iOptron SmartStar-E-N114 8503B Computerized Telescope (Astro Blue)


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  • 114mm Newtonian reflector telescope. 1000mm focal length
  • Red Dot finderscope for locating objects
  • Computerized Alt-Azimuth Mount– The Cube- Hot Product 2008 by Sky and Telescope Magazine. 5-speed drive speed for precise tracking.
  • Includes GoToNova hand controller, the most intuitive controller on the market. 5,000 object database plus 256 user-defined objects.
  • K9 and K25 eye pieces



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Introducing iOptron SmartStar-E-N114 computerized Newtonian reflector telescope. Designed with the latest technology the 114 mm mirror is crafted with aluminum coated mirrors and exacting alignment. The precision design virtually eliminates chromatic aberration for a crisp image without a rainbow halo. You’ll be able to view planets, star clusters and nebulae up close. With the SmartStar E-N114 you’ll also be able to take dramatic astro-photographs. Two eye pieces come standard to allow for flexibility in viewing either a wider field or a single focused object.

Product information Product Dimensions 30 x 7 x 14 inches Item Weight 17.2 pounds ASIN B001JEOG5G Item model number 8503B

I'm a total newbie when it comes to telescope so out of the blue I decided to get this one. It's alright. The thing feels kinda wobbly and perhaps not the sturdiest or highest quality telescope, but for the price, it made sense for me.

I guess the best moment for me was seeing Saturn's rings for the first time. You don't get to see much detail at all, but you do get to see a nice distinct silhouette of the iconic planet. It's quite an amazing feeling for sure seeing that for the first time. Also Jupiter looks cool since you can almost make out the details. Then you notice these dots around Jupiter and realize those are its moons! Quite exciting stuff for a beginner who's never owned a telescope before.

The electronic aiming motor thing is just really difficult for me to use though. Again, I just wanted to see the planets so I ended up not even using the fancy electronics and star finder built into this. I heard it's hard to calibrate, and I didn't feel like spending two hours reading the manual on how to figure it out.

Really cool telescope with some amazing features for the price. Was afraid it would be broken when it arrived but it was triple packed and in perfect condition.

This telescope is a great beginner telescope as long as you have time. It takes a while to figure out all the controls on it. The instructions are terrible. I would definitely recommended buying starry night with the telescope. It explains everything you need to know as a beginner. The tripod is great. It is extremely durable and is easy to move. The cube mount is the best. The go to system is amazing. I would definitely recommend this telescope to anyone who wants to look at objects in the sky easily and clear.

Great telescope for beginner. Instructions were not very clear. Did not explain how to exactly do all the controls. It takes some time to figure out the controls. Red dot did not work at first, but finally figured it out. Make sure you push down the metal piece on the battery. Starry Night or other star software is recommended. The guide for starry night explains all you need to know for beginners. Definitely recommended for beginners.

The item arrived defective as the motor doesn't start when plugged in power (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't). Also, there is not a single piece of instruction inside. I'm so frustrated with this telescope, which I thought it was a great black Friday deal, but I wasted other deals for this one, so, I'm returning it.