Gosky Big Type Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount for Spotting Scope Telescope Binocular Monocular, Black


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  • This is the Big Type of Go sky smartphone camera Adapter mount. It fits eyepiece outer diameter from 32mm to 62mm.
  • Get your mobile phone into video camera and image capturer in distant, tiny world. Explore the nature of the world easily through your screen.
  • Compliable with microscope, telescope, binocular, monocular, spotting scope..
  • Universal: with Super large width range: 54-90mm, fit iPhone 6plus, 6, 5S, 5, Samsung note, Sony, Sony Experian Z and many other brands.
  • You can Also order the standard type for eyepiece diameter from 28mm to 47mm. Search its name: Go sky universal cell phone Adapter mount (the best seller in telescope photo Adapter)


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Color:Big Type Smartphone adapter

Get Your Mobile Phone Into Video Camera and Image Capturer in Distant, Tiny World . Explore the nature of the world easily through your screen.

Are you still using a heavy phone adapter on your fancy eyepiece?
Are you still using a flimsy phone adapter for fear that it would slip out?
Are you bored with your complicated phone adapter, rotating the screws again and again, adjusting the position over and over?

Here comes our new generation smartphone adapter for optical devices.

Compliable with Binocular, monocular, telescope, microscope, spotting scope, night vision and most optical device. Fit eyepiece diameter 32mm-62mm.

Universal: With super large width range:54-90mm, Fit iphone 6plus, 6,5s,5, Samsung Note , Sony, Sony Xperia Z and many other brands .

Adjustable clamping force -- The phone clamping part features adjustable locking mechanism with a steel bolt (not a spring).This part can separately mounts on any standard tripod (1/4-20) .

Phone is well protected by High density EVA pads and nothing contacts your phone's screen.

Durable metal materials: Mainly made of Aluminum. Part made of high strength PA plastic. One time purchase for long-term use

Compact and Light Weight: 1.4"x3.2"x6.2"(LWH),6.2oz.

Color: Black

Note1: Please make sure that the outer diameter of the eyepiece is between 32mm-62mm.
1. There is also standard type for eyepiece outer diameter from 28mm to 47mm

Package Include:
1 X Smartphonephone adapter.

Product information Color:Big Type Smartphone adapter Product Dimensions 8 x 1.5 x 4 inches Item Weight 6.4 ounces ASIN B01D5W0WES Item model number Big Type

 I am 100% beginner sky watcher. This easily connected to my 2” lenses. I did not use a moon filter. I used an iPhone 8 Plus. Yes, the phone uses two different camera eye spots on the phone, depending upon which mode you choose, and it wasn’t difficult, at all, to align the phone.

When I saw this product, and compared it to getting a $70-$200 camera lens, it seemed like a good risk to take.

The pictures & video are from my first night using it, 8/9/2019.

 Works with my iPhone 6 very well. It took several minutes of tinkering to line up the camera to the eyepiece and get a good image. Paired it with a Wingspan 12x50mm monocular and the pics and videos I've taken have been great. See slo-mo of hummingbirds in my backyard--very cool!

It is a bit bulky and awkward, so I'm not sure how I'm going to tote this thing around with me. If I have a backpack, it will be no problem. But it won't fit in pocket.

Haven't tried it with our telescope yet, but I expect that will be equally nice. Happy with my purchase and would get again.

Very versatile. I tried it on my Celestron Ultima 80 spotting scope when target shooting. My LG G4 phone can see and photograph .223" holes (5.56 mm) at 200 yards (180 m). I'll try longer distances when I get better and have clearer weather. And I got a feature I hadn't even noticed in the description: it has a 1/4 - 20 threaded hole, so I can mount my phone on a tripod via this adapter when not using it on a 'scope.
I wish the sidewalls of the clamp were higher, though. I have a protective case on the G4, and the combination is too thick (13 mm) for the clamp to securely hold. I cheated and carved most of the cushioning out of the clamp, and it works fine now. I don't miss the padding, because the clamp is against the back of my phone case, where I'm not worried about the unlikely possibility of a scratch.
A note about this combination of Gosky clamp, G4, and spotting scope. Any vibration through such high magnification makes the image jump wildly, enough to make you seasick. I can still get some clear photos, but not every time. Lacking a heavy, sturdier tripod, I make use of the G4's voice activation. It make look strange at the rifle range, leaning over my scope and saying, "Cheese!", but that activates the phone's shutter without touching anything. No vibration! The G4's power and volume buttons are on the back, so I don't have to worry about the clamp pressing them.
Mounting is pretty simple: lay the phone face down and clamp the Gosky onto it. Arrange the eyepiece clamp to be centered over the phone's camera lens. Adjust the focus on you telescope or spotting scope. Put the Gosky over your device's eyepiece and clamp it on, then fine-adjust the position between the two clamp assemblies to get the best image on your screen. Unless your tripod is solid concrete, your phone will weigh down the back of the scope and make it point up more. Reposition it.
I had confusing results at first: good image on the screen, but the photo turned out mostly black. Turned out the camera was trying to take a flash picture inside the rubber eyepiece! Turning the flash off fixed it.
Remember that if you change the view to something nearer or farther, you'll need to refocus the scope. The camera's autofocus can't compensate for a scope that's out of focus.
UPDATE 11/9/16: The two samples here are the same photo: a full-frame version to show what my cell phone produced, but reduced to only 1.6 MP for quick uploading and viewing, and a cropped version of just the eagle, left at full resolution. The spotting scope has a very shallow depth of field, so only the bird's back and a few twigs are sharply focused. I wanted to get the eye sharpest, but I was in a hurry. The eagle was nervous about my being there beside the road, and if I took too long perfecting the shot, I might have been left with a photo of perfectly sharp, but empty branches.

I bought this mount after seeing a colleague using it for ornithology and taking near-DSLR quality pictures, so I decided to snag one and see how it works in my setup. I use a Nexus 5 mounted to a Bushnell Legend HD 10x Monocular. I've taken this setup into the field in cold, hot, rain, sleet, and snow, with the goal of photographing wildlife, and this is what I think:

There's not much to be said for this simple tool. It just works! The scope mount is tight and versatile, the phone holder is padded for grip and protection, and the sun shield is a nice touch. It's well made- sturdy enough to be banged around outdoors without loosening and messing with your phone or scope's alignment. If it's suited for field biology, it'll handle anything you throw at it.

Here are a few things of note for new owners and prospective buyers:

1. Learning Curve: If you're going to use a scope and phone for targets that might move, you'll need to learn to focus and shoot on the fly (bird pun!). That goes double for quick setup. I notched my Nexus 5's case so I could get the alignment right every time. Learning setup and figuring out how to deal with camera shake (that gets amplified the more powerful your optic is) will take practice.

2. Mileage May Vary: Your photo quality really depends on what this thing is bringing together. This mount will hold your setup steady, allowing you to work around whatever challenges your setup has. For example: my optics are great, but the Nexus 5's camera is sub-par (I miss my DSLR so much!), so I have to be picky about my focus. A phone with a better camera will clear that right up!

3. There are 2 ways to optimize your photography with a digiscoping setup. You can take the photo without zooming in on your phone, then edit. You can also zoom in so the scope outline doesn't show (not recommended for low quality cameras in most situations), then focus and take the shot

Overall, I would recommend this for just about any use you could come up with for it. I've put it through the ringer and it's held up well.

This product is awesome!! It does exactly what it is supposed to do and is made of very durable materials. I mounted my old phone to it and my telescope and took some pretty clear pics (see images). I recommend this to anyone thinking about getting it!!

Got this for my iPhone 6+ to mount to a Zeiss spotting scope. It works great and is easy to pull out of my pack, slide onto the scope and attach the phone. Plus it's lightweight. Used it all over Oregon, Idaho and Nevada this past hunting season. It works REALLY well making videos instead of pics. If I want pics I just play the video and screenshot the pics as I want them. The pics I included of the elk were a mile away on the single elk and two miles away the couple bulls on the skyline. Only regret I have is not having one all my past hunting seasons!

I tried another mount prior to this for a telescope, but a few things hampered it, most importantly the pressure on the volume buttons when clamping the phone in (Pixel 4a). The phone has volume buttons below the power button, which take up half the height of the phone, and thus getting in the way.

This item however has a hollow that perfectly fits the volume buttons, and avoids the power button as well, almost as if it was designed for the phone! This may still apply for other phones, but I'm glad I found a perfect match!

If phone has volume buttons on the opposite side to power button, they take up much less space, so probably won't get in the way regardless, so this was an awkward scenario I guess, but one that this item solves! Looking forward to a clear night to try it out now!

This accessory has allowed me to turn my iPhone4 into a capture device for my telescope, that allows me to take pics as I have submitted of the moon. It is not a simple installation process, however. It takes me about 15 minutes to line this up perfectly on the eyepiece, centering the camera and getting the distance from phone to eyepiece perfectly. I now have this set up permanently rather than taking it on and off.

this fitted my nikon 80mm scope perfect there some fine adjustments too when i phone is fitted too scope but first trip to bempton rspb reserve got videos of puffins absolutely outstanding

works ok

Great value - wouldn't expect anything more for the price. Don't fall for the plastic versions that only claim to be aluminium - they're a couple of quid cheaper but nowhere near as solid!