Vivitar FCCAN Flash Cord for Canon Digital Cameras (Black)


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  • Helps eliminate harsh shadows
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  • Allows flash to be removed from camera


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The Vivitar Digital Off-Shoe Flash Cord works with all dedicated flash units for Canon cameras. One end of the cord plugs into the hotshoe of the camera, and the other has a hotshoe connection for the flash. This allows the flash to be removed from the camera's hot shoe for creative lighting, but the flash still communicates with the camera. Helps eliminate harsh shadows allowing you to take more stunning photos.

Product information Product Dimensions 5.25 x 3.5 x 8.75 inches Item Weight 4.8 ounces ASIN B003M3A1BK Item model number FCCAN

At first, I hooked up the flash to the camera with the cord and it didn't work. Some connection wasn't transmitting. After taking the cord off and looking at all the reviews to see if I was doing something wrong... I thought I was going to have to send it back. This was depressing because I was so excited to se this with my new bracket (you know the feeling). Anyway, long story short, I tried connecting in the camera's menu and it didn't register. Then I took the cord completely off of everything again and slapped on the flash to my camera to make sure it was working. It was. THEN the cord went back on... and it worked. Hooray! Five stars because it's working better than expected now.

I have had connecting issues with Vivitar before (as in buying a Vivitar flash) and the product worked for a while then the sensors were not read by the Canon camera. I looked it up and it's a common problem. I was being cheap. Then I realized I had to buy the Canon flash. The first 8 months of the Vivitar was fine and at 100 dollars I couldn't really complain considering Canon's are 300+. The point is, I spent more money on trying to be cheap than if I just got the Canon in the first place.

What does this have to do with anything? Why did you buy another Vivitar product?

I bought this cord because it is cheap and I wanted to see if I really would use it. I only want to let anyone who cares know that Vivitar is not intended to work a super-long time. It just doesn't. If you are using this cord as a demo to see if using a bracket is something you will want to use or testing out lighting creativity, this is a great little cord for the money. Much better than dropping a ton of money on a cord you may not use after the first week of having it. If you KNOW for certain you need a longterm cord or flash (you will always need the flash) then buy from the camera's brand.

I bought this cord to use with my Fuji X100, and it works great. I did need to modify where the cable exits the body, so it wouldn't hang down in front of the lens or view finder. I knew when I bought it it would need that mod and it was as simple as removing four screws and making a hole to relocate the cord. I also had to remove the rubber gasket from the shoe mount, since it blocked my shutter speed wheel. Fuji doesn't make an off-camera cord, so until they do, modding the Canon (and clone) cords is all Fuji owners can do. This has the cannon five pin layout, which lines up perfectly with the 4 pins on the Fuji flashes and cameras, allowing you to still have TTL. This cord will also still work with any manual flash that works on the Fuji hotshoe. (Just remember never to use a flash that has too high of a trigger voltage.) I'm very happy with this cable. It's built solid and works great. If you buy it for a Canon camera, you don't need any of the mods I mentioned, those are only for Fuji X100 owners.

Was excited to get this and try it out. However with my 60D the 430EXII flash would not communicate with the camera. If you went into the camera's flash menu options it would say the Flash is not attached. You could only use the flash in manual if you wanted to adjust the flash's intensity. This is not what I wanted as I wanted the ETTL to work.

It maybe a very good cord but not getting the ETTL to work I sent it back for a refund.


They are now sending out a completely different product than the one I previously purchased through them.


These new cords are NOT Vivitar cords, and are NOT like the ones pictured. I'm a professional photographer and used these cords... the first broke within a couple of weeks and another shorted out 3 separate flashes, costing me hundreds of dollars in repairs. Do NOT PURCHASE.


I got tired of snapping the $80 Canon brand cords so decided to give this one a shot. The actual cord is a bit too long, BUT everything else works perfectly. I shoot for a major news agency and this handles everything I need it to on a daily basis.

First off, there is no way you can beat this for $14! Don't even try to argue.
The cord is heavy duty, although it might be a disadvantage for some because of the strong tension of the coil. The four-foot cord is certainly long enough, especially since most others are only 3 feet. I had no problem stretching it out with my left hand while holding the camera to my face and I'm 6'3".
The mounts are plastic, and although I would have preferred something more heavy duty, it actually looks and feels quite durable. I doubt it'll be a problem.
Right out of the box it worked with my camera and flash. The only downside for me using a flash cord as opposed to a remote transmitter is having to be careful the cord doesn't get in the way of the shot. But for $100-$200 less than a transmitter, I can get used to it!!

I've experienced the same issues others have had in terms of the cord simply not working sometimes, and having to detach and reattach everything to get it to start again. This has happened to me mid-event several times, and it's maddening.

I was living with that nonsense since the Canon cord is so expensive, but last night the plastic hot-shoe mount simply broke as I was affixing my diffuser to the flash. Cheap plastic. And this happened right before an event, and I had no backup, so I had to mount the flash directly to the camera, exactly what I had bought the cord to avoid.

Bad product -- ponying up the extra cash for the real deal now.

I'm going to have to replace this with another brand of sync cord. The connections don't always seem to make between the cord and speedlite. I have to turn off both speedlite and camera, then turn the camera back on, then the speedlite. Except sometimes I have to do it the other way and sometimes none of that works and it will only sync for one or two pops. Mounted on the camera's hotshoe itself the speedlite syncs up just fine, but who shoots like that if they don't have to? Way too much hassle when I'm out in the field just trying to shoot some flowers. Don't cheap out, if you want my advice, and buy a better cord.

No, the cord did not work with my system. It has been returned and refunded.

Wouldn't sync with my Metz/Canon flash.