Pentax KP 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof DSLR with 3" LCD, Black


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  • 24.3 effective Megapixel APS C AA filter less CMOS sensor with Iso 819200 and pixel shift resolution
  • 5 Axis shake reduction system
  • Pixel shift resolution technology; Uses shake reduction to move the image sensor in single pixel increments, to capture 4 images that are combined into a single, Hi Res image
  • A vertical tilt LCD monitor that facilitates high and low angle shooting
  • Dustproof, weather resistant, -10 Degree built in Wi Fi



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Color:Black  |  Style:Camera

Pentax KP 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof DSLR with 3" LCD, Black

Product information Color:Black  |  Style:Camera Product Dimensions 5.18 x 2.99 x 3.97 inches Item Weight 1.5 pounds ASIN B01N5RH90B Item model number KP Black Body Batteries 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Update April 4, 2020 Yes I continue to use my KP constantly. You will notice underwater pics I added. Yes the KP has gone diving in a housing in Hawaii on two separate trips. Have done more birding with KP as well and like using it with my DFA150-450 giving me an effective 275-688mm KP has been operating in 4 degs in Michigan during winter outings and heat and humidity of Hawaii.

Update Feb 2018 - Added a couple shots of a scrub jay and black squirrel in thicket. Scrub jay was cropped to 60% or original. Squirrel in thicket was cropped an amazing 80% and still looks this good at iso 640

Update November 24 2017. My business travel takes me many places across 2017 and the KP has been flawless. I have added a few shots from Iceland , France and Poland and some HDR images. This is the most versatile camera I have ever had and my 5 star recommendation stands maybe it should even get a 6th star. Is it durable yes. In Iceland I got confused with to many things to carry and I dropped it to the floor a couple feet. No damage or issues.

Update May 3rd. Since I wrote the below late March, I have had more time with the KP and I also added the DBG-7 vertical grip. Adding the grip has made this the most comfortable camera to hold vertically, of all the Pentax cameras. The dial placement is perfect. Pentax D-BG7 Battery Grip for KP I would highly recommend it. The camera continues to perform flawlessly. The Depth of Field Bracketing is an exceptional feature for macro work One ease of use feature that has been of great value has been the "info" display selections. I rarely have to go into the menu anymore to change things. I included a floral picture below shot at ISO 65,000 in "Radiant" setting. It is intriguing and the high ISO may allow for some unique creativity. Love the HDR abilities of this camera.

I am a true Pentaxian, having bought the following D series Pentax bodies; ist D, K10, K20, K7, K5 (bought secondhand) , K5iis, K3ii and now the KP. Why the KP. Well my 1 year old K3ii was stolen during a business trip 4 weeks ago and I really enjoyed that camera. The KP just came out and I am glad I now own the KP. Great features. Built in Wifi that that works well with the iPhone Ricoh app. The deployable screen (now you get real low shots without laying in the mud) and the new knobs; I was a bit wary, but within a day I realized the easy utility of the additional top knob and I do not miss the LCD screen that has been their prior. Easy things that I have done now include HDR images and Pixel shift. I do not miss the K3ii' GPS as I rarely ever used it and its nice to again have a pop up flash. Regarding SD card. My backup body is now my 4 year old K5iis and I got along fine with just one SD card, but I did enjoy the K3iis ability to have 2 slots and put RAWs on one card and Jpegs on the other. Ergonomically, I have big hands and am using the largest provided grip with the KP. I have vertical grips on all my Pentax' and I will add that for the KP as soon as it is available as it will improve the hold. One item that I used routinely in my other K's was the DOFP (Depth of field preview) which was on the on /off dial. Not so on the KP. You need to use one of the 3 customization FX buttons. I have replaced the RAW button as my DOFP button. That works very well for macro .As for improved ISO Here is reality. This camera allows you to shoot at ISO 25,600 at a noise and resolution quality I had at ISO 4000 w my K5iis. THE IMAGE QUALITY is SUPERB. This camera is at least 2 full ISO stops better than the K3ii and 3 full ISO stops better than the K5iis. Last usability point. The KP autofocus is superior to the K3ii. I tracked a dog today at full gallop and every shot in a sequence was dead on sharp. Never used to happen with K5iis or K3ii. I think the KP is a better action camera even down one FPS from the K-3ii. Here are my only notes that you should know that are not negatives just reality. Regarding the ISO 819,000 buzz. It is useless or maybe only for a grainy artistic style B&W. Those of us you were used to the battery horsepower of the larger D-LI90 of the earlier K5, K3 will see that the D-LI109 battery in the KP is half the life. Buy an additional battery right away. All the images attached were taken by me and were shot with either Tamron 90mm F2.8 macro, Pentax 300mm F4 Tamron 70-200 F2.8, Tamron 17-50

Reviews are very subjective, and what may be important to some are inconsequential to others, so I will only comment on what makes this camera a five star item to me: fantastic photos; durability; ease of use; fairly priced; nice size. I have used other brand cameras so do have a base of comparison. Pentax is constantly criticized for its AF system, but I find the KP is more than acceptable and very accurate, especially with the newer DC and PLM motorized lenses. I like to take my time when photographing and never do rapid frame shooting, so speed is of no interest to me. No 4K video? I don't care. Poor ergonomics and/or grip? I don't use cameras one-handed so its form factor suits me just fine. Pricey? Have you noticed the prices on new cameras from other brands in the same category? This is not a beginner model. Poor battery life? It may not last as long as older dslrs like my K-5, but it lasts longer than many popular mirrorless cameras. I know, because I have a few of them, too. To be fair, I like my Fuji too, but I like the KP more. I take a lot of indoor photos in very dim light lighting without flash, and of the cameras I own, the KP has the best high ISO quality. I must mention the SR on this camera is a definite advantage over non-stabilized systems. It's too bad that Pentax doesn't get more marketing attention. They make fine cameras, not just electronic gadgets.

Picture quality has been fantastic with image stabilization that's been rock solid. Loving the 3 wheel control - so nice to have one wheel be for iso, another wheel for shutter speed, and another for aperture - the exposure triangle is so much easier to optimize. This has a large optical viewfinder, which I prefer - things in a computer screen often look a bit different than the real world so that's why I don't like electronic viewfinders as much.

I bought this to be a lighter weight and smaller camera and it fits the bill. I'm actually surprised at how light and small this thing is! Looking forward to seeing how the weight savings impact my hikes and travel.

Autofocus has been great, the dynamic range of this 24 megapixel Sony sensor is amazing - I can lift exposure 2.5 stops without concern of too much noise. This pre-ceremony shot was taken at 100mm, iso200, 1/160th, f3.5 - since it was backlit, I lifted exposure in lightroom 2.3 stops and the detail is still fantastic.

Get a couple extra batteries, especially if you like to use live view a lot. With the tilting screen, I find myself using live view much more often when holding the camera at very low or high angles (another reason why 5 axis stabilization is so important - these ways of holding the camera are much less stable than the typical way). Live view AF is actually pretty fast and very accurate.

One thing that I didn't know about - if you shoot in RAW+ and you set the camera to a black and white mode (or any other digital filter mode like cross process etc), the camera will capture a jpg using the digital filter settings and the RAW will stay the same as if you weren't using any digital filters! Love this...

Very glad I bought this camera and looking forward to creating some great images.

Since Pentax hasn't come out with a Replacement yet for the Flagship K-3II this KP is it !
Your giving up 2 card slots for 1 , No IR port at all , smaller battery , No GPS , Slightly smaller screen.
However you are gaining better 5 axis SR , Semi-Articulating screen , on board Flash, much lighter weight , and slightly improved Resolution , all in a much smaller package.
The KP is a very capable package. I know because I sold my well used K-3II and upgraded to this KP. I have 2 of them now and love them !

First of all, you really have to know what you want to shoot before you buy any camera. Consider size, lens selection, video/image quality, etc. I've had the KP for a couple of months and here are my observations and why I think it deserves 5 stars:
1. Pentax KP is not a light camera even though its relatively small size. It's heavier than most other brands in it's class, BUT it's waterproof and built better than similarly priced Canon/Nikon cameras. This is the tricky part: some Pentax lenses are so small when you still get a lighter/smaller package compared to the others. Just look at the Pentax 77mm 1.8 and how it compares to similar lenses.
2. Easy of use/overall interface: This is where the camera really shines for me. It is loaded with options to make it do exactly what you want it to do. It has 3 dials, one of which is pretty customizable. The UI is smooth and easy to access. It also has options like the TV/AV combo which I have not seen in other cameras. There is also the option to have higher shutter speed in lower light scenarios. I've used Sony prior to this and their interface is just horrendous. The camera also has a whole bunch of buttons you can customize for different shortcuts. Call me old fashioned but I love cameras with dials and buttons. Not a fan of touch screen interface other than focusing.
3. Lenses: This camera comes with none so you have to pick your own. You have options to buy weather sealed Pentax lenses. I got a Tamron 17-50 2.8 which is also stabilized thanks to the IBIS in the camera(oh yeah, good luck finding stabilized camera for a similar price). The lens is really sharp and produces vivid colours. Sadly there are not many third party options and some companies are pulling away from Pentax. As of this moment I think only Tamron/Sigma still make K mount lenses. There are of course so many older lenses you can find for pennies on ebay but they are manual focus so you have to live with that.
4. More lenses: One thing that really makes pentax stand out from the crowd are their "limited" line of lenses. They are all extremely small and light. You have lenses ranging from 15mm to 77mm. No one else except Fuji maybe has anything like this but but also look at their prices.
5. Low light shooting: the camera can go as high as ISO 800000. It's not exactly usable at that value but it can produce really usable images at ISO 6400 which is really impressive in my books.
6. Looks: might not be anyone's cup of tea but I love the retro look and silver colour.
7. Flaws: This camera is far from perfect so better be aware of its limits. Video is the first thing that comes to mind. The KP is not meant for videos. Focusing is not fast enough(not as fast as Canons for sure) and it shoots only 1080p. If you're looking for a vide shooter better look somewhere else. Second, the battery is rather small. Better carry an extra or two. It's a pity considering it's also a heavy camera. Third, lens options from third parties. Currently there are really good lenses being made but seems support for pentax is really limited. Fourth, focusing lacks compared to rivals. 27AF points is good enough for me but might not be for many others.

Conclusion: to summarize, if you want a reliable, capable and versatile PICTURE camera with options usually found in cameras costing much more, look no further. It is not a perfect camera but for what I need it serves me perfectly well.

I was thinking of writing a long review, extolling the virtues of this camera. However, the review by Stan C. pretty much says it all (well written, Stan!)
To be brief, here are some features you get with this camera, all for WELL under the price of the competition:
1. Compatibility with ALL Pentax K-mount lenses (Including film lenses)
2. Superior ISO range
3. Eight (eight!) user customizable (is that a word?) function modes. Set these for your most used settings, and never go into menu again...well, hardly ever..
4. Advanced in body shake reduction. This means you don't have to spend additional hundreds of dollars to get a lens with built in SR (up to 5 stops difference)
5. P setting. I think this might be a Pentax exclusive (eat you hearts out Canon and Nikon) Set your camera to P, and you can adjust either Tv or Av, and ISO and whatever value you didn't use will automatically adjust. Much better than Auto, and a good compromise for M.
6. Multi exposure setting. A good substitute for graduated filters, in certain conditions (like water movement).
7. Weatherproof body. Again, for the price, no other competitor comes close.
8. OK. This is going on too long, 'nuff said.

I bought this to upgrade myself from my K-30, which I was very happy with (until it developed the infamous K-30 aperture block problem). But I'm also very glad I upgraded to this KP, even while my K-30 was still fully functional. The KP has worked perfectly for me so far, and its image quality is stunning! I appreciate many of the little touches that make this a more pro-level upgrade from the more entry-level K-30, such as the KP's tilting screen and its third wheel. I have that wheel set to ISO, as I suspect most KP owners do. So all three values of the Exposure Triangle are on easily-accessible wheels when shooting full manual, as I usually do these days.
One interesting finding: people worry about the battery life of this camera, but I've found that the ordinary D-Li109 batteries have been working fine for me. I keep a couple of fully-charged spares when I do a shoot, but almost never use them. I have noticed that the battery-charge indicator drops alarmingly fast at first, but I've found that it's misleading; I still get all the shots I need from one battery, almost every time. I've also noticed that if I shut the camera down and let it 'rest' for a few minutes, the battery-charge indicator will pop back up to almost fully charged when I turn the camera back on. So now I mostly ignore that indicator, and it's been totally fine for the way I use this camera.
I'm really happy with this shiny-silver KP!

I was looking for compact Pentax body to replace my Pentax k-30. Since Pentax still don’t have mirrorless systems, this was my choice. And I’m totally satisfied. It’s quite fast and sensor is very sensitive. Plus metal body and compact size, which doing this model very reliable. Wifi support and possibility to use external gps for night stars shots.

Stunning image quality, ergonomic control layout, intuitive menu system, solid, compact and rugged build, speedy, responsive, with the beautiful Pentax colours. Nothing bad to say. Pair it with one of the amazing Pentax Limited primes and your photos will shine.

I have been using Pentax cameras since the 1980's. In transistion to each new offering, it just gets better. The camera is well built, solid, all lenses still fit... It is the perfect camera for my needs... from macro images to astrophotos.

Muchas ventajas por todos conceptos, siendo la mejor de todas las Pentax, y compitiendo en algún sentido con la K1. Cuerpo sólido, bien sellado, altas prestaciones de enfoque, gran definición a ISO alto, sin problemas a 6400. Marca poco conocida en México y AL, pero compitiendo en ocasiones con las mejores del mundo y a menores precios. También cuenta con excelente óptica. Un hallazgo definitivo.

Great compact DSLR. Great upgrade from my KR. Packed with features the kp still represents good value for money. If you already have the matching glass it's a good pick.

With 18-35 Sigma. Just fantastic

great product. definitely a a great system to use. Just remember that you also need lenses.

Easy to use, very good image quality. The best APS-C camera from Pentax.

Great camera


Excellent Product

Does not fit as nicely in my hands as my Pentax K200D did. Shutter button not in natural position. There is no “scene” selection but the camera settings can compensate. Better have a good memory on how to set camera when not on auto mode.