night photography. Highly recommended if you're looking to expand your camera's range!

This is a pin sharp lens. Exceptionally well made. It is manual focus but easy to use. If your subject is any more than a metre away set your focus ring to the start of the line prior to the infinity symbol and you are good to go.