Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art Lens for Canon


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  • OS functionality and newly designed HSM for success on any shoot
  • Lens barrel designed for high rigidity
  • This all-new 24-70mm F2.8 lens from SIGMA delivers the performance and functionality that help pros succeed in news, nature, and many other fields of photography.



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Exceptional optical performance ideal for ultra-high megapixel cameras Newly designed HSM with faster, yet smoother focusing Optical Stabilizer functionality 1.5” Minimum focusing distance 9 rounded blade aperture Minimum aperture of f22 Creates beautiful Bokeh Rugged metal barrel Splashproof / Dustproof

Product information Product Dimensions 3.5 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches Item Weight 2 pounds ASIN B002NLHXQ8 Item model number 576954

I’m a music photographer and lifestyle photographer. This lens is my workhorse lens. 98% of the time this lens never leaves my camera body. It is the absolute best for both extremely different photo settings that I shoot in. For my music photography this lens is epic for very very low light. Yes, you need to understand your camera settings for each event because the lighting varies, but if you know how to set your ISO and shutter for the light you’re in then this lens will never let you down.
For my lifestyle shooting in broad daylight this Sigma lens is perfect. Keep the lens backed all the way out for nice wide shots. And you can zoom in really tight to your models face or product they are holding. Zoomed out or zoomed in, the quality and crisp shot is there.
The auto focus is fantastic and very quick unless your shooting with your screen view on. (Which I never do and don’t recommend)
The lens has some weight to it. A lot of reviews I read before I purchased had people complaining about how heavy it is and their neck would get soar or their wrist. Well, they are simply just adult babies. Adult babies who need to work out their neck and wrists I suppose?
I like the weight because it doesn’t feel cheap. It’s a solid built lens that is extremely accurate and durable, so quit your sniffling and focus more on your photos!
The only, and I mean only thing that I wish I could change is the lens hood. The Sigma lens hood that comes with the lens doesn’t lock in place when it’s on. So if you’re walking around all day it will slowly start to twist off. It has never fallen off completely but I have caught it close to the edge. I might try ordering the Canon lens hood to see if that one locks or if it’s just something I will need to live with.
None the less, changes nothing about the lens. I you snag this one you will be one happy individual.
Thanks for reading my rant.

I had read some mixed web reviews. This lens so far is in VERY short supply, so the reviews will be coming in slowly. From my experience, it is far superior to the 24-105 f4 L Canon, and it is sharp at all lengths. It especially sharpens at 70mm which is what I was looking for. I ditched the 24-105 when I was terribly disappointed by softness at 70-105 range. This lens produces professional results, and outstanding color rendition. I don't know about the Canon 24-70 mkII f2.8, which is very well regarded. I would assume from my experience that it is close to that lens simply by the excellent images I have already produced.. It is heavy, has wonderful Bokeh, and considering it is about 1/3 less the price of the Canon version WELL worth the money!

So far, its the only lens of its kind. and at that price I'd say it's worth it. Creamy Bokeh and very sharp images. Works great with my brand new 6dii. I'd say if you are looking for a good travel lens, look no further. The only downside is its size and weight, but I would say that it is completely worth it both for the quality and versatility that comes with this lens.

This is my workhorse lens. I shoot with a lot of prime lenses and this is actually the only multi-focal lens that I own. Images come out super sharp. I use this more for landscape and architecture shots but I don't think it'll have any trouble doing portraits. You can still achieve some pretty good bokeh. It make for a great first lens or a travel lens because it is so versatile.

Like many of you, i was skeptical about this purchase because of the great price and of course, buying online for such an amount and concerned about gettin a rip-off. If thats you, read this review... Pros: the price, no probs with the order at all, delivery was on time, boxing was perfect, came with lens, all papers, lens case, strap for case, etc. the lens is brand new. once placed on my canon 5dmark iv, it worked as expected/perfectly. also ordered sigma art 14-24mm f2.8, sigma art 70-200mm f2.8 - see my other reviews on those. The lens is truly amazing! Im a happy nikon to canon convert, lol. So far, absolutely no issues at all. Cons: NONE. would highly recommend lens brand & seller. 5 out of 5 stars.

I use this lens for every project. I've used the canon version and this product about the same amount and I think the auto focus and stabilization on these two are almost identical. The image quality I almost prefer out of this lens over the Canon. The two biggest differences between this and the canon version is this one is a lot heavier, which could be good or bad depending out you look at it. The build quality is very nice though the rubber seemed to come off a bit on a heavy used lens so I am more careful about sliding the lens into a tight case. The other major difference is the zoom and focus have more friction than on the canon version. I think this is a positive because it lets you ease into pulls much smoother.

The auto focus did not work under most conditions. When it did work or with manual focus the lens was great. I loved it the first day I had it, I loved the low light capabilities. BUT, on the second day the auto focus stopped working . I read that it may need a firmware update. The best I could determine was that the only way to do that is with a dock. Available online for $60.00 more. I paid a good price for a good lens, I expect it to work perfectly out of the box. I returned the Sigma and ordered a Canon. Hope it works better.

This is a great lens for the money. You definitely should ride the manual focus ring if you shoot video since it's not a silent motor. Also, it's heavy. You notice it. If you are a video shooter add a cage and a handle to offset the weight. Lastly, I really don't feel like the image stabilizer does anything. I even updated the firmware. It's little to nothing.

Now, f you only shoot photos, it's great. No issues. Focus is good. 2.8 is fast enough. Push in to 70 at that F stop and it separates the subject from the background nicely.

I bought and returned 2 of these to Amazon. I was using with Canon 80D and found both to have major back focussing issues. I managed to do some corrections but never got them fully working. I didn’t feel it was sensible to keep a £1000+ product I had to fix myself! I would be interested to see if other people experience the same problems (this topic doesn’t come up in any reviews I’ve seen).

Das Sigma 24-70mm F2,8 DG OS HSM Art Objektiv ist mein "Immerdrauf-Objektiv" für fast jede Gelegenheit. Ich habe ein paar Bilder von meiner letzten Südafrikareise beigefügt.

Weitere Eindrücke auch ihr auf IG unter @thorsten_ro

Das Objektiv fühlt sich sehr wertig und robust an. Der Fokusring lässt sich angenehm drehen (nicht zu leicht und nicht zu schwer). Der einzige Nachteil könnte sein, dass das Objektiv recht schwer ist. Der Gorillapod 5k kommt mit meinem Setup grade noch klar (Canon EOS R + EF-Adapter + Camera Grip). Ich finde das schooten mit etwas mehr Gewicht aber angenehmer als mit zu leichter Kamera, insofern würde ich hier keinen Punkt abziehen.

Die Bildqualität ist durchgehend beeindruckend. Bilder sind bis zum Rand scharf - Ich konnte auch keine Schärfenunterschiede bei verschiedenen Blenden feststellen. Autofokus ist super schnell, keine Probleme. Auch das Filmen funktioniert wunderbar. Hier arbeite ich grundsätzlich im MF Modus aber der AF ist nicht besonders laut, sodass ich hier auch keine Bedenken hätte.

Das Bokeh ist super weich und passt meines Erachten perfekt zum Bildlook der Canon EOS R. Insgesamt vollends überzeugt und uneingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung!

Besten Gruß und viel Spaß beim Shooten

Un objetivo luminoso. Soy fotógrafa profesional y hace poco me lo llevé de boda junto a mi cámara 6D mark II e hizo un trabajo genial. Es bastante pesado pero es lo que tienen ya este tipo de objetivos.. La diferencia de peso con el Canon era mínima. La verdad que no me arrepiento de haber cogido este, además me he ahorrado bastante dinero.

Es macht, was es soll: Gute Fotos.

Ich musste leider auf das 24-70 USM II von Canon ausweichen, da der Fokusring bei dem Sigma so bescheiden sitzt, das man nicht gescheit Schärfe ziehen kann. Und zudem ist es sehr schwer...

Pro: versatile, molto nitido al centro, contrasto e colori eccellenti, qualità di costruzione elevata, firmware aggiornabile con il dock USB, compatibilità con MC-11
Contro: peso, stabilizzazione non troppo efficace, anelli di messa a fuoco e zoom invertiti, t/3.0, nitidezza ai lati

Utilizzata su Sony A7II sforna ottime fotografie, a f/2.8 l'immagine al centro è molto nitida ma sugli angoli è evidente una perdita di qualità che sparisce solo a f/5.6.
Questa caratteristica rende difficile l'utilizzo a 24mm a massima apertura e focus infinito, per chi fa primi piani l'apertura f/2.8 è eccellente ma per chi fa paesaggistica noterà sicuramente una sbavatura molto marcata sui lati che "sfumano" la scena ripresa.
La vignettatura è visibile solo a 24mm ma sparisce già chiudendo di 1 stop, sulle altre focali l'obiettivo si comporta bene sia in vignettatura che in nitidezza.
Non sono molto soddisfatto della stabilizzazione che sembra attenuare solo le micro vibrazioni e nelle riprese video è palese l'inutilità di questo sistema.
La costruzione è da carrarmato: pesante, con parapolvere sulla baionetta, nessuno scricchiolio o gioco sui meccanismi.
Lo zoom è invertito rispetto gli obiettivi classici quindi può spiazzare le prime volte, l'anello di messa a fuoco a frizione è molto buono e con il dock USB si può regolare la sensibilità (nonché correggere eventuali back/front focus).
Il diametro da 82mm frontale rende difficile la reperibilità di filtri che comunque rimangono costosi, il paraluce non è ingombrante e l'innesto è molto ben fatto.

Secondo me Sigma ha abbassato il suo standard qualitativo con questo obiettivo che non è a livello della serie Art e un passo sotto ad altri competitor come Tamron che con meno peso e costi inferiori riescono a fare molto meglio.

Un plauso a Sigma per aver dato la possibilità di convertire l'innesto successivamente all'acquisto e di utilizzarlo con l'adattatore Sigma MC-11 per mirrorless Sony mantenendo tutte le funzionalità (con tutti i pro e contro).

Passant au plein format (6D mk II), je cherchais un objectif très lumineux, passe partout pour du paysage et, éventuellement, du portrait. Ce 24-70 mm f/2.8 est parfait. Il vient en complément du 70-200 mm f/2.8 monté en permanence sur un second boîtier (un 7D mk II). Certes, le tarif est quelque peu élevé, mais il faut savoir ce que l'on veut...
Mes premiers essais s'avèrent très concluants.

I bought a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 (Generation III) in 2013, as my main travelling lens, I have taken more than 50000 pictures in the last 5 years and I’m very happy to have it. I recently purchased this 24-70 f2.8 Art, it’s a bit heavier, picture is sharper, image stababilizer is an awesome feature for taking videos.

Acheté pour etre utilisé avec une blackmagic 4K et un metabone, tout fonctionne nikel,
Le piquet est dingue, la lumière belle, il n'y a pas grand chose de plus à ajouter, la serie ART de Sigma est parfaite pour des semi pro qui ont un peu de de budget et veulent du bon materiel (jai aussi le 35 et le 85 fixes qui sont aussi parfaits en complément)

I like the picture quality and the fact the IS is super fast and silent, very good for landscape and portrait photography

Comme toujours avec les Sigma ART, c'est le top du top, focus rapide de bonne qualité, tres belle optique, rien à redire quoi.

Par contre merci beaucoup Amazon de m'avoir envoyé un objectif pour Nikon au lieu d'un Canon, c'est du grand n'importe quoi.. Heureusement que je suis equipé en Canon et en Nikon, donc au final je l'ai gardé.

best lens 24-70mm ever

Esattamente quello che cercavo, rapido e preciso

Pas de surprise quant à l'appareil, il répond parfaitement à mes besoins.
Livraison dans les délais prévus, le livreur m'a spécifié que je suis la 1er livraison de la journée parce qu'il a noté que la commande était d'un certain montant et l'objet fragile. Donc une bonne prise en compte de bien.

Très bon objectif, piqué, précision de l'AF et les détails sont époustouflants. Sur Canon EOS 6D Mark II.