Samyang SYIO85AF-E 85mm F1.4 Auto Focus Weather Sealed Lens for Sony E-Mount


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  • For Sony E-mount full-frame & APS-C Mirrorless cameras
  • Aperture range: f/1.4 to f/17
  • Ultra multi-coated Optics; weather-sealed
  • Takes front filter size of 77mm
  • Constructed of 11 elements in 8 groups
  • Digital



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The AF 85mm F1.4 FE is inspired by the optical vision of the MF 85mm F1.4 AS IF UMC, which has been loved for its beautiful out-of-focus images since its launch in 2008: however, this new lens develops the original's existing strengths with a much more advanced optical design, newly optimized for mirrorless cameras. This lens of great value and charm with high resolution encapsulates Samyang's universally respected 40-year optical technology in your photographs.

Product information Product Dimensions 2.9 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches Item Weight 1.85 pounds ASIN B07Q69JQ2R Item model number SYIO85AF-E

Better than the sony 85mm 1.4 gm and sigma art 85 1.4. Super fast eye AF, and doesn’t lose subject like the sony gm does! Sigma art also weighs like four times this lens, this one is much easier on the wrist and seems just as sharp!

Great for photo.. sharper than SOny G LENS!
And cheaper as well! Don’t buy G Lenses before YouTube about this lenses!
UPDATE 04/21/2020, Just updated the lens with the Samyang lens station and now VIDEO is working GREAT!
before the update VIDEO FOCUS was horrible!

The Sony 85mm has a VERY slight edge in overall sharpness, but costs much more than this lens. This is the best choice when it comes to quality vs price, and is at the sweet spot of diminishing returns. Ever dollar spent on this lens is worth paying, any more, and you better be using your 85mm daily.

I would argue that the image quality is so close with the more expensive lenses that it is indistinguishable in 99% of use cases.

Solid build, easy to use, fast, sharp, and inexpensive. No frills, just function.

This is absolutely perfect for shooting portraits and events while paired with my SONY α7III. The autofocus, sharpness and light weight are my favorite features of this lens. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend it to professional and novice photographers.

Just started in the Sony system. This is my second "for Sony" lens that I use on the A9. It focuses very well. It arrived with firmware 4.0 on it already which helped.
Can't say enough about how the background gets blurred using this lens. Just amazing. I've added a few photos to help show it.
Someone on youtube said that this lens actually is more like a 1.6 lens instead of 1.4, and he made this claim by saying he compared it to two other lenses. Not a very scientific way to go about this so I can't accept his conclusions (he's considered a "Sony Artisan" so that might explain it). I'd love to hear from anyone who has more information on this. Regardless, it is amazing.
Glad I purchased it.

I have mixed feelings for this lens even tho the videos i saw on this looked great theres alot of issues with the autofocus even after i updated my sonya7r3 it still gave me focusing issues, when it worked good it looked sooo beautiful but the hit and miss makes it hard to like this product because i missed some great shots that i didn't see were out of focus till i was in front of the computer

Really nice lens. Great build, great bokeh, sharp with great colors all the way down to 1.4. Korean company clearly now starting to compete with Japan. You get more than what you pay for and how can you beat that. Len cap and hood seem a bit more cheaply made, but does it really matter. Congrats to Samyang.

Great lens and very affordable! Doesn't always nail eye focus at 1.4 in very low light but I noticed that on the gmaster lens as well. Highly recommend over the gmaster as it seems to actually grab focus much quicker but the gmaster has slightly better bokeh.

There is a lot to love about this lens. For time's sake I will give you my thoughts in point form:

1. It is surprisingly light, but big in size so on gimbals you need to position it correctly. (Bottom of lens extends past the bottom of the A7III when mounted)
2. F1.4 is a Fast Aperture and really helped me in low light events to keep ISO low
3. I used it for Videography (weddings) mostly and it worked great in both AF / MF
4. Weather sealing gives me peace of mind when on pro and casual shoots
5. AF is FAST and Mostly Silent in all types of light
6. Cheap cost compared to native lenses


1. Amazing. I cannot tell the difference from the 2-3k equivalents.
2. Image files are so pleasing to look at
3. Video files while editing projects look so crisp and cinematic

I highly recommend this lens. I received this relatively quick and in great shape / condition.

It was obviously opened and used before I got it, had finger prints on it and the Instruction manual was not folded as if it were new. I put it on my camera and tried to take a few pics in low light indoors and it was grinding when focusing and then it caused my camera to freeze up. Next day I took it outdoors and it performed quite well (see photo attached, nice bokeh). I read about needing updates possibly for the low-light issues but it's over 100$ for the docking station to update the lens. Not Sure yet if I'll keep or return, not happy it was used (and probably returned due to the grinding focus).

Milky smooth bokeh at 1.4, the falloff is almost unreal! Feels quite solid, even though it's a bit plastic-y. I really love this lens... it's currently my favourite in my collection. I'm taking fantastic portraits, and stopping the aperture up really brings out the sharpness in the lens. However even at f/1.4 I'm blown away by the results and sharpness, especially in the middle of the frame. It's bulky, but that's acceptable and expected given it's an 85mm 1.4.

I've used the Sony 85mm 1.4 GM and I can say that this lens is practically as snappy and sharp as the Sony version. AF is quick, eye-AF works like a charm. I'm so impressed. I do wish there was a button on the lens (which I set to eye-af) but that's probably a Sony patent or something. It's also a bit smaller than the Sony 85mm 1.4 so that's a plus!

The focus ring has just the right resistance. Samyang/Rokinon really killed it with this one and I can't wait until their next AF lens for Sony!

Is this lens for you?
- If you don't mind the extra size, weight and couple hundred $ compared to the Sony 85mm f/1.8 lens, GO FOR IT. You won't be disappointed.
- If you shoot portraits (or want to) for a living or even a hobby, you'll love it.
- I use it for events, believe it or not. You can stand back and get fantastic candid shots of people.

Don't get this lens if:
- You're travelling (it's bulky)
- You need versatility and therefore a zoom lens
- That's about it..

(Pics coming soon)

This is a well performing lens. In terms of image quality, it is stellar. Autofocus is quick but not as fast as your native sony lenses, theres a tiny bit of hesitation sometimes. There’s a little bit of inconsistency in focus accuracy, around 90% it hits focus. It produces quite pleasing bokeh. It has descent sharpness 1.4 and improves as you stop down. Sigma 85 1.4 is way sharper than this one but considering the price of samyang I think this lens is still very appealing. Overall its a solid performer.

PS: there was an issue of invalid lens the first time i attached it to my camera but it never happened again.

I brought this to a wedding event. I really love the output of this lens but there’s a lot of inconsistencies with this lens. It freezes up, sometimes the aperture control is lost, can’t focus when your subject is in high contrast. This lens made me so nervous specially for critical moments of the wedding.

This lens is becoming my favorite lens from my kit. No complaints at all. Focus is damn good and sharp. It is as fast as the Gmaster lens. In videos, it is again almost very much similar to the gmaster lens. I did few comparisons of this lens with 85mm 1.4 gm. Hardly could find out any differences. And this lens saves you lot of money and you can get a new camera body for that

Excelente optica. La calidad de las imagines es muy buena, los colores balanceados, la construcción del cuerpo es solida y el sistema de AF funciona de maravilla

Really nice Lens for photos. Focus was good for portrait work, not as fast as the Sony 85 f1.8, but still snappy. Seemed to be built very well.

haven't tried for video, so i can't comment on that.

This lens is so good. It is so sharp even at wide open aperture. The autofocus is faster as well compared to the native lenses. And the price is way cheaper.

I did a lot of research regarding which 85 mm lens to get, I couldn't be anymore happier. This lens is a nice piece of glass!

My lens came with autofocus noise that my friend's copy didn't make. Also I could see dust particles in the inside of the lens around the middle. I am retirning this and possibly getting a new one. I'm going to contact samyang first to see if they can resolve this issue.

Excelente lente no me arrepiento para nada, lo compraría una vez más , ni idea como justificas el costo de un 85mm GM después de esto?

Works well.

Hace mucho ruido al enfocar

Good results...