Panasonic LUMIX S1R Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 47.3MP MOS High Resolution Sensor, 24-105mm F4 L-Mount S Series Lens, 4K HDR Video and 3.2” LCD - DC-S1RMK


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  • Full frame sensor - 47.3-Megapixel full-frame MOS sensor that provides a wide dynamic Range and excellent performance at high sensitivity (is 25600 Max sensitivity)
  • Lumix S camera lens - easy-to-use 24-105mm standard focal macro zoom F4 l-mount for Lumix S Series full-frame L-mount digital Mirrorless cameras
  • 4K video - up to 4K 60P/50P recording plus 6K PHOTO functions and HLG photo.
  • 187MP high resolution mode - a sensor shift technology suitable for taking very high-resolution Landscapes and fine art photos via tripod with toggleable motion correction capabilities
  • Rugged Mirrorless camera design - dust/splash*/freeze-resistant design withstands heavy field use under harsh conditions for high mobility.Image File Format: JPEG, RAW



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Style:w/ 24-105mm  |  Configuration:Base

The Panasonic LUMIX S1R Digital Single Lens Mirrorless (DSLM) camera incorporates a 47. 3 megapixel high resolution 35mm full-frame MOS sensor. The LUMIX S1R utilizes the new L-Mount standard, which boasts a well-balanced, large inner diameter and compact dimensions for a flange focus to realize optimum size and performance as a digital mirrorless camera system. The LUMIX S1R yields unprecedented image quality with high resolution, rich gradation and superior color reproduction. A high-speed, high-precision AF system based on advanced control technology over the lens, the sensor, and the new Venus Engine enable the user to capture the precise moment in the finest detail. The LUMIX S1R also boasts industry-leading video recording performance (4K 60p/50p), intuitive control, a rugged design for heavy field use, durability, and expandability. The LUMIX S1R is splash resistant* and dust resistant but also operates down to -10 degrees Centigrade. The mirrorless cameras’ shutter unit is durable for approximately 400, 000 cycles. Camera performance, lightweight construction, and Dust/Splash/Freeze-Resistant Design are some of the features you’ll enjoy while shooting with the Panasonic LUMIX S Series Digital Mirrorless Cameras.

Product information Style:w/ 24-105mm  |  Configuration:Base Product Dimensions 10 x 10 x 8 inches Item Weight 9.05 pounds ASIN B00GNYTOF4 Item model number DC-S1RMK Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

A wonderful camera. Did everything I expected of it. Focusing was a little inconsistent but that could be either user unfamiliarity or something that can be addressed with firmware. All in all I found it to be a return to what a real camera should perform and feel like. I ended up not keeping it but that was nothing to do with the camera.

Granted, motorsports can be easy, since you're panning the camera. still, no issues, handheld from the stands, pictures from the 105mm end are cropped like 8x still look sharp enough.

I also used with a couple of Canon lenses, a 50mm 1.8 and a Tokina 16-28mm with the MC-21 adapter. Camera recognizes the Canon and the Zoom mm on the Tokina, so in body stabilization works. But Autofocus on the Canon hunts like hell, real fast on the Tokina for some reason. Happy.

The lense was demaged. I think, I was'nt the first who open the box.

Professional Photography Camera !

Trusting the legacy that Lumix has built in the mirrorless camera market with their MFT line in its class leading picture and build quality, I have decided to commit to its new Full Frame S1R, and boy am I glad to have done so.
This camera posses unprecedented build quality, perfect ergonomics, and uncompromising image quality.
Everything about this camera screams the highest quality, and there is absolutely nothing in the market that outdoes this camera.

One thing that I was hesitant before pulling the trigger was my investments in my Canon glasses.
I have been shooting Canon 5D M4 as my A Cam, and the Lumix G9 as my B Cam, and the hassle of trading in all my existing Canon/Sigma EF glasses was one thing I wasn't too fond of, as I would be losing a lot of value.
However, I was extremely happy to see the release of Sigma EF to L-Mount adaptor, and it instantly resolved my only concern.
Overall, this is a beast of a camera that outdoes anything and everything that's in the market.
Yes, the premium in price is there vs others, but with the unrivaled quality and performance my S1R offers, that is the price I am willing to happily pay for.

The Panasonic S1r is a mirrorless camera with a 47-megapixel sensor. As such, it provides highly detailed pictures which can be enlarged to wall size prints. With all these pixels, one can crop the image for the perfect composition.

The camera is about the size and weight of the digital SLR, and it is ideal for the meticulous worker who takes time to compose his photographs. Its autofocus system works best when dealing with static subjects. For landscape and portraiture photography, this is fine. For recording sporting events with fast action, the continuous focus is not as reliable as those found on cameras such as the Sony a7 III, the Nikon F-series, or the Canon EOS cameras.

For those who wish to use manual focusing, this camera is almost perfect. With its kit lens, there are several focusing aids. A portion of the image can be enlarged to see the most delicate details for focusing, and a color fringe can be projected on edges when they are in focus. I was impressed with the viewfinder. It shows the distance of the subject and the depth-of-field for a given aperture. For old-timers, this allows them to set the hyperfocal distance on a lens. This setting is invaluable when the goal is to maximize the depth of field.

This camera is ideal for scientific work. It can be made to operate in a vibration-free mode. With such a stable platform, this ensures the sharpest obtainable pictures when the camera is mounted on either a telescope or a microscope.

For the meticulous worker who wishes to maximize his/her image quality, this is the perfect working tool.

S1 and S1R are the best Low-Light Performance Full Frame camera right now, especially in video production.
Despite the fact, Panasonic S1 / S1R doesn't have As accurate and fast autofocus (As Sony A7M3 has) None of Sony A7 series or even Flagship A9 can match Low Light Performance in 4k video producing.

Amazing All-around 4K 60p Performance (common Sony, wake up)
Low Light Performance can impress Even RED Camera Owners
Pixel Shifting gives you almost 4 times more details on stills
Outstanding build quality, which feels the toughest in its peer group

Not Accurate Autofocus
A bit low battery performance

(Sorry for my English)

I had to opportunity to use this Lumix S1R when my friend let me borrow his, and WOW. I've had mirrorless cameras before, but this one blows them all away. The 47MP sensor is insane and overall really great build for the work I needed to do. You definitely get the quality you pay for with this camera.