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  • Rugged 100% waterproof construction
  • Rubber O-rings and nitrogen-purged tubes ensure water and fog stays on the outside
  • Multi-coated optics for increased brightness and light transmission
  • Marine blue rubber housing
  • Case, strap and Cleaning cloth are included



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Now you can travel light without sacrificing true excellence in imagery. Our new Legend Ultra HD Monocular incorporates the features of our world-famous Legend Ultra HD binoculars into an ultra-streamlined platform that easily tucks in the pocket of a pack. Premium components like ED Prime glass, PC-3 Phase-Coated prisms and fully multi-coated optics deliver bright, clear views from edge to edge. Perhaps the finest monocular ever built, it can be handheld or mounted to a tripod for more stability. The built-in Picatinny rail accepts a wide range of accessories. Save space and sacrifice nothing!

Product details Size: 8x25mm
  • Product Dimensions: 3.2 x 5.8 x 6.6 inches ; 12.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B06WVFY64Y
  • Item model number: 180825
  • Batteries 2 CR2 batteries required. (included)

Update 7/2020:

Now that the price is 1/3 of the original that sold for nearly $300, and 1/2 of the $200 that I paid for the one I first reviewed, I decided to see if it got any better over the years I've had my original. So I bought another one. And after 1 hour I just packed it up. Why, cause, it's actually worse. I can see it trying to do the IS, but it seems that they realized the original was unable to stay stable, and so they reduced it to about 25% of what it was, then it doesn't lose sync. But it's so slight now anyhow, it's hard to tell it's even on. Side by side with my original, and it's an obvious difference. But for $99 it's a decent normal smallish monocular. I was going to give it to my son, but eh, he'd be disappointed too and think I was dumb for getting him one (he's an adult).

I'm a bit underwhelmed with the image stabilization of this monocular. Maybe I expected too much, even with the low price. I would instead call it the less-shaky monocular. Yes, you can tell when it’s on, but not as good as I would have liked.

I've wanted image stabilized optics ever since I was amazed when looking through a pair of Cannon IS binoculars some 10 years ago. What I couldn't take was the need to hold down a button while using the IS, not to mention the steep price, and so I waited years for that to be remedied. The price is reasonable and there’s a simple slide switch to keep the IS on.

This monocular has a green led to indicate IS is on, which will flash when the batteries are low. There’s no timeout however - forget to shut it off and the 2 cr2 lithium batteries will be drained. I haven’t tested to see if rechargeable cr2’s is a good investment. I don’t know how long the included 2 duracell lithium’s will last. Amazon sells 10 cr2 lithium (not duracell) for $15.

The trouble is there’s still a constant shake, even when I lean against something. Yes, there is some IS, but nothing like you’d expect, like say when you see a steady-cam video, or nowadays the IS video from a $500 drone, or a Sony IS video camera.

They do have pretty good optics for the small size of the object lens. They work well in daylight. However, at night, you don’t get much light in the 25 mm lens, although they seem to do as well as my 7x35's probably because they have good coatings. They are decently wide angle, though but because of the small exit pupil, you do need to use the twist up eyepiece or the image will be out of range (side to side). With the eyepiece reset, and wearing glasses, you get a rather narrow view. This is just what one would expect with a 8x25.

The image does not remain exactly in focus all the way out to the side, though not much different than my $100 7x35 wide angle binocs. The method of focus is ok, you just rotate a ring. I do like how the eye relief piece rotates and quickly moves in and out.

The unit is lightweight and fits nicely in the hand. It comes with a decent holder you thread your belt through and a small lanyard to protect from dropping. I put it around my neck and it then would hang at about my belly button. I don’t know why there’s no lens caps however. And there is no tripod screw socket since I could see how some might want to use it as a spotting scope. Then again, the Cannon’s don’t have a tripod socket either.

The specs in the 5 page manual are:

Mag 8x
Obj lens diam 25mm
Field of view, 393 ft @ 1000 yards (131 m @1000 m)
Eye relief 15 mm
Exit pupil 3.1 mm
Length 5.3 in
Weight 14 oz
Power 2 cr2 3v lithium batteries (included)

first update:

I live in CA and was using this to check on the progress of some of the helicopters dowsing flames. I find that after about 10 seconds of image stabilization, that I have to flip the power off and on again, as once you move the monocular a bit, it loses stabilization. Ironically, this is probably the one case where needing to hold down a button to keep it on (the more expensive cannon's) would actually be a benefit, as it's a bit tiresome to have to keep turning it off and on. For this reason, I've lowered to 3 stars.

Product is as advertised; good quality optics at a fair price. It was fully functional right out of the box.
Field of view and clarity are what would be expected. Focus ring is a little stiff, but not what I would call bad.
If you want an 8x32 view, but want to take up less weight and space than 8x32 binoculars, or if you do not find binoculars useful due to personal preference or eye conditions, this scope is a good choice.
-case is an it oversized for the product. A neater fit would be better.
-focus ring is stiff. Usable but not as easy as it should be.
-field of view seems about what it should be. FOV is pretty much dictated by objective size and magnification.
-binoculars give a better view generally, but for a given lens size and power, a monocular takes up half the space. Also, there are some people who find binoculars very inconvenient or outright unusable due to personal characteristics.
This product is not perfect – – few products are. But I am happy that I bought it, and I feel that I got my moneys worth.

The image stabilization is very good. The focal point is stable in your jittery hand. Better than I had expected, and very useful. Seems to be solidly made, and, for the price, a real bargain from a company that is known for quality opticals. I have a sense that these used to be cost much more, but out of production now, so the current"closeout" price of $99 is terrific for the IS technology.

clear optics and the 8 x 32 makes a good comprise for size and weight and easy usability (10 power hard to hold steady and 40mm is rather large 25mm is to small). the rubber armour is very grippy and the adj eye cup is far better than a flip up rubber for adj the eye relief distance. There are no caps for the lenses included but the front lens is recessed about 3/8" for some protection. The focus ring is plastic and flush with the body of the monocular and rather narrow (about 3/8") so it is a little hard to operate. I end up turning the body and holding the ring to adjust focus most of the time. It is nitrogen purged (this is not stated in the specifications but is stated in the directions included). Comes with a cleaning cloth, black nylon pouch for belt and storage, and a lanyard for neck. Mine did not have the lanyard (open box from amazon warehouse) but a quick call to bushnell and one is on the way.

Just what I was looking for. Robust & durable. My first and monocular. Simply needed something to allow me to see into the near distance. Relatively light and came with a case. The optics are clear and the focusing was simple. As a person who wears glasses I needed the di optic to be large enough and it was. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied (I haven't tested it out in the weather or on any trips yet).

This works great for an eyeglass wearer. I have a nice set of 8X30 Steiner binoculars  Steiner 8x30 Military/Marine Binocular  ,but to use them correctly I need to remove my glasses (fyi: these are apparently identical to the Amazon Model, which cost less  Steiner AZ830 Binocular  ). Ditto for my smaller pair of Steiners  Steiner 2212 10x 26mm Safari UltraSharp Binocular, Black  . To get a quick look at an archery target, or for a scan of the woods from my treestand, these Bushnells work great. Eight power enlargement, a large enough objective (32mm) to see in lower light, and good quality glass makes this bino a winner (for its limited uses). I'll get a couple more of these for Christmas gifts for the sons-in-law. . .

Light, portable, yet beautifully clear.
The 30mm aperture is a great upgrade compared to similar offerings.
The focus knob is a bit stiff, but overall it is a very convenient yet bright monocular to bring to outdoor or sporting events,

I don't know much about telescopes but I like this because it's so convenient and you get a great perspective on things when you use the scope - whether sightseeing or way finding. Quick to use, I like the form factor, it's not tiny, but it's comfy and easy to hold steady. It's got a rugged casing which I love, the eyepiece pops out, a wrist strap, a carry pouch with the Bushnell logo for your belt and if you are having trouble turning the lovely orange focus ring, may I recommend holding the focus ring while turning the body of the monoscope around to find focus. I'm happy with the value for money too.

I was apprehensive after seeing a poor review but knowing first had of Bushnell optics I took a gamble. It is perfect clear crisp and just what I wanted true the focus ring is stiff but 1 it’s new and 2 I’d rather it stiff then losse and losing focus.

Disgrace for bushnell name, Buy Araldite as well you will need it!

After doing a lot of research I finally decided on this one. I am very happy with my choice. You can hold it with your hand and have a clear non-jittery view. It is nice and compact. I wear glasses and it worked very well with them on. It's very basic to use. I believe the distance is what it says it is 8x32. Very clear view, nice no-slip grip, decent carrying case that has a belt loop, wrist lanyard and cleaning cloth.

Wanted a small optic to put in my BOB , binoculars take extra space for something you might not use too often. This is perfect, focus is stiff a bit but that's good cause you don't need it shifting. Good grip, really appreciate the wider angle of view. Many good reviews. I had a Bushnell when I was young. The case is better quality than most and it's padded with extra room you can add a lite foam, don't want to bang this. I would have liked 10 power but I won't complain they must have choosen this power for a reason. I'm very pleased. This arrived today with my new swisschamp, so you know I'm a happy 'urban' camper playing with my new toys. BTW the back eye cup adjusts in/out for glasses/no-glasses easier viewing.

Bad: This is a fine device but the reason for 4 star is the sticky focus ring. Even at room temperature it is an effort to focus. Luckily, the focus range from near to far is only about one quarter turn, which makes the stickiness not such a deal-breaker. I am not sure what it would be like outside in cold weather.
Good: For astronomers,the ocular field is about 60 degrees as judged against a 50 degree Plossl, suggesting the instrument has about a 7.5 degree FOV. The centre part (about one-third) of the view is very crisp - I was able to pick out the moons of Jupiter (with the unit tripod-mounted)! The outer third on each side has aberrations but that is fine - I usually just acquire objects in those areas then move them to the centre for critical viewing. Chromatic aberrations did not seem significant, even inside-outside focus. The eye relief is good - daytime viewing needed the eye-position ring moved halfway back for comfortable viewing. Night time viewing I usually moved the position ring quite close - probably due to the wider pupil. Oh yes, almost ALL lens surfaces are anti-reflection coated - daytime images seemed to have better contrast than my old poorly-coated 8 x 40 binos! This is definitely a handy bird-watching tool.

Excelente óptica, la claridad es impecable. La cantidad de luz que capta es y la amplitud del campo son sus puntos fuertes. La construcción es sólida y de alta calidad, compacto y perfecto para el campo. Para los que estén viendo productos similares, esta proporción de 8x32 es la elección más sabia, produce una experiencia de observación mucho mejor que los modelos de 10x25. Sólo el Celestron Outland de 6x30 es un buen competidor, de menor precio, más compacto, y con mayor amplitud de campo con menos magnificación.

La funda es de buena calidad pero se siente genérica, no muy rígida, y le queda grande al monocular. El velcro debería ser más grande para prevenir que se abra accidentalmente.

The item arrived as described. As indicated in previous reviews, the orange field sight adjustment is a little tight. I bought this to see my shots on the pistol range and it works exactly as I expected!

Lenti discrete e abbastanza luminose, poco sensibile la regolazione di messa afuoco, ma considerato il prezzo può andare

A nifty thing to have when you're viewing nature and the moon(although you need a stand or something more stable).

Image clear, focus ring a little too stiff and not easy to adjust, but once adjusted you don't need to change.

Great product, I will get a second one for the girlfriend as we love going to the races & for bird watching.

I had to send it back as the lens only gave me a clear view of about 50 feet. Beyond that it was distorted. Perhaps it was just one bad out of the bunch. At least I got a refund.

Love it would buy again

It was decent enough , but not enough magnification for my needs. Returned it and purchased a stronger product.