Celestron 93973 Skyportal Wifi Module, Black & 18778 AC Adapter (Black)


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  • Align and control your telescope wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet and Celestron’s free SkyPortal app for iOS and Android devices.
  • Tap any celestial object you see in the sky to identify it instantly. Tap again and your telescope slews to that object, centering it perfectly in the eyepiece.
  • Explore 100,000+ objects in SkyPortal’s database. While you observe, view astroimages and listen to audio descriptions for hundreds of the most popular objects including the planets, Orion Nebula, Hercules Globular Star Cluster, and more.
  • Sky Tour feature generates a list of all the best stars, galaxies and nebulae to view based on your exact time and location.
  • Power your Celestron computerized telescope from any AC wall outlet
  • 2 amp AC Adapter
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor outlets
  • Power your Celestron computerized telescope from any AC wall outlet ^2.5 amp AC Adapter ^Suitable for indoor or outdoor outlets


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Configuration:Wifi Module + AC Adapter

Celestron 93973 Skyportal Wifi Module, Black
Celestron SkyPortal Wi-Fi Module

Celestron 18778 AC Adapter (Black)
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Product information Configuration:Wifi Module + AC Adapter ASIN B07TQLY82L

I am using this device with my Celestron NexStar SLT. This is a difficult review to write. I have a significant number of complaints about this device. My iPad 2 loses contact with its WiFi signal every now and then and I have to reconnect. That's a pain, since I can't do this without first leaving the Skyportal app. Also, the direction controllers are a real pain to use. If you're centering an object by looking through the eyepiece, there is no haptic feedback to tell you when or which direction you're pressing, and if you press outside the arrow areas you may select a new object, and you may end up tracking to that and undoing all your work, which is annoying as hell. Instead, I strongly recommend using the arrow buttons on the hand controller for centering at the eyepiece and to not navigate using Skyportal, or at least only using it when you're looking at the screen. Plus, when using the app on my iPad there is often considerable lag between my interaction with the app and the screen press taking effect. This is annoying when I'm trying to highlight an object, but when it happens it basically makes the directional controls unusable.

The telescope functionality really feels bolted on to the side of Sky Safari rather than as an integral part, and it makes the whole experience clunky at best. Further, there are many aspects to the app that are bothersome. If I want to go to a specific RA and Dec, I need to look under the Settings menu. This is just poor software design. One should never look under the Setting menu of an app during regular operation. This should be reserved for, well, settings and setup. I could form a list of similar annoyances, but I don't want to take the time to do so.

Why aren't the complete Henry Draper and SAO catalogues (among others) included in the device? Why aren't all the popular double star catalogues included (like Burnham, Struve, Herschel, etc.)? Why aren't the Lynde and Barnard dark nebula catalogues included? No variable star/carbon star list? It can't be space, the app weighs in at a disgustingly bloated 253 MB on my iPad. I don't need write-ups on everything, just an RA and Dec for other catalogues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on things that bother me about this app. I haven't gone a night with it where I haven't found some good reason to curse it and its developers. Nonetheless, I don't plan to return it. Despite my objections, it is useful enough for me to keep it around. But I can't help but feel disappointed that it isn't better. Pity.

Very inconsistent. They say you can align your scope with this rubbish device. It frequently drops connection. Documentation is extremely lackluster. Perhaps I have a defective unit here, but damn. It is nice to wirelessly move the scope, but it seems to do whatever it wants. The software run on an iPad often locks up. So using the directional arrows have it spinning like top till it comes back to reality. As for convenience, sure I'll buy into it until it is put to use. Clearly the technology is not there. This will be a return, unless it manages to unscrew itself. The clock is ticking on this piece of....

Connected to my 114LCM. It was a little tricky to get it set up (especially to the wifi access point) but once it's set up, it works great. Can slew the scope, align, and more using the skyportal app. It's much easier and more fun to use the apps graphical interface to navigate the scope vs the hand control. You can still use the hand control to center objects while the skyportal is hooked up. I had to purchase a auxiliary splitter to use both at the same time. The only problem I had was updating the firmware for the hand controller via wifi. For whatever reason it bricked the hand controller with a bootloader error when I tried to update via wifi. I called Celestron and they had me do the update with a USB cable and all was well. They advised against updating via wi-fi and said the cable was the preferred method.

I have been experimenting with this for a few weeks. The primary use of this is to help automate the star alignment process, that you need to do every time using your telescope (in my case nextstar.) You do not need this to calibrate - you can do it manually. But, this, with two other accessories, in theory allows it to happen more or less automatically. The three items that you need are:

1) Skysense camera (to recognize teh stars)
2) Skysense GPS (to get lat/long positioning)
3) Skyportal Wifi (date and location.) The wifi also pulls it together so you can use your smartphone or computer to control the telescope, which is a much better experience than the handheld controller. It also allows you to update the software, which is really, really difficult to do through a wired connection with a computer.

What did I like about the wifi:
1) the smartphone interface and control is much, much better than the handheld controller. Night and day difference.
2) For cold nights, being able to stand inside, deal with the align, and search the sky, is awesome.
3) Being able to update the software and hardware via wifi is critical. It really is difficult without the wifi.

What i did not like:
1) The documentation is terrible. The instructions, when followed, actually do not work and you will need to reach out to celstron customer support (they are quite helpful). but this means you lose a night, given they are only open during the day. It is so bad and frustrating that I dinged it two stars for this. it is a constant fight to get it to connect. Easier to do it directly to your phone - almost impossible to connect it to your wifi home network.

Instant success with Sky Safari 6 Pro on my Android tablet. It arrived yesterday, and I've used it once (today). A neat device. Essential ? not all all. Is it fun ? Absolutely, yes. Value for money ? errr.. no; let's not talk about that aspect: It's a horribly expensive little piece of kit... way overpriced. I would suggest a cost of 25% would be a fair asking price. This is why I am rating it 3 stars only. Anyway, if you want a cool gadget go for it.. but you can get a decent eyepiece for the money, a barlow, or a solar filter.. unless of course you have all that. One of the advantages of using Sky Safari 6 pro is that you can look up objects that are not in the handset database (because it only has a limited amount of star catalogue names included). Sky Safari has a much larger database. If you want mainly Messier objects, then stick to the handset... it's less to worry about.

Tough review to write. It works perfectly. But I can't help thinking it's massively overpriced for what it is. I can get a state of the art USB wireless adapter for £20 and even allowing for a little extra complexity I still struggle to see how they justify the price. However that said at then end of the day I still bought it so that's on me....

Been using this for a couple of years now. It's easier to set up now an use with the celestron cpwi software. I use this wifi adapter with an avx mount, starsence alignment camera , an phd2. I normally connect it to the home wifi an have used it with windows laptops as well as an android tablet. It can be used in adhoc mode as well but as I sit in the garage on a laptop it doesn't keep the signal as well as connecting to the home wifi.
I like the wifi dongle but I do feel it is a little overpriced compared to a wifi dongle for a PC.

Part of the fun of astrology is setting up the scope for viewing. I am lucky that I have two telescope one I use with a recently aquired goto mount. It is simple to run the celestron skyscanner app on my Ipad pick a spot and of it goes.
Directional calibration can be set through the program when using the unit, I would say more accurately.
I love the ease it gives.
I still set the second scope up by hand for my camera. so I still get frozen digits.

Well, the only but I have found is that it is not currently fully compatible with Samsung Note 9. I have reported this to their support, who incidentally are very helpful.

The problem that I had was that it would not connect to the telescope in Direct mode on my Note 9. However, it did with my Galaxy S8 and Nexus 9. So I was able to set it up to work via AP mode, as in they both connect to a WiFi router.

This, if you have a smartphone or tablet, is much better than using their GPS add on, which costs more.

Usability, well, so far Celestron have not been able to summon up a clear night for me, I even missed the blood moon 2 days ago because of cloud and fog here.