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  • 【Mini Digital Camera】18 Mega pixels CMOS sensor,support image capture and video shooting.The image format is JPEG,the video format is AVI.2.7 Inch LCD display and 8X digital zoom.This is a cost-effective entry-level ordinary camera,easy to operate,good for newbie/students/family,and good as a gift.
  • 【Pocket Cameras Digital with Zoom】8X digital zoom enlarges your picture,you can take the expected photos according to the actual scene.Multifunction: Anti-Shake,Face Detection,Smile Capture,Continue Shot,Self-timer etc.
  • 【Compact Cameras for Photography】Compact small size 90*60*18mm, only Weight 150g,easy to carry around.Pho Tags Express software for managing and enhanceing your photos,printing,sending photos by e-mails and much more.
  • 【HD Digital Camera for Backpacking】Lanyard and pocket for portability, convenient for you to travel abroad.High-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, reduce charging time.SD memory card slot,support MAX 32G SD card(Not included),can shoot many high-definition photos and videos without worrying about insufficient memory.USB 2.0 interface,share images or videos to your social media.
  • 【Digital Zoom Camera with Flash Light】Internal microphone and speaker (record sound videos),it support hot shoe interface so you can open flash light according to scene needs,excellent performance in low light conditions.Suggest to open the flash when you use this indoor.


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* Perfect gift for student,friends,family...
It's lightweight and compact,easy to use,great for beginners and can be used to shoot landscape,portrait,for vlogging.

* How to format the SD Card?
Contact"Seller Customer Service Team",we will tell you how to do it as soon as possible!

* The product package does not contain an SD Card,you need to buy an SD card before you start shooting.
Support MAX 32GB SD Card( Not Included).

Product Specifications:
* LCD Display: 2.7" TFT LCD
* Image Sensor: CMOS Sensor
* File Format: JPEG/AVI
* Video Resolution: 1280*720 HD, 640*480 VGA, 320*240 QVGA
* Digital Zoom: 8X digital zoom
* Anti-shake: Support
* Face detection: Support
* Smile Capture: Support
* Continue Shot: Support
* External Memory: SD card(up to 32GB)
* Exposure: EV-3---EV+3
* White Balance: Auto/Daylight/Cloudy/Incandescent/Fluorescent
* Sence: Auto/Night Portrait/Night Scenery/Portrait/Scenery/Sport/Party/Beach/High sensitivity
* ISO: Auto/100/200/400
* Self-timer: Off/2s/5s/10s
* Flash: Auto/Force/Off/Red-eye reduction
* Interface: USB 2.0
* System Requirement: Windows XP/VISTA/7/MAC
* Battery: Li-ion Battery
* Working Temperature: 0-40℃

Package Include:
1 x Digital camera
1 x USB cable
1 x Portable pocket
1 x Hand Strap
1 x Driver Disk
1 x User's manual

Product information Size:M Package Dimensions 4.3 x 3.5 x 3.2 inches Item Weight 2.55 pounds ASIN B08NJQ4ZXC

I got my Black Rapid RS-7 today and I absolutely love it!! It's definitely a world of difference from the OEM Canon strap. I have to admit that it is a little daunting to have several thousand dollars worth of equipment just dangling from your side, but a little vigilance with insuring that the strap is screwed on tight and I think that those worries are alleviated. I think as always I will just have to keep my hand on the hand strap that I have attached to my 5DMK2 and I'll be OK. Great strap though and will buy another one for my back up soon.

UPDATE 6-9-2013: So I've had the Black Rapid RS-7 now for about a month. Yesterday, while I was taking a break from shooting a wedding, one of the videographers approached me about the Black Rapid strap. He told me that he had the same exact setup and proceeded to show me his RS-7. He advised that there have been complaints regarding the carabiner falling off the oval metal ring that houses it and showed me how he modified his in order to prevent a catastrophic drop with his equipment. Basically what he did was take two 4 in cable ties and secured the carabiner on each side. Then he took an 8 inch cable tie and created a loop in the oval ring, from there he attached an S clip from the cable tie to the Black Rapid carabiner. He also attached to 8 inch cable ties to the clip lock that holds the Black Rapid Strap together preventing that from accidentally unhinging. Like myself, he also had several thousand dollars worth of gear normally hanging from the Black Rapid so he wanted the added security. Well as soon as I got home last night, I pretty much mimicked his setup. Took cable ties and secured the plastic clip that closes and opens the RS-7, then took two cable ties and secured the carabiner to the oval ring. Finally, I used a cable tie to make a loop in the oval ring and attached a Nite Ize S clip to the loop and the carabiner. This way if God forbid the oval ring ever failed and released the carabiner, two cable ties and the s-clip attached to another cable tie will serve as a fail safe.

I know it sounds a little extreme, but I would rather have these fail safes attached than seeing my gear smash to the ground. The modifications themselves do not interfere with the RS-7's functionality, except that I can't unbuckle the strap anymore because I zip tied them shut, but I never did that anyway as I always just put the RS-7 on over my head which is probably what 95% of Black Rapid owners do. I want to say that I am in no way saying that the RS-7 is a bad product, because I love my Black Rapid, but like I said before, with several thousand dollars hanging around my waist, I would rather be safe than very sorry down the road.

I added the pics of my modification on the site...check them out and see if it helps. I would also like to hear from Black Rapid regarding the few cases of failures that I have verified occured with the Black Rapid RS-7.

My all-time favorite camera strap.

I do a lot of shooting and visit a number of camera forums. From time to time I hear people complain that their camera and/or lens is "too heavy". Some users search for lighter lenses (which are usually lower quality entry-level lenses) and their image quality suffers because they are trying to save on weight.

Low focal ratio zooms tend to be the very best but low focal ratio requires a much larger diameter of glass, that creates optical dispersion problems which requires additional optical elements to correct for image quality and by the time the lens maker is done producing a top-notch lens the thing weighs quite a bit. Deal with it... that's the reality of buying high-end glass.

BUT... what I really find is the issue is the extremely uncomfortable factory neck-strap. I suffered through the factory strap (no, I don't care if nobody else can spot that I carry a Canon or Nikon camera from a 100 yards away based on neck-strap colors and logos) for quite a while before discovering the luxury of own a sling-type strap.

The Black Rapid strap attaches to the tripod bolt socket and the camera hangs (upside down) from that attachment point. When you want to shoot, grab the camera and it slides up the sling strap to your eye-level. It's VERY comfortable.

I carry a Canon 5D III body (metal full-frame body) with a battery grip and the lens on my camera 90% of the time is a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS -- so all this weighs quite a bit. But I find that I can walk around with that camera all day long and it's not uncomfortable (the factory neck-strap annoyed me after the first 10 minutes.)

One little nit... if you use a tripod (and I do) then the strap is occupying the tripod bolt socket on the base of the camera. This means you have to unscrew the bolt for the Black Rapid strap and then screw on your tripod's "quick release" plate so you can attach the camera to the tripod. But if you have to unbolt and rebolt the camera strap every time you go from strap to tripod and back there's nothing "quick" about a "quick release" system.

Fortunately Black Rapid came out with an adapter (it's not cheap) called the Arcatech Swift Clamp (see: ) If your tripod uses Arca-Swiss type dovetail plates (all of mine do) then you can leave the plate on your cameras and just pop from one to the other. The Arcatech clamp replaces the tripod bolt on the strap and allows you to clamp directly to your quick-release plate.

This is a review for the Black Rapid RS-7.

I've purchased this just under a year now, in September '15, and I have to say this is one of the best purchases I've ever done regarding camera equipment.
I'll skim through the actual functionality of it, I'll just say it plain and simple that it works, it does its job properly and it streamlines my shooting by a lot. It makes it very quick to just pull up the camera and shoot, and it's a relief for your fingers and arm muscles to be able to let go that grip and weight respectively. Sure, it certainly is still a weight on your shoulder with a camera + flash + battery grip, but trust be you'll be glad to be able to give your arm and griping fingers some rest.

Now, for the actual important stuff that made buy this ridiculously expensive piece, because there's no other way to describe it.

Simply put, I've never had any problems with it almost a year into it.
While I was reading up reviews for this and other cheaper brands I realized that, at the time the, cheaper brands had enough horror stories to scare me away, about cameras getting loose and smashing on concrete, pavement, tarmac or otherwise solid surfaces. The Black Rapid gowever had only one, so I took the plunge. Best decision I've made.

I've never found in all this time the camera loosening up, at all. If you tighten the thing properly to your camera like a real bearded beef eating man, I'm sure you'll be fine.

I reckon the only horror story I read here of some guy's camera breaking loose was because of one thing: He didn't tightened it properly.
I swear, whenever I'm working with it, I check the grip 3 or 4 times a day, and every time I do it the thing just won't go any tighter, because it doesn't go loose in the first place. The grip is just fantastic.

The strap fabric is also quite solid and well knitted(?) Together, it hasn't even begin to wear out yet, and it feels quite confortable (within reason, you do have a heavy camera hanging) and I just keep the camera to the side of my right leg, easy to pull up if need be suddenly.

It's truly a wonderful piece of kit, just as valuable as any other piece that you find yourself taking with you every time due to being essential. Well, I find this strap essential now. Trust me, learn from the mistakes of others and not your mistakes on this occasion, don't go for the cheap ones, get a black rapid, any black rapid. You're paying premium, but you're stupidly expensive gear is in good hands.

Really Simple Camera to use.
Zoom and Flash very good.
Picture quality amazing and much better than most phones.
Battery life is excellent, there's plenty of storage using an SD Card.
The instructions and camera menus are simple to follow.
It comes with software but I generally just use the plug and play aspect when connecting to a computer.
It comes with a fabric case, hand strap and USB cable.
This camera is tiny and light and easy to carry around.
When I'm not using it I'll be keeping it in my car's glovebox as it's always handy in case of any accidents to be able to get photographic evidence.

Purchased in May 2014.
If only I could give this Black Rapid RS-7 Camera Strap a 3.5 rating.

If all you do with your camera is get it out of a bag and shoot with it this is perfect, the downside is when you start to use it for a longer basis, all day walking and shooting for example. The RS-7 is again very capable with a comfortable and adjustable strap that fits well (I am 6ft) enabling a much easier day than using the camera's included strap. The strap does slide a little on the shoulder whatever I am wearing, this is probably due to the heavy kit it is carrying more than a fault with the strap and pad itself. I have not used it with a lighter load.
Usage you must wear the strap over the left shoulder anything else and it does not work at all. The camera then sits just below my waistband and again this height can be adjusted. I fit the included FastenR to the tripod mount on the lens although it can also fit on the body tripod mount of the camera, experiment for the best balance on your camera. I want the camera to remain in a horizontal position hence the tripod mount point. When you are comfortable with the position of the mount put the strap over your left shoulder and ensure it has the logo is closer to your nipple than the shoulder (in terms of height) The camera should fall into a horizontal position by your right hand at rest. This is the most comfortable position for me and allows me to restrict swing with my hand resting on the camera when needed.

So all sounds great why should it be marked lower? Little niggles which only arise after purchase.
If you are carrying a heavy camera and lens the FastenR physically clicks as the two metals rub together this is transferred along the strap making it an noisy annoyance. Black Rapid do offer the Stealth FasternR which is covered in vinyl for this purpose. The buckle on the RS-7 and other RS Straps are easily squeezable and for security sake they sell a buckle cover called Buck this prevents the strap being opened whilst it is being worn. Finally whilst the FastnenR is secure if screwed in tightly iit only holds one part of the system being carried. In my case the lens via the tripod mount. I have lost the body due to the Canon lens being released whilst walking! Not great when a 5diii falls off at Glastonbury of course the EF 70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM was still swinging safely. I changed to the body mount for the rest of my time at the festival. The body had minor damage. RS do sell a Tether kit which allows you to retain the tripod mount and fix the body to that mount in case it happens again. It also allows you to loop over a belt if needed. Purchased on return.

So the strap is great but the need for extras should be factored in with your purchase.

Like many photographers, I find the standard camera strap annoying, the way it pulls on my neck and allows the camera to bounce around on my belly when walking. I researched the other options and afer reading many reviews and watching umpteen Youtube videos, I plumped for this strap. I think it's considerably overpriced but I kind of knew that before I bought it. The design is simple but exactly what I wanted. The quality is first class both in materials and construction. The stud that screws into the tripod hole on the camera is sturdy and well finished. The clip that attaches the stud to the strap is strong and I feel confident it will take the strain of a large SLR safely. It has a security feature to prevent it becoming accidentally unclipped, as with a climbing caribiner. The padding and width of the shoulder strap section spread the weight of the camera confortably across the shoulder and there is plenty of adjustment.
I used it today for the first time with my Nikon D300 and 18-200mm zoom which together weigh 3.6 pounds (about 1.6 kg). The camera hung comfortably at my hip, ready for immediate use and while walking it didn't swing about much, certainly less than I expected. After 2 hours, it was still very comfortable. It's easy to steady the camera with a light touch if needed. Long lenses will need to be protected in busy or cramped areas to avoid knocking, especially if you've a lens hood attached.
Overall, this is vastly superior to carrying a camera around my neck and if anything it's a bit easier and quicker to shoot with as the camera glides up to the eye simply.
If the price was about half to two thirds, I'd have given 5 stars. As it is, it's the best camera strap I've seen, but perhaps unnecessarily out of reach of some on a tight budget.

 Simple cheap digital camera. Can't really fault it for less than 30 quid. I've no use for a camera at all but it's my nieces 10 year Birthday next month & at the minute she wants to be a photographer so it'll make a nice little gift for her to play with without being constantly worried about breaking it! If she's still into it in a couple of years then we'd get her a decent one but for a cheap beginner camera, it's spot on.