Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Monocular


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  • Hand held and head mountable operation. Integrated IR illuminator. Automatic shutoff when exposed to bright light. Lightweight and compact
  • 2x magnification for accurate depth perception.
  • Multicoated optics. Weapons mountable.
  • 72 hour operating time w/o IR activated. Battery Life with IR is 20 hours
  • 24mm objective gathers in ambient light


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Designed for vivid, long-distance imaging, the Sightmark Ghost Hunter 5x60 Night Vision Monocular features a lightweight, durable polymer construction for endurance, and a 60mm objective lens that captures any-size targets in low-ambient light conditions or total darkness. Equipped with a high-power infrared illuminator, the Ghost Hunter 4x50 Night Vision Monocular delivers a bright, clear image no matter how dark the conditions and a compact body style for easy travel. The automatic shut-off feature turns the unit off when exposed to bright light sources, saving the night vision tube and ensuring years of operation. This device is field tested and approved by the North American Hunting Club. Protected by a three-year warranty on the tube and Sightmark's Limited Lifetime Warranty on the housing, the Ghost Hunter 4x50 Night Vision Monocular is engineered to meet the highest requirements and standards of the serious night vision user.

Product details Style Name:2x24
  • Specification sheet [PDF ] User Manual [PDF ]
  • Date First Available : August 22, 2019
  • Manufacturer : Sightmark
  • ASIN : B07WY74CYH
  • Best Sellers Rank: #147,752 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    • #32 in Night Vision Monoculars

The one I currently have is the 1x magnification model. The difference is this has a little more zoom and a little less field of view. I have had a 2x and liked it but you can't really walk with it.
The Infra-red on this 2x has a focusing lens, the 1x just has a black plastic cover. (note: some black plastics are invisible to Infra-red, take a look at the plastic on your tv, it may be transparent through these.)

I really think that a review for this device would be open to debate. I can tell why someone would give this device a 1 star.

I knew what I was getting when I ordered it. It is a Gen1, nothing more. NV is nothing like on video games or the movies. I have owned different ones and used generation 2, 2+ and 3, those are vastly better but at a price to match.
I owned another popular brand that was slightly bigger than this. It wasn't waterproof but the lenses could be interchanged. That turned out to be only a very small benefit. The higher the zoom on these, the less field of vision, which is one of the biggest problems with Gen1.

It has less than 30 degree field of view. That is the equivalent of looking through a toilet-roll, in fact, a toilet-roll with green glass in front of it with distortion around the edges. Keep in mind that you will probably not favor this over a flashlight, unless you want to be a bit hidden.

With the infra-red illumination off, you may be impressed if you just get up from your bright computer and take a walk out in the dark. It enables you to see a little better than you will when your eyes have adjusted to the dark. (but not much in most situations)
With the infra-red illumination turned on you will be able to see down an ally or back yard (about 80 feet) very well. It may be too bright for indoor use, although you can place a finger over the light, some of the IR light will still get through your finger and enable you to see up close. brightness cannot be adjusted, eye piece brightness also has no adjustment.
The IR light is visible on all Gen1 units, but much less visible than a white light. Since the unit has such a narrow field of vision, the IR light also only needs to have a narrow beam, making it difficult for others to see you.

Something interesting about the unit and illuminator, If you look at black nylon like webbing on a back pack, the infra-red light may make it appear nearly light bright green. You could use a tv remote as a small infra-red light source, you may be able to see okay in a bedroom or down a hall. One idea is to buy some IR light sticks, or IR IED's with motion detectors and nail them to trees in the yard, that will make viewing in complete dark a bit better for you.

It takes two AA batteries, the two AA last very long and it works well with rechargeable AA's It is so light on battery, that even when you turn the unit off it can still be used without the illumination for quite a few seconds.(sometimes 20 sec)
Even with its problems I like it. If you afraid of the apocalypse or just feel the need to own some military history that will help you see in the dark, then this may be for you.
It is well made (from Russia)
Just know what you are getting and don't expect too much.

*photo shows optic backwards , this was before modding the mount *Proprietary at the most. Accessories will have to be made to fit. I had to dremel a few places to fit my j arm . Also had to add a 1/4-20 nut so that the j arm would mount in the slot securely (because the threads are plastic) I had to void the warranty to complete these modifications. I plan to add a Lif "light interference filter" to this along with a amber filter. As for a flip scope cap that will fit this the butler creek size 10 works great no fit issues . The picture quality is fairly crisp and fairs very well for the 200 dollar price point of this product. 7 out of 10 for me .

I purchased this night vision monocular to replace an older unit I purchased some years ago that I never really found satisfactory. The Ghost Hunter is a huge improvement over that old unit, with a flatter, clearer, field of view, less distortion around the edge of the visual field (although there is some) and better resolution. It's also significantly smaller and lighter than the old viewer, and i'm guessing more weatherproof.

I bought the Ghost Hunter after having had good experience with Sightmark's Proton 4.5x digital scope which I have mounted on my Crosman Marauder air rifle. Sightmark has a good reputation, and they're said to stand behind their 3 year warranty. I was also attracted to the low price- I paid about $165 for my Ghost Hunter, which puts it at the low end of Gen 1 scopes, but it has very good reviews overall here on Amazon.

One slight annoyance: The objective and eyepiece focusing barrels have almost no resistance to turning. That makes them very easy to focus, which I suppose is a plus, but it also makes it very easy to knock the eyepiece out of focus. Once you get the eyepiece adjusted to your eye, you really don't want to have to keep adjusting it. I solved this by wrapping a wide rubber band around the front end of the eyepiece focusing ring.

If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive entry into night vision for nature viewing or hunting, this scope is a good choice. By itself it makes a fine viewer, and with the addition of a dot sight and Sightmark's Weaver mount it can serve as the basis of a night vision hunting scope, too. All in all a good value for what they're asking.

Not a one star bc the seller was bad, I received this product fast and no issues with the box or contents. This product however, is cheaply made, I attempted to do the lifetime warranty sightmark form, however, they wouldn’t accept it bc amazon isn’t considered and authorized dealer. The reason I contacted them in the first place is bc my product had a manufacture defect(which is common for this version). My optic would turn on but never off and the IR did not work. Long story short stay away from sightmark products

Great piece of kit really clear image and excellent IR illumination and cant believe the price an absolute steal

Thank you

The good, did need to fiddle a bit with settings but after a few adjustments the image is actually quite good, even extremely low light, the IR light actually does a decent job. The bad, the product description is a bit misleading as I bought the 2x24 and the description is for 1x24 and states that it comes with the head gear, which it DOES NOT. Contacted manufacturer about it and the fact they did not ship to Canada (as I could not find any Canadian distributor for the head gear) and they didn't actually read my question and pointed me in direction of a retailer carries some of their products (but not the head mount). I will keep it as I did buy the rifle mount for it but likely would not buy from this seller again.

For the most part it works as expected with the accept ion of a few things hence the poor review it’s most likeley on amazons pet not the actual product but the tube has 2 blems on it. They were there before I used it, the packaging was already opened not a huge deal just annoying.

Buono per essere un GEN1 è rifinito bene e funziona perfettamente anche in totale assenza di luce con l'illuminatore acceso. Lo consiglio.

Très bonne achats