Samsung WB35F 16.2MP Smart WiFi & NFC Digital Camera with 12x Optical Zoom and 2.7" LCD (Red)


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  • Share your best photos instantly with Family and Friends with Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
  • SMART features - Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, Direct Link, Mobile Link, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder, All Share
  • 16.2MP CCD Sensor - superb clarity and detail
  • 12x Optical Zoom - Slim design but still can reveal up-close features


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Samsung"s state of the art NFC and Wi-Fi technology makes sharing images with friends and family easier and more enjoyable. The brand new "Tag & Go" feature takes sharing to an entirely new level as it connects the WB35F camera with smartphones by just touching the two devices together. With no manual set up required, an array of features are activated which make it simple to transfer, share and back up images. This includes Photo Beam, which immediately transfers the image being viewed on the camera to a smartphone. With Auto Share, images are instantaneously backed up as they are being shot, while Mobile Link allows users to select which images to transfer, so that shots can be organized easily. Remote View Finder offers greater flexibility when setting up shots, as the camera can be controlled via a smartphone to act as a viewfinder, as well as providing access to a host of manual settings.

From the Manufacturer

Take high-quality photos and videos and share them effortlessly with the Samsung WB35F SMART Camera. This compact camera features a 2.7-inch LCD screen with a 16.2-megapixel CCD sensor and 12x zoom to capture close-up detail. Creative features let you add backgrounds and filters, combine multiple images, create a 180-degree panorama, and even freeze time around a moving subject. And thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology, it's easy to send photos and videos to friends or upload them directly to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and other sites.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

Line up shots with exceptional clarity--even in direct sunlight--with the 2.7-inch LCD display. View larger.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

12x zoom allows you to capture every detail. (Shown in white) View larger.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

Built-in Wi-Fi makes sharing photos and videos online easy. (Shown in white) View larger.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

Simply tap the camera to your smartphone to instantly share an image. (Shown in white) View larger.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

Use Remote Viewfinder to frame a group photo or zoom in and out using your smartphone. (Shown in white)
View larger.

16.2-Megapixel CCD Sensor for Vivid Images

The Samsung WB35F SMART Camera contains a 16.2-megapixel CCD sensor that is engineered to help you capture high-quality, low-noise images with ample pixels and excellent lighting. The CCD's sensitivity makes it possible to capture vivid, natural-looking photos, regardless of the shooting conditions.

Frame Shots on a Sharp 2.7-Inch Display

On the back of the camera is a 2.7-inch LCD display that provides an easy, glare-free way to compose and review your photos. The bright, wide screen reproduces images exactly as they appear, even in direct sunlight.

12x Zoom for Exceptional Detail

With the WB35F, you can capture the moment just the way you remember it, whether your subject is up close or far away. Even when you can't get close to your subject, the 12x zoom allows you to capture every detail.

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Easy Sharing

Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi capability, the WB35F makes it easy to post pictures and videos--along with tags and comments--directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. You can also email your favorites to friends and family members or use the Group Share function, which allows you to send images to up to four people simultaneously.

Save as You Shoot with AutoShare

With Samsung's AutoShare feature, you can send photos instantly to an NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet--as you shoot them--over a Wi-Fi connection. This makes it easy to back up your photos or share them from wherever you are.

Samsung Link to Share Photos with Other Devices

Samsung Link lets you wirelessly stream photos and videos to your computer or other nearby Samsung Link-enabled device or upload them to a web storage service such as Dropbox.

Photo Beam Lets You Share Photos with One Touch

Share your favorite shot instantly with a friend with Photo Beam technology. Simply tap your camera on any NFC-compatible smartphone to automatically share the image you're currently viewing.

Transfer Files Automatically with PC Auto Backup

Saving photos and videos to your computer is easy with the Samsung WB35F. Just select the PC Auto Backup function, and the camera will wirelessly transfer all the files on the camera to your PC or Mac.

Shoot HD-Quality Movies

Whether you're enjoying time with family or a night out with friends, you can use the WB35F SMART camera to capture 720p HD-quality MPEG video.

Send Files Using MobileLink, Even Without Wi-Fi

Samsung's MobileLink lets you select and send photos or albums directly to a smartphone or tablet without having to send the photos in a text message or email. Because the wireless connection uses NFC technology, it even works when you're away from a Wi-Fi hotspot. MobileLink also lets you manage photos on your smartphone and save the changes automatically to your camera.

Remote Viewfinder to Control Camera from a Distance

When you connect the camera to select smartphones, you can use the Remote Viewfinder to turn your phone into a viewfinder. Preview photos, adjust camera settings, zoom in and out, frame the scene, and tag the shot location all from your phone. This feature makes it easy to set up and take a group shot with you in it.

Live Panorama Captures Landscapes and More

With Samsung's Live Panorama, you can capture a procession of gondolas gliding past a Venetian palace or other breathtaking scenes with a 180-degree panoramic image. The Live Panorama feature allows you to preview the image on the LCD screen before you take it by holding the shutter button and sweeping across the scene.

Create Artistic Images with Motion Photo and Split Shot

Motion Photo lets you freeze time around a moving subject to create surrealistic images. For example, you can capture a friend dancing while everyone in the background remains still. Simply rub the area on the display where you want to highlight movement and the rest of the image will freeze in place.

Using the Split Shot feature, you can blend up to three photos to create fun, imaginative combinations. Merge your self-portrait with a horse to create a centaur or attach a friend's head to a different body--the possibilities are endless.

Express Your Creative Side with SMART Filter

Samsung's SMART Filter lens effects deliver a variety of fun and artistic looks for your shots. The cartoon filter makes any photo look like an animated scene, while ink and oil painting filters make your images look like works of art.

SMART Auto for Sharp Shots Every Time

The SMART Auto feature automatically analyzes the current shooting environment and chooses the right photo or video mode to give you the best possible results.

Product Dimensions

The Samsung WB35F SMART Camera measures 2.41 by 3.97 by .81 inches (H x W x D) and weighs .32 pounds.

What's in the Box

Samsung WB35F SMART Camera, lithium-ion EA-BP70A/EP battery, USB cable, power adapter, wrist strap, and quick start guide.

WB35F SMART Camera
At a Glance:
  • 16.2-megapixel CCD sensor for high-quality images
  • Clear 2.7-inch LCD display to review shots
  • 12x zoom captures detailed images
  • Wi-Fi capability lets you post to social networks
  • Remote Viewfinder lets you control camera settings from smartphone
  • 720p HD video recording
Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

16.2-megapixel CCD sensor is engineered for capturing high-quality, low-noise images. View larger.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

Samsung AutoShare can automatically send photos to any smartphone or tablet powered by NFC technology. (Shown in white) View larger.

Samsung WB35F Smart Camera Product Shot

All your photos and videos are wirelessly transferred and safely stored on your computer. (Shown in white) View larger.

Product information Color:Red Product Dimensions 3.98 x 1.1 x 2.4 inches Item Weight 6.9 ounces ASIN B00HV6KL6Y Item model number EC-WB35FZBPRUS Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

If you are looking for exceptional value for your money, this camera is perfect! It takes beautiful pictures, is easy to use, and you can upload your pictures directly to your mobile phone. It isn't bulky which makes it easy to store in a purse or even a man's jean's pocket. Here are some other great things about the camera:

1. The zoom: Fantastic! Typically when you zoom in as far as the camera will allow, the pictures come out grainy or blurry - with this camera, you can zoom in all the way and the picture will still come out crystal clear.
2. Photo options/modes: There are a lot of option/modes for the type of picture you want to take. For example, there is a smart auto mode, a night mode, a firework mode (I was skeptical about this one, however, I used it for the 4th of July and I got some of the best firework pictures I have ever taken.), a landscape/scenery mode, a macro mode for up close photography, an action freeze mode for matter in fast motion, a silhouette mode, a sunset mode, a light trace mode for long exposure photos at night, and a beauty face mode that corrects facial blemishes when a portrait photo is taken. Along with all of the photo modes, videos can also be taken.
3. The charger: I had read some reviews saying they didn't receive a charger. I find this odd. I received a charger that can plug into the wall or into my computer. The cord is about 1.5 feet long which is great because it's easy to store and there isn't anything to trip over when you plug it into the wall.
4. Uploading options: There are many options to upload the pictures to other devices. Along with the WIFI function where I can upload the pictures directly to my mobile phone (LOVE IT!), my camera came with an SD card and a SD Card Reader. The microSD card can be inserted into either. The SD card can then be inserted directly into my laptop or computer allowing quick transfer of photos. The SD Card Reader can be inserted into any USB port for equally fast uploading speed.
5. Battery life: I don't know exactly how long my battery lasts, however, I brought this camera with me for a long weekend in Washington DC and I didn't have to use the charger once. I took pictures at memorials, restaurants, the zoo, etc. and the battery didn't even come close to dying.

I would highly recommend this camera to a family member or friend! Not to mention, you can't find it for this price anywhere else!

I purchased this to replace a 5 year old similar Samsung camera. The old camera took literally seconds after you pushed the button to actually take the picture. This camera focuses very quickly and takes the picture immediately upon pressing the button. The pictures are clear and sharp. Although it has many possible options, I use it in the Auto mode and it does everything I want of it. I certainly think it is an excellent purchase, especially at the price charged by Amazon.

I purchased this camera for a trip I took to Central America. I wanted a real camera to create good photographic memories of the trip rather than using the camera on my phone. I took the precaution of purchasing extra batteries which, as it turned out, was a prudent precaution. Battery life is not bad, but it's not exceptional either. Carrying 3 fully charged extra batteries was easy as they're both small and light. Plus I was always confident that I'd be able to take all the photos I wanted without concern of running out of power.
The controls are relatively simple, but navigating the menus took me some time to master. Reviewing the manual prior to use of the camera is strongly advised. Initially I had some difficulty transferring pictures to another device, and I could never get the upload to Facebook or Dropbox to work.
The photos were good quality and had sufficient resolution to permit some editing with computer/phone-based software. Color accuracy was reasonable for a camera in this price range.
In short I was satisfied but not "wowed" by this camera. For the price it's a decent camera that's reasonably easy to use to obtain competent results.

Doesn't work as advertised. Gives a 403 error when trying to connect to Dropbox. Spent a lot of time with "Ricky" on their Live Support Chat line but he was less than helpful (remove the battery, try again, remove the memory card, try again, etc.). At the end, there is no fix that he could offer for this. I tried updating the firmware to 1.85, resetting, etc. Still doesn't work and they not only offered no fix but claim that this isn't a reported problem (it's a question to them on their website, just google WB35F Dropbox 403).

Don't buy this if you want it to work with Dropbox.

I hope I did not short this one star, anyway I was looking for an easy point and shoot camera with WIFI so I could post pictures directly to social media like I do with my cell phone. I hate reading instruction manuals and when the camera arrived I knew I was in trouble when I looked at the quick start guide which is a small booklet but is 21 pages long!! Quick start!! You have to go on line to see and down load the user manual which is 130+ pages!! This camera does some amazing things from what I read, but I would not remember many of the things I can do without referring to the manual which I am not going to download and print to carry around with me. I did learn how to post pictures on line and even transfer pictures from the camera to my phone or was it from my phone to the camera!!!! It does take very nice pictures so maybe I should have given it 5 stars, but with all the instructions it makes my head spin, and I know next month I will have forgotten hot to post from the camera to the internet and will have to consult the manual again. Maybe I will have my 10 year old granddaughter show me how to use it.

I love this Camera. It's very small, but has a great zoom and takes really nice pictures. It has a lot of options built in so you can edit your photos right on the Camera, or use any of the various settings when taking pictures, and post to the web with the built in WiFi. I don't have a smart phone, so this was a fantastic alternative for pictures without the monthly fee of a phone.

I just got this camera from amazon during their sale for a great price.. I got a canon ixus 145 from sanpdeal before this and was highly disappointed with the quality of that camera and so returned it.. I had low expectations and I finally went for this camera.. When I got it, I did not expect much from a camera at this price range.. But to my surprise, the modes and the settings and the entire set of features, easy transfer and the zoom.. I mean gosh what more can you ask for in a point and shoot camera.. Then I realised this is a smart cam.. Amazing, just spectacular at this price point..
Going a lil deep, the worst pictures come out in the auto mode.. If one knows how to do the perfect settings for a perticular kinda lighting and scene, then this is the best point and shoot camera you can have.. Samsung is known to provide zillion options in the editing category as well.. So if you know how to manage stuff with this thing, u definitely won't be disappointed..

I loved this product and would surely recommend it.. Just don't click in auto mode, even zoom will blurr then.. Do the settings and it can't get better.. Zooming in with absolutely no blurr and awesome picture quality..

Listed as new but box was opened. Lots of noise in low light, slow shutter.

About 10 weeks after we got it, after a day of heavy use with the battery drained, the lens was stuck open, unable to take pictures, requiring maintenance at a Samsung facility.

Amzon service is very good. But this product is not up to tje mark. Picture quality is not at all good. Please see this product pysically before buying otherwise u have to return dis product after buying. For the service which i have a got from amzon for that m giving 3 star.

hi everyone......first of all good services by amazon.......but the product is just satisfactory....picture quality is not good when taken in night all is ok

Nice camera for the prize.Good clarity and zooming.Even 12x zoom works perfectly.Nice to have NFC and WIFI Features.A Big advance is it supports Micro SD card.The build material nice.Good for day today common use. Nice to know that Samsung provide software update for even cameras.