YONGNUO YN600EX-RT II Wireless Flash Speedlite with Optical Master and TTL HSS for Canon


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  • Supports optical transmission and wireless radio transmission flash shooting, the YN600EX-RT II can used as master unit to control the flash mode, exposure compensation, flash ratio, number of stroboscopic and stroboscopic frequency.
  • Supports wireless radio transmission flash shooting, cooperate with the YN600EX-RT(II),Canon 600EX-RT(II)/430EXIII,one YN600EX-RT II can used as set-top master unit or remote slave unit,totally 15 channels for option, realize TTL, manual flash and stroboscopic flash.
  • In the optical transmission flash shooting, the YN600EX-RT II can be used as master unit to trigger the YONGNUO and Canon EX series flash (excluding the YN585EX),supports 4 channels, realize wireless TTL, manual flash and stroboscopic flash.
  • One YN600EX-RT II can respectively receive the wireless signal of master unit YN600EX-RT II,YN568EX II,600EX(II)-RT,580EX II, C command and Canon 7D/60D/600D cameras built-in flash wireless signal, realize wireless TTL, manual flash and stroboscopic flash.
  • YN600EX-RT II as professional creative high guide number speedlite, supports TTL/M/Multi flash and can realize TTL, manual flash, the highest shutter synchronous speed is up to 1/8000.



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YONGNUO YN600EX-RT II Wireless Flash Speedlite with Optical Master and TTL HSS for Canon

Product information Product Dimensions 3.43 x 1.57 x 1.5 inches Item Weight 1.3 pounds ASIN B01N21BEMD Item model number YN600EX-RT II

Short review, just wanted to get one on here since none have been posted yet!

This is the second iteration of the YN600EX-RT, and is therefore the equivalent to Canon's second iteration of their 600EX-RT (which is the 600EX II-RT).

I'm an amateur experimenting with flash photography and got a single 600EX II-RT to start. I quickly moved to off-camera flash. Optical control using my Canon EOS 80D as a master worked fine, but I really wanted the on-camera TTL control of all the flash settings, which requires radio. I couldn't afford to buy another Canon 600EX II-RT at their price point and I'd seen Yongnuo flashes everywhere, even among well-known professionals, so I decided to check them out. I almost bought the YN600EX-RT but thankfully thought to just check their official website to see if they had an update to match Canon's update, and sure enough they did - this YN600EX-RT II!

Being so much cheaper than the Canons (1 Canon = 4 Yongnuo), I decided to buy two to use as radio off-camera slaves and use my Canon as a radio master. They all work wonderfully (Canon master, Yongnuo slaves).

As expected and as others mentioned for other Yongnuo models, build quality isn't quite on par with Canon. There's no push-button release for rotating or angling the flash head; rather, you simply have to apply enough force to overcome the notches. The amount of force required makes you second-guess yourself at first, wondering if you're about to break something. Given this design, it makes sense to find some kind of grease between the body and flash head. It's not excessive and leaking all over things, but I did notice it was there you might be able to swipe some off the edges with your fingers. Overall build quality is fine though. Not tanks, but not overly cheap either. Quick list:
- No push-button release for rotating and angling of flash head; requires a lot of force to turn
- Set button in center of selection wheel rotates with the wheel (so "Set" can be upside-down, etc.)
- Flashes arrived at maximum LCD contrast; clearing settings and resetting to default actually sets medium contrast which is pretty weak/hard to see and might make you wonder if your screen just "broke" during your reset.. it didn't, just go bump the contrast all the way back up.

Again I'm no professional, but overall I think these are great especially considering four of them can be had for the price of a single Canon 600EX II-RT. Unless these all fail very soon, this definitely seems to be the way to go unless your pockets are just overflowing with cash. So thanks, Yongnuo!

The various official steps for updating the firmware seemed inaccurate to me. The first comment on this review contains steps that worked. I updated my firmware on two flashes from 1.10 to 1.12 (downloaded from YONGNUO's official website; unable to navigate via the site, I instead found the official product page via Google search and the firmware link is at the bottom of that page).

For a cheap knock-off of an overpriced hotshoe flash, this thing is surprisingly not terrible. On a practical level it's a 3/5 star item, but for the price it's easily a 4/5. You will not find a better value at this price point, period.

Powerful output
Reliable wireless system when using Yongnuo triggers
Works as well as expensive, first party flash units

Doesn't play well with Pocketwizards/Cactus V6 wireless triggers
Build quality could be better
Easy to overheat when using an external battery pack

I currently own 3 of these flashes, having owned 5 over the years with 2 being broken by falling off a stand or being dropped.

These flashes are finicky when used with triggers not made by Yongnuo. Just this past weekend I was using one of these lights with my Cactus V6s and Alien Bees at a wedding and the flash refused to fire out of the blue when triggered by the Cactus triggers. Turning the flash off and on again generally fixes these sorts of issues, but this time I had to restore the flash to factory settings before it would trigger again. My Alien Bees continued to fire reliably while the speedlight just decided it was break time.

That said, I have had zero issue getting these flashes to fire remotely with Yonguno's triggers

As for build quality, I've broken 2 of these flashes in the space of year by having them fall off a stand or get dropped. You NEED to handle them carefully. Dropping one from standing height could easily break it. That said, they're still tough enough. I don't care how much your flash costs, dropping it the wrong way will probably break it.

Really, my only build quality complaint is the rubber gasket that reinforces the locking mechanism falls off constantly and is required to ensure the flash is locked down tight to stands and cameras. I'm sure some glue would fix it, but that's assuming you can find the gasket once it falls off on the dance floor.

Finally, you will overheat these flashes quickly if firing at anything more than 1/8th power while using a battery pack. Without a battery pack, TTL mode also tends to overheat them when used for extended periods. This is mainly due to the pre-flash and generally high output that TTL typically delivers in dark environments.

Basically, if you need a lot of light, you'll get about 30 or so minutes of shooting before the flash starts warning you with overheating indicators. It's not uncommon for speedlights to overheat, especially more powerful ones like this unit. But it'd be nice if it had a mode that slowed the recycle times down a bit when getting close to overheating so you can keep shooting without the flash shutting itself down as quickly.

Overall I'd recommend these flashes to anyone who needs a speedlight and is willing to buy into Yonguno's trigger system. For the money, it's tough to beat them unless you go with a company like Godox.

I like how it works, but it is not durable, I bought 2 if these and the 2 of them failed, flash was firing by it self and it suddenly stopped working ],it just flashing, seller said the flash is no longer eligible for return, manufacturer warranty is only valid if you purchase on their web site. I'm so mad, waste of money!

It's as close to perfect as a budget flash will get. What it does miss, as most other people have pointed out, is the lack of a lock button for the flash head. I use Bowens adapters that grip the flash by the head, which means the body sometimes whips down and hits my hand while adjusting. The head has small amounts of grease on it, which is noted by others here as well, but I did not find it to be "dripping" and perfectly acceptable for use.

Also, the flash shares the same issue with the original Canons: the built-in diffuser and bounce card are hard to get out. My friend echoed this with his diffuser-already-broken Canon 600EX-RT, and I'm seeing the same issue with this Yongnuo.
Finally, it does not ship with a clip-on diffuser, which I sorely miss from using Nikon SB-900s. I'm not sure if it's compatible with diffusers built for OEM Canon, but knowing Yongnuo I'd assume so.

Other than that, it works fine. HSS works, zoom communicates fine, recycle time is as advertised.

Sono fotografo professionista e questo è il quarto Yongnuo che acquisto.
Il primo lo provai nel 2014 e funziona ancora perfettamente.
Questo modello l'ho provato a gennaio e a maggio ne ho preso un altro.
L'ho usato in studio, eventi, sotto la pioggia, in qualsiasi condizione.
Spesso con 4 batterie stilo sono andato oltre ai 500 scatti. Sotto la pioggia non ha fatto una piega (pioggia molto forte in piena estate) e da sempre non mi ha mai sbagliato la potenza di nessuno scatto.
Ha praticamente tutte le funzioni dell'originale Canon di cui è clone, si può anche usare in wireless creando un gruppo di flash TUTTI IN TTL.
Mostruoso, dire che lo consiglio è poco! Uno dei migliori prodotti mai acquistato nell'ambito fotografico

I bought two of these recently, Amazon shipped them promptly and had the right things in the box the first time, etc. etc.

Having Canon 600EX-RT and first-generation YN600EX-RTs for comparison I put the build quality between the two; it does everything it is says it will and feels well-made, the buttons are noticeably better. These also will fire when triggered by a YN-E3-RT in legacy mode, which is something the previous YN600s would not do on firmware 1.9.1.

The only thing I have to complain about is how they work with external battery packs on firmware 1.3.2: they don't work with Bolt AA battery packs; they work fine with Strobies though and that may be due to the Strobies having a connector that extends into the flash another millimeter or so.

The other thing is that if the custom function for using only the battery pack to charge is set and the battery pack dies then the flash won't fall back to charging off its internal batteries; this could be a problem if you have a light placed out of reach during an event and can't get to it to fix it.

All in all as long as you understand a few quirks then it is definitely worth considering, particularly in light of the price difference to the Canon parts.

He comprado dos, junto al transmisor E3-RT. Cuesta configurarlo al principio porque el manual es algo confuso, pero cuando lo consigues y te acostumbras, es bastante intuitivo. Esta bien construido, aunque no con la calidad de CANON, pero por eso vale 4 veces menos.

Cosas a mejorar:
1).- Consumo de pilas. (consume mas energia que los CANON)
2).- Manual en castellano.
3).- Podrían incluir el soporte para filtros de color igual que CANON.

De momento van de maravilla. Seguramente en breve comprare otro más.
El envio fue mucho más rápido de lo previsto, y vino todo en perfecto estado.

Questo è il secondo che rendo.
Appena tirato fuori dal pacco, ho subito notato una delle guarnizioni in gomma staccata, non è un problema, perchè si rimedia facilmente. Metto le batterie e esco per un servizio ma dopo appena 3 scatti rimane tutto acceso, luce blu fissa. Spengo e riaccendo, funziona a meraviglia per tutto il servizio. Circa un'ottantina di scatti. Per circa una settimana non dà problemi, fa egregiamente il suo dovere. A fine settimana vado a un servizio da un vivaista al chiuso, accendo il flash e nel monitor, senza nessuna luce, comincia a lampeggiare un'icona strana. Penso siano le batterie scariche (?) le sostituisco con quattro appena caricate. Uguale. Servizio perso. Reso. Ho un collega che ha lo stesso flash e va da dio. Sarò io sfigato!!!

Excelente speedlite con automatismos que debe ser impresindible para los que se dedican a la.fotografia y para los que son aficionados también, en relación calidad precio a un 600ex Canon cuesta tres fracciones menos y es la misma potencia.
Altamente recomendable cuando lo usas con pilas recargables de más de 2500 ma para un rápido reciclado de la luz y duración de baterías. Viene con funda y una Zapata para ponerlo de pie, además cuenta con hotshoe para equipos canon, controlador como flash maestro, canales y grupos para conectar con otros flashes, compensación de luz por tercios de paso y clip de seguridad para un Rápido montaje en vez de la rosca de cualquier flash manual. No tengo quejas de este excelente flash a excepción del radio control para manejarlo a distancia que en precio sale igual.o más que si te co.pras un par de estos yn600ex-rt.

Love YONGNUO product. It is not Nikon, not Canon but it still does the job beautifully and equally!
The built quality is rather not as premium but keep in mind the price is 1/3 of what you pay for a Canon. Did i mention this is my third one!? I purhcased a Canon 600 series but needed more and came across this. I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. An inexpensive item that does the same as Canon speedlite series.
Think this as Costco brand vs the named brands, it really is the same. For example, my wife and I are trying for a baby and was going to get Folic acid, we asked the doctor if there is any difference between Costco brand and the famous named brands....both doctor said they are the same, get the cheaper ones. The only reason you would want to stick with Canon / Nikon is because you are a purest. Dont forget professional photographer are completely ok using Sigma or Tamron lenses.
Give it a try, you will love it!

Le doy 4 estrellas porque aun no lo he usado lo suficiente como para saber si es bueno o no, pero por las dos o tres fotos que he hecho sin modificar los ajustes se ve que es un buen flash, la luz que dispara parece natural y se nota, compré este flash porque un fotógrafo me lo recomendó y me fié de él.
Me ha llegado con 2 días de retraso pero porque el hombre no encontraba mi domicilio, la caja presentaba algunos golpes en las esquinas pero nada grave, venía dentro de la caja muy bien protegido.

El producto es de un material que se siente frágil a cualquier caída. Lo he utilizado durante tres meses y me ha encantado. No es sencillo de utilizar. El manual no facilita tanto su uso, sinceramente. Pero con la práctica uno se va familiarizando con el flash

Pensavo che la seconda versione sarebbe stata ottimizzata invece soffre molto il surriscaldamento anche con batterie al top e nuove devo testare con il caricatore esterno comunque inaffidabile anche il tempo di ricarica non è certo come l'originale può andare bene come secondo flash di scorta o da avere come secondo punto di illuminazione ma non affidatevi solo a questo

Esta muy bien aunque como se menciona, se siente fragil al tacto en comparación con otros pero ya sabiéndolo manipular es muy útil,. En la pantalla al encenderlo aparece la carga que tienen (imagino que es aproximada) bastante padre. Yo lo devolví para pedir otro por aquello de la calidad pero me enviaron el mismo... eso me desagrado, pero en fin. Tardaron mucho para hacerme el reembolso. Mejor ya me quedo con este.

Con le pile giuste, funziona molto bene, ha molte funzioni, e con un po’ di attenzione dura molto. Materiali sembrano fragili ma è solo un’impressione. Lo uso da un’anno e va benissimo. Prezzo ridotto x le prestazioni che da

Me encantó este flash, muy potente en su segunda generación. Mucho más económico que el original de Canon, y de muy buena calidad. Además de todo de un fácil uso, aún manejandolo en modo manual y el e-ttl II cumpliendo con su cometido. Con lentes compatibles enfoca súper rápido. Sin duda una de las mejores opciones de compra.

No lo he podido probar demasiado , pero por ahora parece ir bien , lo único que ha habido alguna vez que me ha tocado apagarlo y volver a encenderlo. Lo que tengo claro es que para usar de vez en cuando , y jugar un poco con el flash esta muy bien y que no me quería gastar lo que vale un Canon o un Metz con las mismas características.

Excelente producto. Su acabado es más o menos, ten en cuenta que es mucho más barato que uno de Canon.
Sus capacidades de disparo de otros flashes vía WiFI está buena. La confirmación es sencilla y funciona con todas las cameras canon que tengan soporte para flash externo.

Remplace avantageusement l'équivalent chez Canon.

La tenue du flash sur piles rechargeables est tout à fait correcte (2h de shooting sans aucuns problème et pas de décharge même pendant quelques semaines sans utilisation).

A aujourd'hui, je n'ai pas rencontré de problème de surchauffe.