Carson zPix USB Digital Microscopes with Intregrated Camera and Video Capture (MM-640, MM-940)


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  • High-powered digital microscope connects to your computer and captures images with 640-by-480 resolution digital camera
  • Recognized with Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products, Dr. Toy 10 Best Educational Products, Creative Child Magazine 2007 Preferred Choice, and Parents' Choice awards
  • 35x-165x effective magnification based on a 21" monitor; measures 1.8 by 4.1 by 1.7 inches (W x H x D); 7.0 ounce weight
  • Includes specimen base, three blank sides, one prepared slide, forceps, eyedropper and USB cable.
  • Compatible with Windows 8.0/8.1, Windows 10 or Earlier Versions and All Mac Operating Systems | Requires USB 2.0 or 3.0 port | The zPix is NOT compatible with tablets | Please visit Carson website for software updates



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The zPix (MM-640) from Carson is a powerful USB zoom digital microscope that displays the magnified image right on your computer screen. The impressive 35x-165x effective magnification (based on a 21'' monitor) allows you to see details of ordinary objects you never knew existed! Capture an image to keep using the built-in 640 x 480 resolution Digital Camera. You can even capture close-focus video! The MM-640 zoom digital microscope is compatible with the following: All MAC operating systems, Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit), Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or earlier Windows versions such as Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit). USB 2.0 or 3.0 port is required. No batteries required. Please visit the Carson website to download any software updates for the zPix digital microscope. Please note, the effective magnification is a combination of the optical system and a high powered digital zoom.

The zPix 300 (MM-940) from Carson is a powerful zoom USB digital microscope that displays a magnified image right on your computer screen. The impressive 86x-457x effective magnification (based on a 21" monitor) allows you to see details of ordinary objects that you never knew existed! Capture an image to keep with the click of a button. You can even capture close focus video and send it to your friends and family. Use the base attachment to view prepared slides or remove the base and place the microscope on any surface to reveal fine details. The zPix 300 USB digital microscope will provide hours of fascinating and educational entertainment for adults and children alike. The zPix 300 is compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. A USB 2.0 or 3.0 port is required. The zPix 300 also comes included with a specimen base, 3 blank slides, 1 prepared specimen slide, forceps, eyedropper and a USB Cable. Please note, the effective magnification is a combination of the optical system and a high powered digital zoom. Both the zPix and zPix 300 are backed by Carson's one year limited warranty. At Carson, we strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of our products. We are so confident in our products that we back them with a One Year Limited Warranty! This Carson product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. Please contact Carson for additional warranty details.

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  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7.3 x 2.6 inches ; 14.4 ounces
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I understood the strength of this system but thought i could make it work for coin and stamp inspection and recording. It is simply too strong for that. If you need to view fibers in cloth or a small portion of a stamp, it is great. I rated it a 5 because it is a good micro tool and it meets all of its advertised features. No reason to de-rate due to my mistake.

Disappointing... I use these 'scopes in handheld mode to inspect knife edges during sharpening. I was hoping for better depth of field, higher range of magnification and better software than with my Celestron 5MP or my Chinese $20 unit. No such luck. DOF may be slightly better, but software is the worst of the lot. No full screen, no measuring tools. Other scopes can focus on the face plane (I use this surface to handhold on the edges) at two different mags. This one won't.

First thing you should know ...
If you want to photograph a whole coin This not the camera you want
Go with a 5x or 10x better yet a nice little digital box camera with mini tripod
and you can photograph more then coins besides.....

Back to this scope , I bought it to view details of coins , mint errors etc..
and it works perfect ,, Picture & video capture is just fine and quite nice
You want bigger better larger pictures ? spend the big bucks on a Typical Microscope and separate video attachment
but I'm tellin you for a little more then 40 bucks
YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG ... you should be be very satisfied like I am and my very crucial 7 year old Daughter :)
We both have lot's of fun using it.

You can very clearly view lots more then coins .. bugs , hair, skin whatever you want
perfect for teachers and children alike ..

One other thing you should know If your running windows 7 just go to Carson's website
to download and install updated driver takes less than a minute to get it up and running

I hope my review helped you ....


We purchased this item for Christmas for our 9 y/o son. He showed an interest in science and we found some old slides which belonged to me when I was a kid.

He was excited, we hooked it to his computer, and he was able to check out the slides and enjoyed seeing what he couldn't with the naked eye.

1) Easy setup -- Software was available to download from the internet with a quick Google search (which worked out well because first computer didn't have a CDROM drive to load from included media).
2) Good magnification, reasonable picture. -- It's what I expected based on the other reviews, especially at this price point. I wasn't expecting scientific lab quality at the price point I paid.

1) Resolution is a bit low, but I knew this going in, and for my son, he doesn't seem to notice.

Happy with the purchase, and the fact that it gives our son exposure to science and learning. He liked to be able to checkout different things he finds around the house or yard.

I bought a cheap microscope (non digital) at ToysRUS for more than I paid for this and my kids lost interest in a day. So far they have really enjoyed this because it displays on the computer. My daughter used it for her first high school biology paper by inserting photos she took of the insects (capturing the images on computer and inserting directly into her document), only one in her class to do this and earned her an A on the paper. Like the train set, I enjoyed playing with this too, you cannot beat the price!

UPDATE: Just a short update- Although it does not change my rating, while thumbing through the owners manual I spotted a couple handwritten notes and a couple pages that were dog-eared. I noticed when I opened the package originally that it looked like the CD disk had been used, etc. Point is that I obviously got a used one, originally billed as "new-in box". Again, it does not change my rating of the product, but I thought it a bit cheesy to bill something as new when it was obviously not. Probably accounted for the low, low price...

This thing is great, my daughter loved it right out of the box and kept bringing things over to put under it. Comes with Windows and Mac drivers. Not sure if there are Linux drivers from a third party, its not impossible, since its basically a webcam.

Resolution on this model 640 is 640x480 or 0.3 megapixel. Carson also makes a model 740. They don't specify its exact resolution anywhere but they say it is 1.3 megapixel; maybe that equals 1280x1024 (maybe). Carson needs to specify both models in the same units. If they can confirm the resolution of the other model, that one would have been worth 33% more cost for 400% more pixels. If only someone had written a review like this one to tell me about it. So now you know.

It would be technically possible for Carson to make a scope that uses existing Mac drivers but anyway their driver CD was easy to use. Only other slight minus is of course you need higher power 1000x to see bacteria. But this will get your kid started for sure.

It works, it does what it says, im decently happy. However, Im using it to inspect knife edges and very small beveled edges. Without a usable stand and reasonable clearance from object to lens when on the stand, I can't use this. Im trying the Carson Optics flex model that comes with a goose neck stand and platform to see if that does better for my application

A really good USB microscope. I don't know why the previous reviewer gave it only one star as all you need to do is go to their site to get all you need. Anyway...

This is a USB handheld microscope that connects to your PC (I’m using Windows 10) or Mac and displays it’s images on your screen. It has four bright white LEDs to light up the subject. It can also be attached to a little stand that holds things firmly, like for viewing slides.

The first thing I found was that it was much easier to move around than the other types that are a sort of stumpy cigar shape. The device is more stable and easier to handle than those.

Focus and zoom are easier to change too. The bottom ring zooms you in and the top ring focuses. There is a button on top to take a photo. Taking a photo is easier on a solid surface as pressing the button tends to push down on the microscope and mess with the focus a little.

You can also set the image resolution in the app that comes with it (downloaded from their site) from 160 x 120 up to 1600 x 1200. I found that the higher resolutions do slow the device down though and the image takes longer to update on the screen compared to the lower resolutions. It just tends to lag a bit. Had this been USB 3 (which I tested and it didn’t seem to be) it might have been better, but actually it’s not a huge problem. I settled on using 640 x 480 in the software to start with, these are some images taken at that resolution. The zoom for these was set at the lowest level.

In summary I think this is a great little microscope and it’s well built. I paid £42 at Amazon for it and feel it was worth the cost. The image clarity is much better than the cheap cigar shaped one I had before and it is easier to use. You get clear and detailed images in a short time.

These are excerpts from my full review from a stamp collector's perspective : [...]

First class for low magnification work with no chromatic aberration

great item could of been a bit clearer

c'est le meilleur et le seul vrai microscope digital usb qui a un zoom et un focus individuelle.
oui 2 roulette séparer pour le zoom et le focus. c'est le premier que je trouve sur amazon pour un prix inférieur a 200$ .

j'ai essayé beaucoup de modèles de 30 a 60$ et quelques a 150-200$ . mais c'est pas de vrai zoom (seulement focus) et la résolution est très basse ainsi que le niveau de couleurs. doit jouer avec un support pour le zoom)

Le Carson zPix 300 est génial pour 80$, il bat haut la main les microscopes de 20$ a 200$ sur Amazon Canada.

les produits Carson sont d'une bonne qualité et d'une gamme de prix vraiment intéressante.
je recommande énormément.

Das USB Mikroskop ist einfach zu bedienen und schnell installiert.
Es liefert hinlänglich brauchbare Aufnahmen bis ca. 80- 90 fache Vergrösserung, darüber hinaus wird es schnell pixelig und die manuelle Scharfstellung erfordert viel Geschick. Ein Bildsensor mit mehr Pixeln hätte dem Produkt auch nicht geschadet.
Was mich wirklich stört ist, dass das Licht nicht regelbar oder abschaltbar ist, bei geringer Vergrößerung und hellen Proben wird das Bild etwas zu hell, bei höheren Vergrößerung ist es bei dunkleren Proben einfach zu schwach.
Für Einzelheiten an Münzen oder Briefmarken und für jemanden der hin und wieder mal was vergrößert ansehen will ist das Produkt ok.

The microscope is not the strongest magnification, not the easiest to focus, and because of interpolation the image is always slightly fuzzy. The image itself is never over 640x480, a very low res image. And there is no way of determining the exact magnification.

However, the software is easy to set up, the camera itself is easy to use, and it is effortless to take pictures. As far as drawing children into exploring the finer details of their world, it is a great bargain. Once the images start to appear on the screen, there is no end of exploration! It's on the higher end for price for a toy microscope, but reasonable if investing for your home school or tutored students.

Very happy with this purchase Solid build . Images are quite good for the price I paid for this scope.. Only complaint , the light intensity is not adjustable .Thanx Amazon .

Acquisto fatto come regalo a mio marito. Pratico, semplice e preciso. Lui lo usa, essendo un giardiniere, per controllare parassiti ed altro sulle piante che presentano sofferenza. Ottimo acquisto.

Works great, even on our computer for our 75 inch TV.

No warning in instruction manual that once parts 1-4 (one piece) is attached to base part 5 Specimen stage there is no way to remove to use unit parts 1-4 independently.
In other words restricts use to very small specimens.

Très bel outil, particulièrement pour l'initistion des plus jeunes

There were no instructions and I still have been unable to use it!