GIM 19 inch Adjustable 48W Ring Light, Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Upgraded Version Color Temperature 3200K-6500K with Stand, for Video Shooting, Makeup, Vlog, Carrying Bag for Photograp


  • 【Color & Brightness Adjustment Switch】Built-in Bi-color LEDs from 3200K to 6500K and dimmable brightness ranges from 1%-100% and excellent CRI>80. You can adjust it flexibly, which can meet your different needs for the bright light.
  • 【Excellent LED Halo Light】 Consisted of 528pcs special SMD LED beads(336 White LED&192Yellow LED) with a total of 48W power output. Can use for Youtube, makeup
  • 【High-Quality Material Design】The light Body adopt ABS Plastic Material, PC plastic Used in Light cover , LED SMD light source, strong stand stable as a mountain. Adjustable stand, strong bearing capacity, good stability. Tripod stand is a professional design, more stable, beautiful and simple.
  • 【19" 48W LED ring light】- offers extra emphasis to your eyes & achieves a kind of cosmetic effect called "angel eye", ideal for live video streaming, studio shooting, portrait photography, still photography, etc.
  • 【What You Get】 1x LED Ring Light, 1x Tripod, 1x Selfie Remote Control for Smartphones, 1x Smart Phone Holder, 1x charger, 1x Portable Shockproof Bag, 1x User Manual.


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Ring Light

GIM 19 inch Adjustable 48W Ring Light

Adjustable Color Temperature:3200K Warm Color -- 6500K White Color.

It's the perfect variable daylighting to eliminate any unflattering shadows, Enhance facial features under constant lighting; Reduce harsh shadows to directly brighten the subject for a more three-dimensional look.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth remote control allows you to control your phone while shooting photos or recording videos, compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.

Wide Application Everywhere You Need It:

It's perfect for professional makeup artists, YouTube content creators, professional tattoo artists, video bloggers, hair stylists/salons, selfie lovers, Facebook Live, snap chat, studio lighting, portrait photography and streaming etc.

Ring Light

Adjustable Color Temperature:3200K -- 6500K

Color & Adjustable Brightness Switch

Built-in Bi-color LEDs from 3200K to 6500K and dimmable brightness ranges from 1%-100% and excellent CRI>80.

Allow you to freely dim the light, providing the most appropriate lighting and give you fully control for your lighting effect

Ring Light

Adjustable Tripod & Adapter

GIM light base is made of aluminum alloy with extraordinary strength, PC plastic used in light cover.

The extendable tripod can be adjusted from 15.7 to 77.2 inches, which you can adjust the ring light to a desired height while photographing or shooting.

Simple and fast installation with only 10 seconds for the tripod. Comes with adapter .

Ring Light

Ring Light

Ring Light

Ring Light

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Ring Light

Ring Light

Ring Light

Ring Light

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Product information Package Dimensions 23.4 x 20.6 x 4.4 inches Item Weight 8.08 pounds ASIN B07Y842VF9

 A very capable ring light that can travel due to its lightweight and carry bag.
I choose this 19” light because it creates a large soft light and you can adjust the color temperature to match existing light.

While it can be used as a supporting light to fill in shadows, it can also be used as a main/key light for video as well.

What I like:
- large 19” that creates a nice wrap around light
-built in diffuser on the LEDs so it makes the light softer vs bare LED
- adjustable color temperature on a temples dial so you can adjust it exactly to match your ambient light.
- stepless dimmer so you can get the exact amount of light
- tripod is lightweight and sturdy with snap clips that hold tight. Can adjust height upwards of 6’ without losing stability.
-smartphone accessories that include a gooseneck mount and bar mount and remote timer.
-intuitive controls and easy to use.
-once mounted and set up, it works like a champ.

Things that I am not a fan of:
- the 1/4” thread for mounting of your device. It’s susceptible to wear over time and with heavier phones, it will stress the mount. You definitely cannot insert a tablet into it. Workaround would be to use a separate tripod and mount.
- the tripod has three leg base widths. Low,medium, high. (Photo of low included). For most applications, this will be fine but I personally like to adjust my own heights.
- the mount for the ring light requires you twist (rotate or screw on) the light on this tripod for a secure fit. Usually, a wing screw is used to tighten, but on this tripod, using the screw alone is unstable because it’s designed to be threaded (screwed on). Once on it’s very secure, however, it locks in the orientation of the ring light relative to the legs.
- the tripod sections are grooved so the individual sections can not rotate. Not an issue, if the ring light itself could rotate, but it doesn’t unless you loose mount and tighten with the screw.
- the carry bag fits only the ring light and accessories. Does not have space for the tripod. Not bad, as you can carry the tripod on top of the bag between the handles.

This is a strong light for use in video work whether professionally or at home.
The included accessories are a great beginner start. Easy to use and setup is moderate.
The ring light itself is the strongest component of this set. If you have another tripod, they may serve for faster setup/breakdown.

This is a product that exceeded my expectations. The light is bright and there are multiple shades so you can get the type of light you want. I thought the stand seemed flimsy and unstable at first but then I realized You can adjust it to be more stable. A bit unconventional but effective. It also comes with several attachments so it truly fits your needs.

Love it !

love it

The cable snapped using the light within only a handful of times. It also doesn't light up that brightly. Very disappointed. Will look to see how the seller resolves the issue and will update accordingly. As of right now though, I would stay away from this purchase.

 This is a very fascinating ring light. I thought it was just a fancy tripod and it’s good for pics and videos for a upcoming baby shower but this tripod is legit. Huge ring light. Stands about 7 feet tall. The light is adjustable in terms of angles and lighting. Comes with so many attachments that allows you to have 2 phones connected. Comes with a remote. Comes with a carrying bag. I am truly impressed

This is a wonderfully assembled and packaged ring light. Its large enough to cast enough light to bring a room to light. You can control the brightness or color temperature through the knobs on the back. You can go from warm light to very white light as you control the temperature precisely, vs having predefined presets that you have to abide to. I really love the stand. This is a unique stand. Its larger diameter than other ring lights I have, plus it has 3 legs that are super rigid, with rubber footings on the ends. The top of the ring light attaches very securely as you have to screw it onto the pole, then on the pole you can tighten the security screw. This thing is solid, once put together. I'm also appreciative of the many accessories and mounts that are in the package, as well as a nice carrying case. The light came very well packaged in what appears to be air filled thick balloons. The sellers clearly have put in a lot of love to bring this to market. I'm really happy with this light and can recommend it to others. Now I see why its got so many great reviews!

I wasn't too sure what to expect of this because I've never used a ring light but I'm definitely impressed by the size and quality of this for the price. It's pretty easy to assemble. The only trouble I had was with the top part where the camera sits on or the phone grip. I couldn't figure out the instructions for that part but thankfully my fiance helped me. The instructions aren't numbered in order and definitely should be because that can be confusing to some people who are relying on them or else they are pointless. I was able to figure out the assemble of it myself though. It's super light and work's very well. It has so many options for brightness and color hue for the light. The camera app works well with it and the little remote too. It is fast and easy to put away and take with. I love that they included a bag to take it on the go with you. Highly recommend!