Olympus TG-870 Tough Waterproof Digital Camera (Black)


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  • Waterproof to 50 feet (15 meters), Shockproof to 7 feet (2.1 meters), Crushproof to 220 pounds force, Freeze proof to 14 degrees F (-10C)
  • 21mm Ultra-Wide Angle Lens, 5X optical zoom
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS (oI Share & OI Track), Eye-Fi Card Compatible
  • Super Macro mode
  • 13 Art filters plus Live Composite



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The new TG-870 is a camera you'll want to have along for every adventure. It is built to withstand harsh weather and rough treatment, while its powerful mix of image processing power, creative flexibility, and up-to-the-minute connectivity - with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS - make this camera the perfect choice for capturing action-packed photos and videos. Wherever you take the TG-870, share-worthy shots are sure to follow.

Product information Color:Black Product Dimensions 4.4 x 1.1 x 2.5 inches Item Weight 7.8 ounces ASIN B01950SVFQ Item model number V104200BU000 Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

The TG 870 looks great and feels comfortable holding right handed. The TG 870 also takes great photos and video for a camera with a 1 2.3" sensor. The new 900,000 resolution flip up screen makes it easy to get low angle shots and the images look great while reviewing photos and video. This camera is suited to anyone looking for a action type camera, it delivers quality images in a tough compact package. It's nice to setup this camera on a Gorilla Pod and not have to worry about rain, or if the dogs crash into it, or whatever. I've tried every tough camera on the market and none of them are perfect, for what it's worth, the TG 870 is my favorite

This website compresses the video. The actual HD video looks amazing.

I pre ordered the camera in January before a planed trip to Maui, I wanted a camera that was water proof and count take HD video,we used it snorlking, hiking,indoors and outdoors I'm very happy I spent quite some time going over all the settings so to know what to use indoors outdoors and underwater,for the price I think it's a very good action tough camera, the flip up LCD screen is great for selfies you can see exactualy what your framing in the shot

We had some issues from the start. It was nice that I was able to connect it to wifi and the app on my phone. Within a few months, it wouldn't take a picture, but it was intermittent... then, these bright pink lines were making the picture crazy... long story short, we sent it in for repair (they would not pay for the shipping, even though they confirmed that it was an internal error by my description.) It has been approved for warranty and is on it's way back. The warranty /repair process wasn't easy. I filled out the information online and then never received email updates about what to do, where to send it, etc..... I also never received anything about the progress of the repair. I don't ask much, but they should be bending over backwards to make sure the consumer is happy and satisfied. Now, a few months later and the shutter is broken. It will cost $96 to repair it.

I was looking for a reasonably priced camera to take underwater pictures. It camera was a very good choice. I took fantastic pictures. It was a little hard to figure out, but once I did, it was great. the colors is very lifelike and the pictures are very sharp. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to take great pictures and video.

This is a work tool for me. I've used it every day, all day, for nearly a year. Wireless dump to computer - perfect and quite handy. Photo quality seems great, at least for what I need. Tough as a camera could be, I guess. ...and I've dropped a lot of cameras over the years.

All the little figety settings are surprisingly useful - once you sorta figure out which ones serve best for certain conditions. The strap is heavy duty, fastens to a beefy bracket that is screwed down to the camera frame with two big screws - it's secure for sure. If you want to fasten the thing to your belt loop w/a carabineer clip so you won't drop it twice a day, it'll work well.

The display screen it easily visible in most all but the brightest, direct sunlight. The really cool thing that I LOVE about this camera is the display can be adjusted to any angle you need it to be. This will help to avoid those direct-light situations. Also, you can hold the camera at any height need to get the proper shot and still see the display easily. ...makes grabbing a series of photos of a subject quick and easy.

Only complaint is that sometimes, it's slow to get itself collected, setup and grab the shot. This happens when light conditions change - I suppose it would be understandable, but it can be annoying if your in a hurry. Now, in all fairness, once it gets organized and ready for the changed conditions, it's pretty quick again.

Great photos. Waterproof and durable. I was a bit surprised at how heavy the camera is. I guess that is the 'tough' case. That may be an issue if you want to lug it around the ski slopes.
Don't take out the warranty. I's not covered by Amazon but a third party called Warrantech. The registration process is nightmare. I thought I was all signed up but they send you and a goose chase of e-mails and web sites with links that don't work. I still have not managed to register the warranty.

This camera takes the best pictures I have seen in a waterproof point & shoot. I have had 4 cameras before this from different makes and this is by far better. However, on its first snorkel trip it leaked through the lens and became inoperable within hours. Thankfully the warranty program at Olympus was easy and I got a new camera. Just too bad it was a big damper on my trip. I love the flip display for taking selfies! The Wifi is such a good feature too since everyone wants pictures on their phones immediately.

I took this camera to Thailand and Cambodia among other local, U.S. locations. It managed not to get ruined in the high humidity that zapped my last camera in Cozumel. My only complaint would be, for this price, I would expect a higher zoom. My last camera that cost less than half of this one had about twice the zoom capability and I miss that feature. Overall, I'm happy enough with it. It appears durable. I have not tried the waterproof feature yet because the directions say you have to soak it in a bucket of clear water for a period of time after use in salt water...and that just isn't really practical when traveling. If anybody else has used it in salt water, comment and let me know how that works for you. It's a smidge heavy to have around my neck, but when I travel, if the camera isn't right there...I won't take photos. Too much hassle to get it out of my pack, out of the case, take a picture and put it away. I took over 1000 photos with it on my November Asia trip.

Dropped it down a 30ft vessel at work. Couldn't find a scratch or dent on it and still runs perfect.

Definitely lives up to the "tough" name.

I solely bought this camera because it claims to be waterproof. I took this camera on vacation it got wet in a pool and died. I had it replaced, took it on vacation again, it got wet in shallow water and died. I would never trust this camera or any Olympus product. Stick to canon, casio, nikon etc. When your camera goes dead mid vacation, on numerous occasions, you miss out on capturing the memories you bought the camera for. I'm so sad I'll never get those opportunities again. I think Olympus is aware of the consistent flaws and just leaves the camera on the market

La adquirí porque iría de vacaciones a la playa y tenía la intención de tomar buenas fotos tanto fuera como dentro del agua.
Es una muy buena cámara y toma muy buen video.
No puedo decir que haya obtenido las mejores fotos (seguramente por mi falta de conocimiento respecto óptimo manejo de la misma cámara) pero a pesar de esto, cumplió al 100 con mis expectativas. Muy buenas fotos, muy buenos videos, muy buen audio en los mismos y muy fácil de manejar.
El poder levantar la pantalla y el boton en el frente, hacen muy fácil tomar muy buenas selfies.

Bought the tg870. Got it wet at the beach and now screen no longer works. Warranty won’t cover it because it’s just over a year old. Absolute scrap. Don’t be fooled these cameras are not tough. $380 wasted.

Looks great