Canon EOS Rebel SL2 DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm STM Lens - WiFi Enabled


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  • 242 Megapixel CMOS (APS C) Sensor
  • Fast & Accurate Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Phase detection
  • Vary angle Touch Screen, 30 inch LCD
  • Built in Wi Fi, NFC and Bluetooth Technology
  • Use the EOS Utility Webcam Beta Software (Mac and Windows) to turn your compatible Canon camera into a high-quality webcam



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Color:Black  |  Style:18-55mm STM Kit  |  Configuration:Base

Canon's compact EOS Rebel SL2 provides versatile built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity plus key camera features like a newly-developed 24.2 megapixel APS-C Canon CMOS image sensor paired with Canon's DIGIC 7 image processor, resulting in Rebel-series firsts such as Dual Pixel CMOS AF for smooth and accurate autofocus and a high-resolution Touch Screen monitor that supports both Touch AF and Touch Shutter release functionality.

Product information Color:Black  |  Style:18-55mm STM Kit  |  Configuration:Base Product Dimensions 2.7 x 4.8 x 3.6 inches Item Weight 1 pounds ASIN B071K62DPN Item model number 2249C002 Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Hey whats up everyone, my names Chris Winter and today I'm going to do an in depth review of the brand new Canon SL2 or 200D, so hopefully i can help you decide if it's the right camera for you.

Build Quality:

So let's start off this review by first taking a look at build quality of this new Canon SL2. And the first thing you notice is that this is a tiny little DSLR.

In fact it's one of the world's smallest DSLR's which is something you really feel once you pick it up. The SL1 which came before the SL2 really introduced the idea of tiny DSLR's and I'm glad they've kept the size in the SL2.

Now with micro four third cameras really coming into the mainstream these days, we're seeing smaller and smaller cameras. But if you are looking for that tradition shape of a DSLR, the SL2 is about as small as you can get, which will be great for travel.

Articulating Screen:

Now even though the SL2 is a tiny DSLR, Canon have been pretty agressive in trying include a tonne of new features, one of which is on the back here.

And that's here with it's brand new articulating screen. I'm not going to lie, but when I heard rumors that the SL2 was going to have an articulating screen I got pretty excited and to see it come through I'm very happy.

It's also a fully articulating screen as well which is great for getting your shots from different angels, whether thats from up high or down low or even flipped to the front which is brilliant for filming yourself, but we'll talk more about that later on.

Either way the inclusion is one of the best new features on the Canon SL2.

Touch Screen:

Now staying on the back of the Canon SL2, another brilliant feature is that this articualting screen is a touch screen as well.

Now sometimes you might think that a touch screen is a little bit of a gimmick, but ever since I first used one a few years back on the Canon 70D I've found them to be incredibly useful.

Sure I still use the buttons on the camera and the dials on top, but having the touch screen makes life so much easier.

For example you can quickly jump through menus without having to scroll but the best feature is really for focusing.

Now we'll talk about it more in depth later on in this review, but the Canon SL2 has a brilliant new autofocus system called Dual Pixel and when you pair it up with the touch screen on the back of the camera, it's amazing.

You can simply press what you want ot be in focus and the SL2 will quickly and smoothly come in to focus. It's brillaint.

Mic Jack:

Now another nice inclusion with the Canon SL2 is it's inclusion of a microphone jack. This means that rather than relying on the inbuilt mics on teh SL2, you can plu in a shotgun mic or a wireless mic and record fantastic audio.

Unfortunately we are still missing a headphone jack which would have been nice to see, but I probably didn't expect it in a camera this cheap.

Now the inbuilt mic isn't terrible, but it isn't great, so I'd highly recommend getting a mic to plug in and you should be good to go.

Burst Rate & AF Points & Speed :

Let's talk about the burst rate on the Canon SL2. Now the Canon SL2 can shoot an a very impressive 5 frames per second which sounds a bit like this:

Now 5 frames per second is a pretty substantial jump from 3 frames per second which has been the standard for beginner cameras from Canon for a long time.

This means that the Canon SL2 will be great for shooting sports, pictures of fast moving kids and even some wildlife shots.

Now talking about the Autufocus on the Canon SL2 and as I said before the autofocus in much improved even in stills.

The SL2 has 9 autofocus points with 1 cross type, which isn't the most impressive number out there, but in day to day use it worked well.

I found myself having no problems catching my subjects in focus on most occassions, even on some relatively low light shots.

So overall, the SL2 was a very solid performer, especially for a sub $600 camera.

Battery Life:

Now if I was to point out a weakness on the SL2 it would probably be it's battery life.

The SL2 uses the LP-E17 battery which is found in some other Rebels series cameras and it isn't the best in terms of holding battery.

For stills the SL2 was fine, but it did chew through battery pretty quickly when shooting video, so I'd advise in picking up another battery from places like Amazon or eBay.


Ok so now I want to touch on the video side of the Canon SL2 and this is where things get impressive.

To me the Canon SL2 is essentially a mini Canon 80D or Canon 77D, it's brilliant.

The SL2 has a few killer video features which I never thought I'd see in a budget beginners DSLR.

Firstly, it's got that fully articulating screen which I was talking about before. For video it really does make shooting a lot easier. Rather than trying to see the rear LCD in akward positions, you can move the camera around with ease simply moving the LCD.

We've also got that touch screen which again makes life a lot easier. So rather than having to pull focus manually, on the Canon SL2 you can now simply touch on the screen and whever you touch will pretty magically go into focus.

And really that's all down to the new Dual Pixeld Autofocus system in the SL2. It's trickled down from the 70D and 80D and is to me the best autufocus system for video in any camera on the market.

The Sl2 also has face tracking autofocus which is actually somethign Im using right now. So rather than having someone behind you keeping track of focus, you can just let the camera do the work and it actually works really well.

Another new feature is that the Canon SL2 can now also shoot in 1080p 60 frames per second. With this you can slow down the footage in post and get some smooth slow motion. And they've even thrown in a built in timelapse mode for good measure, which is great if you film vlogs.

Add in the fact that you can now also record good quality audio with the built in mic jack and you've got yourself a bit of a winning video camera.

In fact I think that the Canon SL2 will be the most popular camera for youtube by next year, it's that good for the price.


So speaking about the price, the Canon SL2 comes in at about $550. This is an incredible price for this level of camera.


I just quickly wanna talk about the menus on the Canon SL2.

Overall if you've ever used a Canon camera before you'll feel right at home. Even if this is your first DSLR you won't really have any problems especially with the new touch screen on the back.


Another nice inclusion on the Canon SL2 is it's inclusion of wifi & nfc. Essenitally this allows you to quickly pair it up to your smart phone to transfer photos wirelessly without having to connect it to a computer.

Overall I found it worked really well, especially when paired up with the Canon Camera Connect app.


So as you can probably tell, I'm in love with this little DSLR. This is the best beginner DSLR you can buy at the current time and if you're thinking about buying one today, I'd highly recommend it.

I hope you all have a fantastic day and I’ll see you next time.

There are many positives to Canon's SL2 model. Foremost, it being that for a low-end entry level SLR camera, it manages to incorporate Canon's fantastic and high-end DIGIC 7 processor chip. You can expect no lag in processing each shot (although your chosen SD card may be too slow to process each shot onto the card as quickly as you might like).

The other and best positive is that it incorporates a built-in optical viewfinder so that you can see and shoot via the lens. I so dislike LCD screens in bright sunlight and while the SL2 does have a rotating LCD screen, YOU get to choose which option you prefer.

It's weight and it's size make for a great portable camera that you'll find yourself always wanting to carry about. It's ultra light.

It's entry level price is fair. I was going to wait for Canon's new G1X Mark lll coming out this November 2017. The flagship of POINT & SHOOT CAMERAS. However, when I factored in its $1299 price tag compared to the SL2's $650 (body plus lens kit) price tag I realized the SL2 was a bargain and did pretty much of the same thing.

The SL2 is cheap lightweight plastic in build quality. That lowers the weight but also makes sure the camera isn't user-friendly to dust and moisture. Controls are flimsy and the menu is weak for internal changes. This is a SLR but it behaves much more like a Point & Shoot when it comes to settings.

There are a few negatives and the most obvious one is the miserable lens that comes with the camera (Canon 18-55mm). Zip for clarity and performance; in light or outdoors. Buy the BODY-ONLY and find yourself a better lens.

Unlike the higher end Canon cameras Made In Japan, this SL2 is Made In Taiwan.

I still give it a full 4 stars when consideration goes into pricing, performance and features.

It's not the BMW of SLR cameras but still a great unit from Canon and well worth the purchase!

Great "Next Level" camera. This is a really great way to move up past point and shoot. One reason is ease of operation. It features a nice touch screen that tells you how to do many of the complicated things you need to know if you want a more advanced camera. The same screen doubles as a way to use touch screen photography. I had the SL 1 and it had one of the earliest best touch screens Canon had..You can flip through your pictures and enlarge the images ,just like a cell phone. Now the screen flips out, a nice improvement.
The image processor is way more powerful,the Digic 7. Don't use auto ISO ,because it wants to use ISO 100. The sensor can give great pictures at hi ISO. Then you can use faster shutter speed. This means much sharper pictures ,since the faster the shutter speed,the sharper the picture . Canon cameras with the big sensors,like this and the Digic 7 processors,are the way to go for low light photography.. If you just use the automatic settings you may as well use a point and shoot camera.
Some criticize the autofocus because it only has 9 points. I set it in center focus. You see a red dot when you are in focus. You don't need 71 autofocus points. You just need this one red dot in focus. Very powerful and accurate. So,I could go on and on ,but just remember. Push the ISO and use center focus. Have fun.

The Canon SL2 is an excellent Camera it exceeded all my expectations (if not i would have not bought this product).This is incredibility light but do not be fooled by its compact design this thing is packed with features.I have to start off with the dig!c 7 processor witch really makes a difference in low light conditions and helps noise reduction in the shadows.Then there is the new dual pixel auto focus which ensures you will have tack sharp images every single time it also comes with a face tracking function which works magnificently well!.To be honest the 18-55 mil lens is not that bad its good for close ups and has that extra bit of zoom to help with further subjects.No it does not do 7fps in burst mode but then again you are not paying an arm and a leg for this bad boy! As far as video quality goes it's acceptable it does do 60fps at 1080p (full HD) so you could use it for B-roll and it also has the privilege of shooting RAW files which is just great for professional editing.Oh and i almost forgot the fully articulating screen which allows you to film yourself in a ``selfie`` mode.All in all this camera is good for all levels of photography (i am not kidding when i say that) whether you are a pro or you are just starting out like me at the age of 14.I have had this camera for a week now and i am already in love with it.Here are some of my best un-edited photos right off the camera.

I bought this on November 23rd for Black Friday and in the description it says "Free bag, tripod, lens pouches and memory card with purchase of Canon SL2 or M100 Here's how (restrictions apply) ". The camera did not come with any of these and the Amazon representatives I spoke with were useless and told me there is no offer. See attached photo.

I did my research for the smallest, APSC sized sensor camera (with at least 24 megapixels) also must have had a flip out screen. It also must have an external mic jack. This camera checked all those boxes. Have been amazed with it since owning it. WiFi connectivity is great. Light weight, tons of lens choices and if you read some reviews this sensor is comparable almost identical to the 70D and therefore the low light permformance is just as good, and at a cheaper price point. The only knock is the low frames per second (5) and minimal focus points (9) but keep in mind that only applies if you’re using the viewfinder/eyepiece and not looking at the screen/live view which I do 95% of the time anyway. I do notice the 5 frames per second as I have a small child and you need to be quick to catch the right look/smile sometimes and I don’t use it for wildlife photography, just architecture and landscape photography and it’s perfect for that.

It’s missing a few bells and built in horizon leveling or focus peaking. Those are the only things I’ve really noticed that I would use from time to time if they were there.

Video quality is great, the low light performance can always be improved with faster lens. When compared to the t77i or some of the more expensive “step ups” I just can’t see how the extra cost is justified. For the price, at the time of this review, I just don’t think this camera can be beat.

There are so many great aspects to this camera. Beyond being a reasonable price for an entry/enthusiast level DSLR, this camera doesn't skimp out on premium features. There are a lot of great options out there for beginners and those that are enthusiasts, like the t6, t6i, and even the t7. Now these camera's all share something in common and that's the extensive library of lenses canon has to offer! They all take phenomenal photo's and can take decent video as well. However where the sl2 really makes a difference is in how it handles video.

The sl2 packs a few features that are very appealing to those who want to capture memories or even find use of a DSLR for vlogging/streaming. The pop-out touch screen is one of the greatest features here. Having a nice display for reference allowing you to help center yourself, and find the right angle or even just making the experience of filming a subject all that more comfortable. The battery life is excellent, maintaining a consistent several hours of photography and film. The external mic option is a huge factor that in my opinion set's it above other entry level cameras. While it still generally is preferred to use a lapel mic, it's a nice feature to have. Lastly the size and weight make the camera very comfortable to use and travel with. The sl2 is one of the lightest options on the market in terms of DSLR cameras.

If you're a beginner or a hobbyist this is the perfect camera for you!

I was waiting for a camera like this that had all the best features Canon has to offer in an affordable compact package. I sold my semi pro 7D mk2 to buy this and am happy for it. Of course I miss the advanced features of the 7D mk2 but this little camera is small enough to take anywhere without looking like a photo geek and has a few features not found on the 7D mk2 like flip out touch screen and WiFi/Bluetooth. It may lack durability and has fairly unexciting autofocus but the features packed into this upgraded version are enough to keep you from spending big bucks on the 80D or on another system like Fujifilm.
If you are considering the 80D but can't afford it right now and you are willing to work around not having a headphone jack this is a good alternative.
You might like shooting in Live View mode all the time if you're so inclined and have become accustomed to your smartphones functionality.
With touch shutter, touch focus and the best connectivity yet, it’s a joy to use.

This camera is everything I was looking for to fulfill my childhood dream - to start learning photography.
My favorite points of the camera are:
- The size of the camera. It's smaller than the average Canon camera, which is perfect for my hands and feels so good in hands.
- The pivoting screen - super convenient for flatlays, product's photography and videos.
- The touch screen - a time saver + so easy to focus on the subject.
- The built-in learning software (optional) - it's so helpful at the very beginning of the first steps in photography.
- The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function that let me connect my cellphone and laptop seamlessly in seconds.
Also, I want to mention the Canon Coach app has education videos created by amazing Peter McKinnon, that is very helpful at the beginning as well.
The last sweet point - I paid the Warehouse Deal price for the camera.
Two words about the lens: the best use without the flash is during the daylight and outside.

Es una cámara muy buena, tiene una calidad muy alta, tiene acceso a los lentes intercambiables, creo que de las réflex de sensor pequeño ésta es la mejor; en relación calidad - precio, no tiene comparación, tiene el mismo sensor que una T7i pero cuesta como 5mil pesos menos.

I'm excited to get a decent DSLR. I've used my daughter's Canon T3i and thoroughly enjoyed the creativity it can bring. Now that I have my own camera I can have that much more photography fun! I'm looking forward to using the wifi to control the camera.

I haven't had a chance to really get out and use it, just monkeying around and learning the settings. But I'm pleased with the camera so far.

I wasn't sure about getting this in 2019, since the model is starting to age, but my doubts are gone. I use it mostly for video shooting (60 fps / 1080p) and I'm very happy. To my surprise my Sigma lens that I've had on my Canon XTi (which I purchased 12 years ago in late 2006) still fit on it, so that's a plus. Bottom line is there's no wonder why this is one of the most popular DSLR to shoot on Youtube -- it still has great value.

Mi primer cámara fue una Canon Rebel T2 análogica. He tenido ya varios productos Canon de excelente calidad.

Decidí comprar esta cámara principalmente por su menor tamaño, los 24.2 MP y la pantalla LCD táctil que permite adecuarla a distintos ángulos. Además de la característica de WiFi que permite conectarla al celular y visualizar las fotografías e incluso realizar capturas con el mismo celular (a modo de control remoto).

La recomiendo ampliamente.

Acheté à l'occasion du vendredi fou, avec l'objectif de base et un objectif additionnel de 55-250mm.
Les + :
Aubaine extraordinaire compte tenu du prix payé pour l'ensemble
Très bien coté selon Consumer Reports (dont je suis un abonné payant)
Compact pour un DSLR, donc utilisation possible en voyage
Documentation complète et en français, tuto et logiciels sur le site de
Un gros + pour moi qui passe d'un «point and shoot» à ce petit DSLR.
Les - :
Une Camry, ce n'est pas une BMW ou une Ferrari ! Cet appareil n'est pas conçu pour les passionnés fortunés de la photo.
Au delà des critiques qu'on peut retrouver sur Internet (autofocus 9 points seulement, pas un full frame, etc.) ; pas vraiment grand chose à rajouter pour le moment.

Lo mejor:
Tamaño compacto
24.2 MP
Mismo sensor que una T7i (y por menor precio)
Pantalla LCD Táctil
Lentes intercambiables
Excelente relación calidad/costo

Lo malo:
Pocos puntos de auto enfoque (9)
Sin formato RAW
Se hecha en falta un cargador usb
El Viewfinder óptico es algo pequeño

Are you a first time video maker like me? This is THE camera you want. Price wise, incredibly good, considering I got the lens included for a cheap add on deal.

The shipping was bad on Amazon’s part and I got it a lot later then claimed. The whole thing was packaged safely and well taken care of though.

Touch screen is not only convenient but also very well made and easy to use!
My only drawback about this camera is that there’s a lot of options I have to go through to really understand it, I have to read the manual and considering my schedule it might take a while but that’s on me lol

I bought it because I think I read a review that this was David Dobriks first camera and honestly I grabbed it to start my YouTube channel! If your interested you can find it under my same username and see the quality of the camera! Very nice!

I find the clarity fantastic, the camera overall the perfect thing for a beginner! If you’re on the fence, it’s time to rip it down, freak out your neighbor Todd for smashing a durable wooden fence down with little to no force and get going on buying this camera!

I’m always open for questions!

This was my first foray into fancy premium cameras and I have not been disappointed. The lens that comes with the camera is fantastic and feels great to use. I've only just begun using it for projects but this was bought with the intention of using it for indie video production and I'm excited to get rolling on that.

I'm sure people may have their issues with cannon or with this series or whatever but for a layman with aspirations for cinematography and photography this is a fantastic product!

This camera is so easy to learn on intuitively. Canon has tutorials on an app for android or iOS. If your a beginner this is the one. If you can navigate a cellphone you can easily learn this because of touchscreen capabilities and menus. One thing you need to purchase a memory card. I purchase a UHS 1 card and notice that I don't have the capability to shot video at 1080, so I will purchase a UHS 3 card which will enable 1080 video.