Orion 10015 StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope (Teal)


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  • A great compact grab-and-go telescope designed for entry-level and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts; Focal length: 450mm
  • Substantial 4.5 inch aperture and fast f/4 focal ratio provides bright, detailed views of solar system targets like the Moon and planets, as well as wide-field celestial objects like nebulas and star clusters
  • Ships pre-assembled so you can go from the box to your backyard in minutes. Glass material : Low thermal expansion borosilicate glass
  • Stable tabletop base provides smooth altazimuth motion for easy manual tracking of celestial objects. Age Range-13 years
  • Includes two Explorer II 1.25 inch Kellner telescope eyepieces (17mm and 6mm), EZ Finder II reflex sight for easy aiming, eyepiece rack, collimation cap, Starry Night astronomy software, and more!



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Here is a fun and compact telescope that's sure to inspire the whole family's natural inclination to explore. The Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope is no toy - it's a real reflecting telescope that is wonderfully simple to set up and use! A perfect telescope for beginning amateur astronomers, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector is manufactured with the kind of quality you'd expect only to find in much more expensive models. Everyone in the family will enjoy using the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector telescope thanks to its uncomplicated, simple design and high level of performance. The StarBlast 4.5 will give beginning amateur astronomers hour after hour of fun under the stars and also nurture their interest in the night sky, thanks to its exceptional, high-quality optics. In fact, the optics of the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector are so good that it's also a very popular choice for more experienced amateur astronomers looking for a compact and portable telescope to use as a grab-and-go alternative to larger, bulkier mounted models that require more setup time and maintenance. With its 4.5 inch aperture parabolic primary mirror, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Reflector Telescope will wow the whole family with gorgeous wide-field views of the night sky. Fascinating craters and mountains on the Moon pop out in crisp detail through the pint-sized StarBlast 4.5 Astro Telescope, but the fun doesn't end there. You'll see more than just the Moon with this capable reflector. On clear evenings, the StarBlast 4.5 can provide pleasing views of giant Jupiter with its orbiting moons and Saturn with its stunning rings. Thanks to its precisely crafted, wide-field f/4 reflective optics and significant 4.5 inch (114mm) aperture, the StarBlast 4.5 Astro Telescope can reveal intriguing views of bright galaxies, distant cloudy nebulas, and sparkling star clusters for the whole family to enjoy.

Product information Product Dimensions 23.5 x 18.5 x 25 inches Item Weight 13 pounds ASIN B00D12U1IK Item model number 10015 Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

This was my first scope.... So I'm no astro nerd expert. But let me tell you, your mind will be blown.

Shipped quickly, easy assembly, I glanced over the instructions.... trial and error, it takes a little practice to get the hang of this thing if you've never used a telescope. The laser sight works pretty good, for some reason I can't get mine to stay sighted in perfectly, probably need to read the instructions more carefully, but the scope works fine overall. Focuses well, really picks up light.... you know how you feel like you can almost see a bizillion stars in between the brighter stars? Well, they're there. You can stare into a dark area with this thing and boom there are more stars there.

I did a little research before the purchase. This seemed like the best bang for your buck as far as a good entry-level scope that can collect a decent amount of light. Started eyeballing around, learning the constellations.... the moon is crazy detailed and close up... haven't gotten a chance to view planets yet.... but I see satellites all the time zipping around up there, star clusters... and I live in an area with somewhat bad light pollution, haven't even tried it out in the country yet where the view will be better.

Maybe I'm nuts, but this is better than watching T.V. I sit out there in the bed of my truck in the driveway just eyeballing around, staring at stars... they're all different colors... flashes of light.... you can really see them.... like, you can tell they're just like the sun but just really far away.... I don't know.

A couple of weeks ago I was out there eyeballing the stars late at night sipping on a screwdriver and staring at one star in particular and pondering existence and if we're alone and whether or not there's a god and all of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks and I can hardly put in to words what happened.... but it was a religious experience. Strange. Hard to explain. Best way I can put it is that I was overwhelmed with a mix of love, grief, peace, a longing, fear, happiness and sadness, all melded in this one powerful crippling emotion. A presence. I no longer have any doubt in my mind. If you've never had a religious experience.... well, maybe you'll have one eventually. I hope so.

Aside from possibly triggering life-altering experiences, this little light bucket is your eyeball into the cosmos. I love it. One of these days I'll go for a bigger light bucket but this one is great... very portable.... I've been using it as much as I can for about three months now, cloudy winter skies sometimes... learning all of the stars.... the great thing is that the stars change with the seasons. Always something new to see, somewhere else to look and explore.

Your mind will be blown! If you're thinking about whether or not to buy it, buy it. Stare at the heavens. Ponder existence. There's so much to learn, so much we don't know. Go for it!

As an inexperienced amateur with nothing to compare it to, I've been very pleased with the scope and its performance. Exceeded my expectations, very well worth the money. I will come back and dig up this review should it prove to be cheap and break or have a serious malfunction. If no updates, assume I'm still out there in the driveway sipping on a screwdriver.

*UPDATE APRIL 2019* - It fell apart. What a cheap piece of garbage.

Naw I'm just kidding. Still works as good as the day I got her. Since I wrote the original review I've seen the planets, seen a band or two of clouds on Jupiter as well as the moons, seen the rings of Saturn, eyeballed Andromeda, the brighter Messier objects... star clusters... etc. And great news! Moved out into the boonies where I can really see the stars. Almost zero light pollution. One really clear night the ole' lady and I were camping and looking at the night sky... I put the scope in the center band of the Milky Way... you could see as many stars through the scope as you could see in the entire night sky with the naked eye. Its just ridiculous. Watch the Tim and Eric documentary on space. It will blow your mind.

Great scope. She's been bounced around in the back of my truck on crusty rutted gravel roads and still held up great. I wouldn't recommend doing that but it is a fairly durable piece of equipment. SOON... someday soon I'll order the XT8 (the step up with the 8" aperture.) Amen brother.

It is a serious mistake to buy more telescope than you really need. I have a much larger scope that hasn't made it to the yard in twenty years. This one has reasonably high magnification, crisp image, and total ease of use. This is primarily a viewing scope, but unless you need a scope that tracks the sky for long exposure photography, or one with a carrying case for camping, this is an excellent choice. It's a perfect second or beginning scope. I'm always surprised how many people have never seen either the moon or planets through a telescope. You can't beat it for the price. Highly recommended.

My son's tenth birthday was around the corner and with most kids lack of interest in anything that doesn't have a screen nowadays,
the wife and I were trying to figure something out that would be educational and possibly something the whole family could enjoy. Looking outside one evening at the sky, it hit me, a telescope! I had one 30 years prior, so I had an idea of what to look for.

After a few days of light research, the Orion StarBlast seemed to be a good telescope to go with. I was leaning towards a refractor telescope initially, but this Orion was about $100 more than the one I was looking at. It came in a giant box, we wrapped it up, and my son was genuinely surprised and excited when he opened the gift.

Nothing much to assemble. Only tough part was lining up the sight but the little red dot made it fairly easy.

After sitting through Sunday's super blood moon lunar eclipse for 3 hours, I realized that even after the kids leave for college, I'll be able to personally enjoy this for years to come. They loved watching the eclipse as did my wife and had loads of questions. The two lenses that come with it are excellent. I do plan to order the recommended Barlow lens in the future though. Looking forward to looking at planets now.

I was able to line up my lens with my iPhone for some pics. Took some work but it was fun.

I've never used a telescope before and had it dialed in pretty quick. I also ordered the Orion 05662 1.25-Inch 13 Percent Transmission Moon Filter & Orion 08711 Shorty 1.25-Inch 2x Barlow Lens (Black) which I'm glad I did. The lenses that come with this scope are not that great (6mm and no zoom which is why it got 4*) I would have been disappointed using the scope without the added lenses. With the added lenses it's a great beginning scope.

This is my first scope and I am very happy with it. Very compact and lightweight, easy to move around and to set up. Optics are good for such entry level equipment. Beware, this is not for observing planets, even with the 2X barlow. The moon however looks great. Observed at 150x with the included eyepiece (6mm) and 2x barlow.

Our first telescope, so we weren’t exactly sure what we would be getting. That said, the low magnification was surprising. Nice for looking at the moon, but not enough power to see planets as anything other than a differently colored star.

Estuve leyendo en foros de astronomía y guías de compra de telescopios para principiantes, incluso hice una tabla comparativa entre varios telescopios candidatos. Después de dos semanas de análisis de tipos y modelos, tamaños y usos, calidades y precios, finalmente decidí comprar este telescopio Orion StarBlast 4.5” Astro
Al principio, me invadió una “fiebre” de aperturitis (quería el telescopio con mayor diámetro al menor precio). El frenesí de compra dejó paso a un analisis más pausado, donde tuve que poner los pies en el suelo y rebajar mis expectativas. En un telescopio, normalmente obtienes lo que pagas, no hay milagros y las diferencias de precios en aparatos de características similares significan en la práctica una reducción de calidad en algún componente en el telescopio más barato (salvando algunas excepciones)
Desde mi condición de principiante, valoro las bondades de este telescopio.
Por un lado, yo buscaba un aparato impresionante, cuanto más grande mejor. Me di cuenta que pese a mis anhelos iniciales, lo que realmente necesitaba para comenzar era un telescopio sencillo y efectivo. A partir de asumir este hecho, inicié de verdad mi elección.
El Orion StarBlast 4.5 Astro, puede englobarse perfectamente en lo que yo definiría un telescopio listo para usar.
La montura Dobson es muy estable, la distancia entre las 3 patas (antideslizantes) es de 30 cmts. El material de la base tiene un acabado rugoso y satinado y se limpia fácilmente. Tiene un porta-oculares metálico, que es muy práctico.
El telescopio viene pre-montado, a falta de colocar el buscador de punto rojo EzFinder II (intuitivo y fácil de ajustar).
Las medidas de todo el conjunto (con el tubo en posición vertical) es de 34 cmts. de diámetro (base) por 60 cmts. de altura. Con estos datos ya sabemos lo que nos ocupará en casa, y también en el coche. También nos daremos cuenta de si realmente tenemos espacio y un sitio adecuado para tenerlo guardado o recogido.
El tubo óptico, aunque pone color azul, es una especie de color verdoso metalizado (la foto le hace justicia)
Los oculares que trae este modelo son del tipo Kellner (Orion Explorer II) de 17 mm (x26) y de 6 mm (x75). Son unos oculares decentes con un FOV de 50º (campo de visión aparente)
Incorpora un destornillador Phillips y una tapa de colimación, para ajustar la alineación de los espejos (primario y secundario). No incorpora la llave Allen de 2 mm (necesaria para el colimado)
El tubo está protegido del polvo por una tapa ciega en el lado de la abertura, y otra en el enfocador.
Con el telescopio recibes un código para descarga y uso del software Starry Night (Orion Special Edition), el software está en inglés, pero incorpora interesantes recursos.
Yo principalmente utilizo el software gratuito Stellarium (en castellano). Con Stellarium simulé la visualización aproximada de un astro, según la apertura y la distancia focal de distintos telescopios, y su combinación con distintos oculares. Es una orientación para no tener falsas expectativas. Seríamos ingenuos si pensáramos ver el cielo como las imagenes de la NASA. En Stellarium podemos incluso configurar la contaminación lumínica de nuestro entorno. Es una herramienta imprescindible.
En la página web del fabricante, también puedes acceder a recursos online (en inglés).
El manual de instrucciones en papel viene en inglés, pero podemos descargar la versión en castellano en formato PDF, en el sitio del fabricante.
De este telescopio yo destaco la inmediatez de uso. Se pone en una superficie plana y estable, apuntas con el buscador de punto rojo y enfocas. Es ideal para compartir esta afición con mi familia. Mis hijos están encantados.
Como otros telescopios reflectores, necesita un ajuste periódico de alineación entre ocular, espejo primario y espejo secundario (colimación). Con tranquilidad aprenderás esta operación, imprescindible para tener una buena experiencia visual.
Yo hago este ajuste con la tapa de colimación que incorpora como accesorio el telescopio. Esta operación es sencilla de realizar y para este telescopio no resulta imprescindible el uso de un colimador láser.
Para una mayor versatilidad de este telescopio recomiendo los siguientes accesorios que yo personalmente he probado:
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El Orion 114/450 StarBlast Astro 4.5” me ha sorprendido por su calidad unida a su sencillez.
Para mí, el equilibrio entre precio, calidad óptica, facilidad de uso y tamaño está bien resuelto.

As a beginner's scope, or for maximum portability, this is a great little thing! Very easy to use, good mount with smooth motion ( up and down, left and right: which is called Altitude and Azimuth, hence Alt-azimuth), nice widefield view and needing minimal storage space. You will need a sturdy table or even its own box to stand it on but that's why it's a 'tabletop' telescope - I use mine on a garden table. It's easy to carry to where your need it, and The Starblast arrives ready to go, with collimation (correct mirror alignment) pretty much spot on out of the box, & a handy and clear manual which explains everything clearly.The red dot finder is easy enough to use once aligned - all explained in the manual, it's not complicated. With this small little scope, you will be able see Saturn's rings
(a glorious sight which will take your breath away) and Jupiter and is moons - both planets will be small but sharp and clear. Seeing these with your own eyes in real time is so much better than seeing a photograph. The Moon is bright and detailed and the stars and constellations look sharp - the Starblast is capable of showing you brighter objects like the M31 galaxy or M13 Great Cluster usually as small, grey and fuzzy unless the sky has absolutely perfect observing conditions BUT it's important to remember that you are not going to see the colours and sheer level of detail that you see from NASA or astrophotography - this is true of all amateur telescopes used visually, irrespective of size: the human eye simply can't 'see' in astronomical terms what a camera can
(even then, the latter usually needs many-layered multiple exposures to achieve those stunning images). The supplied eyepieces are of a good enough quality to get you started, but there are lots of higher quality choices available from as little as £20-£30 upwards if your feel the need to upgrade in future. All in all, a hearty recommendation for this pint sized telescope or indeed its larger sibling, the Starblast 6, as beginner scopes or compact 'grab an go' additions for more established amateur astronomers.

I began my astronomy hobby with only a pair of 10x50 binoculars. I was then intending to buy larger binoculars, either 15x70 or 20x60, but when I saw Jupiter's moons for the first time I wanted a telescope instead. In my opinion, the Orion 4.5in StarBlast is an excellent alternative to large binoculars without having to commit to more expensive and demanding telescopes that typically have a aperture size of at least 6in and use equatorial mounts.

The Orion 4.5in StarBlast is a table top Newtonian reflector telescope with an altazimuth mount and does not require any setting up. You just place it on an outside sturdy table or on the lawn with a picnic rug underneath. The EZ Finder II spotter scope once calibrated is excellent and makes aligning the scope to desired objects easy.

It comes with 6mm and 17mm Kellner eyepieces [standard 1.25in size]. With the 6mm, you can begin to see Jupiter's cloud bands, something you would never achieve with binoculars. The Pleiades star cluster fits nicely within the 17mm field of view. Unfortunately, I've missed the constellation of Orion, which would have been excellent opportunity to use 17mm eyepiece to see Orion's Deep Sky Objects. That'll be something to look forward to next winter.

First night, just learned how to even use it...not even the moon was on the sky...cloudy night bad luck.
So I tried looking at the outskirts of the city and mountains with the low power wide lens...once i adjusted the focus it suddenly was amazing!
even with all that light pollution its so amazing! and im not even using the high power piece. I found a weird hill with ruins i never even knew about!

As for the product...the build quality really is great...not like the cheap plastic crap. Wooden frame...painted metal tube....i got angry both the tube and oculars were made in china....but it seems in a "good quality" factory in china....with quality control type of made in china.
even the red dot sight was so amazing to try for the first time...dont know why people hate on them...it helps great to aim it before looking.

I am just a beginner but I really like this telescope. Easy to assemble and use. I have purchased extra bits to add to it but so far so good.

I got this to upgrade from my old one on a tripod, and i,m so glad i did as i can see planets that were tiny twinkling stars.
Much more power gives you a new universe to explore, more to fill your imagination and wonder what really is out there.With this Orion telescope it fills in a lot of blanks. I can't stop looking into the night sky and finding new images i could not see before .A great piece of kit. Colin D.

Well packaged, good solid construction, ideal for beginners but buy a Barlow X2 lens with it at least.

Grab and go , perfect and I have used it a lot since it arrived. Plenty of videos on you tube demonstrating how to use it . I'm very pleased with ths telescope.

Have not had a lot of time to try,did have quick look at the moon looked good.

Absolutely brilliant scope, 8 and 10 yr old use it! Light,good views,not complex,would recommend,and have,to any beginner

Really east start to astronomy

Light, bright, easy to use and great value for money!

Excellent for a beginner

I bought the telescope for my girlfriend, who has always had a fascination with astronomy (and secretly bought it for myself too!). Haven't had a lot of clear skies since we received the starblast, but so far we have not been disappointed. We are both beginners to astronomy and I was looking for something to explore our mutual curiosity for the night sky. Being able to see objects in the sky, knowing how far away they are, even though they are small with this telescope is a cool experience! I don't have experience with other telescopes to compare this to, but am very satisfied with this purchase. It's lightweight and easy to throw in our vehicle and drive out to the outskirts of town and view the night sky in the back of the truck. No setup required! Although as others have mentioned, bringing a crate or something to prop it up is helpful. We still need to learn more to truly understand what we can get out of the starblast, but the nice part about this telescope as that the setup was so easy that you can start exploring right away, and learn as you go!
There was an issue in the shipping process, but I contacted Orion directly and they not only responded to me quickly but they fixed the situation to my satisfaction, and did it without hesitation or complaint! I was very impressed with their customer service. Am very satisfied with both the telescope and the company that makes it!

Excellent product. Expensive in India