TYCKA 18 inch Ring Light Kit with Tripod Stand Phone Holder 480 LEDs Ringlight Aluminum Alloy Lampshade LED Selfie Ring Light Kit for Phone Camera Shooting YouTube Makeup, 4 Color Modes 10 Brightness


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  • 【18" LED Ring Light】18" LED ring light with 480pcs super energy-saving led lights, 3200K-6500K dimmable color temperature allows you to freely adjust the light, providing the most appropriate lighting and give you fully control for the lighting effection. Metal lampshade ensures the ring light is durable and anti-fall. Easy to set-up (power adapter) , portable in carrying bag whether indoors or outdoors photography with different shooting experience.
  • 【4 Colors & 10 Brightness Levels】TYCKA LED Selfie Ring Light provides 4 color light modes: white, warm yellow, warm white & night light. Use the remote control to adjust its brightness from 0% to 100% to ensure the light is soft and brighter in each lighting mode. Just simply control the remote control and you will be able to control all the light sources and color. It can be widely applicable to any scenes shooting & lighting, you will be able to choose the best lighting solution for yourself.
  • 【Adjustable Tripod Stand and Compatibility】It is compatible with most devices smartphones as welll as dslr cameras connector. The phone holder extend to 7.6cm/3in and adjustable tripod stand which allows you to extend the stand height to 200cm/78.74 in three level. It is Must-Have Live Streaming Tool. A great starter ring light kit for beginners,a wonderful present for you and your friends!
  • 【Must-Have Live Video Tool】Whether you are a lifestyle vlogger, a creative Youtuber, or a beauty & fashion influencer, this amazing ring light is absolutely one of the best tools to shooting fill light. It works pretty well when making live streams, filming makeup/nail art videos, even being used as Shooting fill light. Blogging, Selfie Photography, YouTube video shooting, making up and live stream, it can meet your different needs.
  • 【The Best Service and Warranty】TYCKA is committed to providing customers with high-quality brackets. Unconditional refunds and returns within 1 year. In order to provide you with the best shopping experience, we implement 24-hour online customer service to solve all your problems. You will no longer have any concerns, why not try it?


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TYCKA LED Ring Light


Why Should You Choose TYCKA 18“ LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand Phone Holder?

Product features are enhanced under constant lighting for a more three-dimensional look and make photography more engaging. It adds a nice ring in the eyes when photographing people and gives literal starry eyes and just lights any face up.

4 Light Modes 18" Ring Light

The LED ring light with 4 light modes & 10 adjustable brightness for your choose, meet all your needs in different circumstances. White, Warm Yellow, Warm White and Night Light.

Must- Have Live Video/Steaming Tool

✔ The best shooting fill light when making live streams, filming makeup/nail art videos.

✔ 360° Rotation Angle for ring light, 180° Rotation Angle for lamp surface (Floor Stand Kit)

✔ Whether indoors or outdoors, whether standing or siting, you can adjust the tripod stand as your perfect shooting effect distance. Makes your photograph or live streaming easily.

Suitable for Smartphone & Camera

Most product only can work with smart phone, however, our TYCKA 18" LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand can also work with camera for makeup artists, Beautician, YouTube content creators, Tattoo artists, Video bloggers, Hair stylists/salons, Selfie lovers, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snap chat, Studio lighting, Portrait photography and Streaming etc.

TYCKA's product designers and engineers are currently developing, and will continue to develop more ring lights with new innovations with more of a high-tech feeling, elegant and practical.


TYCKA Advantage




180° Adjustable Ring Light

Adjustable 180° LED Ring Light, to adjust the optimal lighting angle according to the shooting needs. With 360° phone stand to adjust the shooting angle as you want.

Adjustable Tripod Stand

Adjustable tripod stand which allows you to extend the stand height to 200cm/78.74in. It is compatible with most devices smartphones, the phone holder extend to 7.6cm/3in.

Stable Ring Light Stand

The angle between 2 bracket >90°, the stand will not shake. With non-slip foot pad, the bracket will be more stable



LED Bulbs: 480 Pieces

Input power: 100/240V 50Hz/60Hz

Output power: 2V 300mA

Adjustment range: 0%-100% Stepless Adjustment

Color temperature: 3200K-6500

CRI: >80%

Dimension: 4 inches/35.6cm

Ring Light Weight: 0.83kg/1.83lbs

Gross Weight: 2.5kg/5.5lbs

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make up ring light

video ring light

beauty light

Selfie ring light

Perfect for Your Make Up

TYCKA ring light instantly enhances facial features under constant lighting. High color rendering index helps show the true colors of the skin as well as the make-up products.

Live Streaming

4 lighting modes are suitable for all shooting scenarios. 360-degree lighting effects provide the perfect environment for live broadcasts and selfies.

Professional Beauty Light

Multifunctional LED ring light, let you enjoy perfect health care.

Make Your Selfie More Attractive

The ring light will not wash out or change the contours of the face in a even lighting, these special “halo” in your eyes will draw the viewer’s attention instantly, making your more engaging.

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Product information Size:18" LED Ring Light Package Dimensions 21.5 x 20 x 4.02 inches Item Weight 6.47 pounds ASIN B083N6JFG2

Immediately upon unboxing the 14 led light ring by Tycka, I was extremely satisfied with the fit, finish, and initial quality of the case. The case itself has a very sturdy zipper, and pockets for all the accessories such as the remote control, cell phone holder, cable, and angle adjuster.

The light itself has many different modes ranging from incandescent, to a bluish light, to full bright White Led, to more of a natural warm light. You can increase or decrease the brightness of each setting.

The adjustable stand will go from 33 inches all the way up to 78 inches, it is a very nice stand as it is made from mostly aluminum.

Lastly the remote control gives you total control of the lighting without having to get up or moving to change the settings, very nice addition!

Overall, this light is excellent quality and will make your content look 10x better. In photography and videography, lighting is everything.

*** An edit as I see the seller changed the issues I brought up regarding false advertising. Thank you seller. However I still believe it's hard plastic not aluminum alloy. (perhaps there's 5% aluminum within the plastic.)
Original review:
I was initially impressed with the reviews , in particular the title which states "metal" as well as the second down product image stating "durable metal material." However now that I received it, the only visible metal anywhere on the entire product, including tripod, is in screws, a few small accessories and naturally electronic components. I'd say it's 96% plastic with the plastic ring having a brushed metal texture. The description of metal was a deciding factor in my purchase and I'm disappointed. Plus, it states it has 480 LEDS but the photo shows it has approximately 327 LEDS. (Yes, I counted them. I know... crazy) This is false advertising and needs to be corrected. Also, the goose neck which holds a cell phone tends to make the entire thing wobble a bit. In doing multiple takes of video, I constantly had to steady the entire product whenever pressing play/record. The product is nice enough however there are other manufacturer's ring lights that cost less. I'm strongly considering returning it!!!
I'll be surprised if my negative review will be visible but pleasantly surprised if it is.

I purchased this light ring mainly because of its metal housing; I need something sturdy to carry around, and plastic doesn't last long in my experience. But honestly, I am all but impressed.
First the pros: It works well; has several brightness and color temperature settings; and the carry bag is big enough to fit light, stand and accessories. The light ring has 2 USB ports for charging camera or phone if needed. The power cord is not too short and not too long (I would recommend to have an extension cord, though).
So far so good.
Now the cons: I would think twice before attaching a camera to this unit; even my lightweight vlogging camera. The reason for that is that the stand, although it's fine for holding the light ring itself, is very light weight and sways at the slightest touch. The phone holder is a joke; it has a ball joint that doesn't hold tight, and the flexible stem is far too stiff and makes crunching noises when I try to bend it slightly - no dare to shape it into a 90 degree, which is a must the way it has been designed.
The tilting mount has a manufacture defect: the threaded boring for the screw where the light ring gets screwed on has been drilled crooked, so the whole screw sits askew, and so does the light ring. Fortunately I have a well equipped workshop and can fix that, but for a product that costs almost $70 this shouldn't happen.
Another thing that irks me is that the settings for light intensity and color temperature ONLY can be changed with the included remote control. The day that remote control fails or gets lost we are doomed; the light itself has only an on-off switch that makes it light up in "warm light" setting, and there are no control buttons on it to change settings manually.
CONCLUSION: I am going to keep the light ring; spend 2 work hours to re-drill the crooked screw hole and fit an adapter, and pray that light and remote control will last. As for the stand and camera mountings, I wasn't planning on using the light as a camera stand anyway as I have a tripod for that. But in all honesty I would neither buy it again nor recommend it.

Very nice Quality but the only way to adjust the light is with the remote which means keeping up with it and who can keep up with a remote?
Especially when moving around setting up and taking video or photos.

It’s natural to walk up to the stand to attempt to adjust the lighting and then realize there’s only an on/off switch.

Where’s the remote?

Also the remote has too many values and none of them are labeled so you just press them all hoping for the variation you hope for. So you have to fail a few times to succeed. Could’ve just idk labeled it “warm/cool”, “brightness” & intensity

Worked well for snap chat, IG selfie type visuals but did nothing notable for my canon photography.

The build quality was fantastic! Everything felt very sturdy and it looked so professional. I was able to adjust it to the perfect height and angle. The phone holder gripped my phone exactly right. Sadly, however, there was a problem that prevented the light from turning on and I had to return it. I hope to order it again when it is available.

!8 inch ring light is pretty big and pretty bright. The hardware is compatible with the rest of my lighting gear. If you are looking to use this to record yourself and make videos, I can easily say that this ring light has worked for me. So that is great. The remote is interesting, as you can fade from cold white to warm amber and everything between from the remote. I liked the usability of the product.

Used for a week. Plugged it into the socket, nothing. The cord was not fully engaged with the light. Shoved it, a pop, a spark, and that was it. It shorted out.

Very nice ring light and comes with a remote, phone holder and a nice tripod.  I really like that it doesn't come with a bulky adapter, and just a straight three prongs cable to computer style plug.   I also like that the inside pocket has a zipper so accessories don't fall out.  And the metal backing of the light adds sturdiness.    The only things I hope it comes with is the hotshoe to camera mount adapter,  and also no built-in dials on the light itself to control brightness and colour temperature.  Everything is controlled by the remote.  Overall it's very well built ring light and very portable. 

Professional ring light and tripod stand. Very good quality, very bright, easy to use, pretty light to carry around, really convenient to adjust for phones and other devices. Is a ''must have'' product for instagram and youtube.

It arrived and doesn’t work

F video recordings