18-inch LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand Photography Kit: Yingnuost Touch & Remote Selfie Lights with Mirror & Dual Phone Holder for iPhone TIK Tok YouTube Video | Makeup | Camera Studio Lighting


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  • 【18 inch Touch & Remote Ring Light】 yingnuost 2020 new design ring light with dual control system of touch pad and remote control, The remote control range is up to 10 meters, you can set the light color and brightness more easily, and compare the effects to find your perfect photos and videos lighting. This 18'' large ring light is widely used in makeup, YouTube live broadcast, video recording, conference, facetime, vlogging, etc
  • 【Safer & Brighter Photography Lighting】This professional led photography light with 45W voltage output and 2700K - 5700K color range, It's brighter than the other 18-inch camera lights. It consumes little power and generates little heat so that safe to use. In addition, there has a USB output port (5V 2A) on ring lamp, which can continuously charging your mobile phone or camera. This has great advantages in close-up and long-term shooting
  • 【Foldable & Stable Tripod Stand】The foldable tripod can be adjusted in height from 19 to 74 inches, reverse folding design makes the tripod legs longer and more stable, easy to carry. The space occupied by the tripod can be adjusted, Whether it's used for outdoor or in your bedroom, photo studio, wedding scene, meeting room, office, etc. you will get the lighting effect you want
  • 【Compatible with Multiple Devices & Uses】 Accessories include ring light remote control, Bluetooth shutter, 8-inch makeup mirror, 3pcs gooseneck phone holders, camera hot shoe holder, etc. You can use multiple phones to live streaming on different social channels, or use the mirror for share your facial care and makeup tutorials. The free hot shoe mount is very easy to install your SLR camera on ring light for professional photography
  • 【12 months Replacement Warranty】If you are wavering between your budget or pro option, just try it. In addition to the amazon buyer shopping policy, you can also enjoy replaced any parts in this product at any time for quality issues for free. any question, just contact us for the best sale service


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yingnuost ring light 18 inch ring light with tripod stand

Yingnuost 18'' Photography Ring Light Kit

  • Model: YN-1805
  • LIGHT SIZE: 18inch/455mm
  • CONTROL: Touch and Remote Control
  • IN PUT: AC100V-240V 50/60HZ
  • OUTPUT Voltage: 45W
  • USB OUT PUT: 5V 2A (for phone charging)
  • CCT: 2700K - 5700K, CRI: 95+
  • Brightness Dimming: 1% - 100%
  • Touch dimming control design, Suitable for multiple live stream devices
  • Compatible with remote control stepless dimming
  • lightweight and portable, Constant current drive, low power loss
  • NO ultraviolet and infrared light radiation, low heat output, safety and environmental protection

Touch control ring light

Touch and IRC Lighting Control

The dual-mode lighting control system is no longer limited to 3 colors and 10 levels of lighting effects. You can easily get any brightness or colors you want, even if there is only a slight difference.

The use of infrared remote control is also simple, it allows you to use the remote control to directly compare different lighting effects for photography.

Suitable for multiple phones

Suitable for makeup mirror

Suitable for SLR cameras

Compatible with multiple phones

This 18-inch ring light can be installed with 3 mobile phone holders for video live streaming on YouTube / TikTok / Facebook at the same time

Compatible with makeup mirror

We have prepared a 8-inch double-sided makeup mirror with 7X magnification effect for makeup and facial care by beauty & fashion video bloggers

Compatible with SLR Cameras

The hot shoe mount also can be installed a DSLR camera for professional portrait photography

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18'' ring light with phone holder for selfie

The ring light has a USB charging port (5V / 2A), support mobile phone fast charging. You can continuously make video calls, web conferences or video live streaming long times.

The extra Bluetooth shutter makes it more convenient for you to take selfies and recording videos with your phone.

Foldable ring light tripod

Foldable Ring Light Tripod

Foldable professional photography light tripod with adjustable height from 19'' to 74''. Maximum working height with ring light up to 94''. There are a variety of support methods, light and stable. Easy to adjust and carry.

18 inch ring light photography kit

What will you get?

  1. 18-inch ring light with touch function
  2. Foldable photography light tripod with height-adjustable 19'' to 74''
  3. 8-inch double-sided makeup mirror with 7X magnification effect
  4. Remote control for lighting adjustment
  5. Bluetooth Shutter for mobile phone selfie
  6. Hot shoe mount can be installed with mirror or SLR camera
  7. 3pcs phone holder clip with gooseneck tube
  8. AC power cable with US plug

Product information Product Dimensions 23.6 x 19.7 x 3.2 inches Item Weight 6.9 pounds ASIN B08D37PKXS Item model number photography ring light Batteries 2 AAA batteries required. (included)

18 inch light ring is pretty big and pretty bright! The hardware is compatible with the rest of my lighting gear, so that is great. The remote is interesting, as you can fade from cold white to warm amber and everything between from the remote.

I'm not sure why you would want to have 3 cell phones on it, but you can. The main thing that was important to me was the fact that it can hold a full size DSLR camera without issues and there is room for a cell phone (or two) as well, if that's your thing. Completely satisfied with the build quality and brightness!

I liked the usability of this product. If you are looking to use this to record yourself and make videos I can easily say that this Ring Light has worked for me. The light is strong and very versatile. I will be using this for the years to come. If I do have one complaint it would be that the stand is made of very tough plastic and I would much rather it be made of metal or something that has a little more weight to it. With that being said I did not have any stability issues I just appreciate the more solid feel of metal.

I purchased this ring light to take higher quality photos for my online boutique and I was very impressed with the quality of this light. It is quite large and puts off a good amount of light. The set up was very quick and easy and I like that it has a bluetooth remote to take selfies with the click of a button. I would definitely recommend this light to others!!

Easy to assemble and use. Perfect lighting.

For some reason my remote doesn’t work to turn up the brightness and stuff. Considering sending it back but besides that everything is great, very bright, big and true to description

 It comes with 3 screw hole on the top for multiple phones. Comes with 2 remotes. One is for the lights itself (the up and right button make the light brighter, the down and left button make it dimmer). Then on the bottom, you can modify the hue which ranges from yellow to blue. The main problem I had with my studios lighting was it made me look extremely yellow and adding more white light to myself solved this. The second remote connects to your phone via Bluetooth and you can use it on any mode, for video it starts recording, for photos, it releases the shutter. When not on camera, it turns the volume of your phone up. Also the light is so big that I could still fit a DSLR in it on top of the phone.

Can’t really get any better.

I have to laugh at the shrimpy ring lights marketed to fledgling YouTubers. I really think they would be better off with a good Cree flashlight and some sort of a diffuser, such as a shower curtain liner or a milk jug. Granted, this light may be twice the price, but it is half that of a true professional light, and I dare say will perform just as well.

This light is HUGE. That is exactly what you want by the way. The larger the source, the softer the light. And you want EVEN light. If your face is, say, 6 inches across, how can you possibly light all of it evenly using a light the same size? The 10's and 12's really aren’t too bad, but this one does it right. You're not pretending to power it with a USB charger (this is 110v), you're not holding it up by hanging it from a shower bar or a dime store light stand (the frame parts here are all metal), and you're not trying to take photos and run back to the light to push its buttons (this light's remote works from across the room).

I was very concerned by the "stepless" color temperature adjustment. You get that by holding down either the button on the remote or the on the light itself. Making matters worse, the light doesn't waste any time going from one extreme to the other. So where does that leave repeatability? First, it is limited on the light itself. Single clicks, instead of long pressing, gets you 3 presets, warm, moderate and cold. But when you move to the remote, it takes several presses to go from one setting to the other giving you the repeatability that is required. Just start at one end or the other and remember how many clicks it takes to get to where you want to be, and you can go there over and over no matter what you do in between times. As you might imagine, the brightness adjustment works the same way. So, you have the infinite settings you need to get the light "just right", and you have the presets and short presses to get consistency when you need it.

The camera mount is half metal, half plastic which makes it less than ideal for a larger camera, but you're not usually mounting a DSLR on this anyway. This is not really a macro light, and frankly if you did it would probably be temporary as the camera would be the heaviest thing on the stand. Though this light and stand have a really solid feel to them, the set-up is quite light. The three goosenecks for the phone holders are quite stiff and I'm sure they will hold their position solidly for any phone made. They are quite short however, limiting their versatility. The batteries for the remote are included, as is the one for the Bluetooth trigger, which has an actual on/off switch. The large makeup mirror has a magnifying side that is quite powerful. You need to be pretty close to use it without distortion.

The box arrived with a pretty good crush to it (thanks USPS), but the contents were just fine. While this doesn't come with a case for this price, you could make the box do in the short run if you were to travel with this.

Soft light, good stand, plenty bright and properly powered, this light will serve well for a very long time.

This LED ring light is HUGE. It's really easy to set up and very professional. Even comes with a remote and mirror that you can attach. It's really helpful for taking pictures or I've even been using it to light my zoom meetings since my office doesn't have the best light. It really brightens my screen so that my coworkers can see me! Overall it's useful and exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend it.