18" RGB LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & iPad Phone Holder - Voice Control Music Sync Color Changing Selfie Circle Lights for Home Party Makeup Camera Photography Lighting YouTube Video Recording


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  • [RGB Ring Light] - This ring light has the RGB mode, besides being used as a photography light, this 18-inch ringlight can also provide you the lights in a variety of colors, and you can freely adjust the brightness and lighting effects; Except proving stable and bright light, it also has the dynamic lighting effects that the colors of the light can regularly switch and flash to make the lighting effects more fantastic
  • [Music Sync Ring Light for the home party ] - It has achieved the music sync function; If you use the ring light in the music sync mode in a room with music playing, the brightness and color of the light will vary by following the rhythm of the music; This feature is widely used by people for hosting parties at home, you don't have to go to a club, you can get the same lighting effect at home
  • [Other Features of the Ring Light] - The ring light comes with three phone holders, one iPad holder, and one camera hot shoe, no matter what device you use for taking videos, photos, this ring light will always meet your requirement; There're two USB interfaces at the back of the circle lamp, which can be used for recharging your phone; If you're a live streamer, this will help you to do a live stream for a long time without worrying about phone batteries running down
  • [Ring Light Tripod and Remote Controller] - This ring light kit uses a professional photography tripod, it's sturdy and durable, the max height can reach to 93.7 inches; The pedestal of the tripod adopts double triangular structure, it will effectively improve the sturdiness and durability of the tripod; The ring light has a remote controller that needs 2 pcs of AAA batteries, and the batteries are not included in the package
  • [1-Year Warranty Service for free replacment] - DOLED focus on providing best-LED lights for all the buyers, we deeply understand the importance of the stability and quality of lighting equipment; Let's assume you're taking a video, or live streaming, then suddenly your lighting equipment got a problem, this will immediately ruin your work and cause unpredictable loss; Hereby we provide you our strictest quality control to ensure that situation will never happen to you


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18 inch ring light

The size of the ring light is 18 inches, it's big and professional for taking photos and videos. The brightness and color temperature can be freely adjusted, so you can always get the perfect lighting effect for your scene

adjustable color temperature Read more music sync rgb light

This RGB ring light has the music sync feature. Besides providing colorful lights for photo and video shooting, the music sync mode can let the light automatically flash and switch colors by following the rhythm of the music that's played around the light. It becomes a good choice as a mood light for party

color changing ring light Read more sturdy tripod

Pressing and rotating the knobs can switch the lighting effects

The tripod comes with the ring light is a professional photography tripod, it adopts a reverse-folding design, which makes the structure sturdier when it's extended. It has a standard 1/4 interface, so you can place your camera on it and use it as a camera tripod

selfie light

photography video lighting

live stream

Selfie & Video

Using the light properly is the easiest and most effective way to improve the image quality of your selfie and photos. If you're a YouTuber or makeup artists, this ring light will definitely what you need


Photography studios also use this 18-inch ring light as the key light or fill light, due to the light it provides is bright and adjustable. The middle of the light can also be put with a DSLR camera

Live Stream

The ring light kit can be installed with phone mounts and iPad holder, so you can do a live stream and take videos with any device that you prefer to use, this feature is praised by live streamers and vloggers

Read more ring light components

The 18 inches ring light kit consists of following items:

18-inch LED Ring Light * 1

Photography Tripod * 1

Remote Controller * 1

Phone Holder * 3

iPad Holder * 1

Product information Package Dimensions 23.5 x 20 x 3.75 inches Item Weight 7.19 pounds ASIN B08GZ91Z54 Batteries 2 AAA batteries required.

Great but the remote I got is definitely not right. The control on the adjustment of brightness does not work and the white button makes it yellow, while the yellow button makes it white.. lol. I love how tall the tripod goes and the ring light it send is wonderful. Just wish I had a working remote.

Me gusto esa buena claridad, y sus luces de todos los colores ,me impresionó mucho

Great ring light.

 *** Make sure to check out my video to see all of the various color and animation options ***

The DOLED 18” RGB ring light gives you a nice large 18” ring light with adjustable color temperature for the white light, along with the ability to change colors and display lots of interesting color patterns. It also comes with a variety of mounting options if you need to mount cameras, cell phones, or tablets to the light itself.

In the box you’ll find the large ring light unit itself, a telescoping light stand to mount the ring light on, an AC power cable, a remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included), 3 gooseneck cell phone mounts and their associated mounting brackets, a clamp-on tablet mount and its associated tablet mounting bracket, a regular camera mounting adapter, and an instruction sheet.

The light has a standard light stand mount on the bottom which you can use to attach it to the included stand or any other stand you might want to use. On the back of the unit there is the connection for the power cable along with a power switch and two USB ports that you can use to power your cell phones while they are mounted to the light.

In the middle section of the light there are two knobs that can be rotated and also clicked. Next to the knobs are 3 mounting holes that allow you to screw in the cell phone mounts. Towards the back of the unit there are 3 “cold” shoe mounting holes where the standard camera adapter can be mounted.

The tablet holder can be clamped onto the light stand wherever you would like to use it. The cell phone holders and tablet holder all have a spring-loaded design that grips your device by the edges to hold it in place.

To use the light you simply setup the light stand by flipping down the legs and then extended the telescoping sections out to the height you want. Each section locks in place with a standard locking screw. Once you have the light stand at the height you want the main light unit sits on top and locks into place using another locking screw. You can adjust the forward and backward angle of the light before tightening it down as well.

Once you have the light stand setup you just connect the power cable and use the power switch to turn the light on.

When you first turn the light on it will be at full brightness in the white light mode. Adjustments can be made to the light via the two knobs on the light itself, or by using the included remote.

To adjust the light using the knobs you use one knob to adjust the brightness and in the white light mode the other knob is used to adjust the color temperature from a warm yellowish light up to a cooler white light. Clicking down on the brightness knob quickly changes the light between the full warm mode, full cool mode, and a color temperature in between the two extremes.

To switch to the multi-color mode from the white light mode you just click the other knob. When in the multi-color mode the knobs work a little differently. One knob is used to cycle through all the solid colors as well as through multiple animated color patterns (two colors rotating half and half, rainbows rotating, one main color with a smaller portion in a different color rotating, etc.). The other knob is used to control the speed of the animation. Clicking the first knob switches between the regular mode and the sound activated mode. In the sound activated mode the light colors and patterns will change when differences in sound are detected (such as with the drum beat in a song).

The remote control provides access to all of the same features in case you want to make adjustments when you aren’t right next to the light. The remote’s features take a little while to figure out as the instructions provided don’t do a good job of explaining the remote, and even the remote pictured in the instructions is different than the one you actually receive.

The remote provides convenient on and off buttons so you can leave the main power switch on the light in the on position all the time and then just use the remote to turn it on and off. The remote has arrows which are used just like the knobs on the main unit to adjust the colors, brightness, and animation speed. It also has dedicated buttons to quickly switch to red, green, or blue solid colors as well buttons to switch to the white light modes (confusingly the buttons marked Y and W work the opposite of what you’d expect with the Y button switching to the whitest light and the W button switching to the warmer yellowish light).

You can use the light by itself or you can add in one or more of the included mounting adapters if you want to attach devices to the light itself. The adapters easily attach to the mounting points on the light so you are able to add multiple cellphones or a regular camera with a standard tripod mounting hole. If you mount cellphones you can also plug them into the USB ports on the back of the light to provide continuous power.

The light works great. The white light modes are just as expected and provide a perfect way to light your video conferences, vlogs, or even just general photography. The color modes and sound sensitive modes are interesting, but I don’t think most people will have a lot of use for them unless you just happen to want some fun party lights for when you’re not using the light as an actual white ring light.

The various mounting options work well too, but I also am not sure why you would want to have 3 cell phones mounted to the light at the same time. Maybe there’s a common purpose for doing this that I’m not aware of.

I think the most likely use of the light will be just as the white ring light without anything attached to it. You can place it off to the side of your desk when using your webcam, and there’s no need for the camera to be mounted to the light itself.

If you’re looking for a larger ring light then this 18” model is a good choice. The color options are a nice bonus, but even if you don’t plan to use them or the various included mounts the light is still great for general white lighting due to it’s wide color temperature range and it’s large diameter compared to a lot of other ring lights.

If you have a use for the color options or want the ability to use the light while having a party then it also works great for that and the sound sensitive mode provides a way to have it somewhat synced to your music.

*** Make sure to check out my video to see all of the various color and animation options ***

If you are into vlogging, streaming, videography, photography, or even just looking for the perfect selfies...this light does it all! The quality and versatility of this light are amazing. First, you have different colors and different levels of warmth on the other spectrum. The fact that you can charge your phone while it is on the stand is also a bonus. You can use phones and tablets with it as well. Photos and live streams come out amazing with this lighting. I've also used it during Zoom meetings and you really get professional quality lighting from this light. It is easy to set up and use. Also, it is easy to transport, and store because it doesn't weigh much. I highly recommend this light for anyone who is looking to get professional quality lighting without the professionals and their pricing!

 Amazing ring light. I reluctantly got this but now I am smiling. So many ways it can come in handy, especially to my YouTube workflow. It is sturdy enough to mount my Bmpcc 4k, the A6400 which I plan to use more on it was a breeze. It’s great that it has 3 phone mounts too which is over kill but has its usefulness for certain creative needs which got me thinking t create. The tripod that came with it was cool looking, well designed to stand out and sturdy. I love that it has. Range of color temperatures which is super useful as well as endless lighting color modes which is up to you to be creative. Amazing is the word.

really need these for nay studio or streamer