LaserWorks LE-032 Riflescope Mate rangefinder 700M Mini Tactical Outdoor Hunting Shooting Rangefinder Archery Crossbow Sight Target Scope


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  • Long distance spotting sight, clear range: 6-702m, Ideal for fast target acquisition and accuracy.
  • Durable Material and Camouflage Color. The product with aluminum alloy metal that's tough enough to go anywhere and rangefinder color matches most camo patterns. Lightweight, shockproof, weather resistant that will last for a long time.
  • Color OLED display. Clear digital meter speed display is easy to read.
  • Universal clamp-on mounting dech to fit most tactical sports.
  • Widely used for alignment/ aiming/ positioning/ hunting/ spotting/ search/ rescue/ hiking etc


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LaserWorks LE-032 700m Mini Tactical Outdoor Hunting Rangefinder Rifle Scope Sight Target Distance Meter with Rail Mount Lightweight

Super Mini rangefinder, all-metal shell, with mechanical aiming point, using color OLED display. Convenience and riflescope and other products together to achieve fast continuous distance measurement.


  • Super mini laser ranger.
  • All metal shell, hard enough.
  • Color OLED display.
  • The mate of riflescope, coordinate with the machine aiming point.
  • Easy to mount on rifle scope and other products.
  • Can be continuous distance measurement in foggy weather.
  • Test the speed if the moving objects in the same direction.
  • Units of measurement can be change immediately.
  • The power displayed in groups.

  • Precision to +/- 1M
  • Maximum range: 700M
  • Speed range: 0-300KM/H
  • Battery: 1pc3V (CR2)
  • Color: Camouflage
  • Size: 8.4x3.8x5.5cm.
  • Package size: 15x10x6cm
  • Package weight: 0.3kg

  • Continuous press the tail switch turns on the device.
  • Ranging mode is the default; this is the distance measurement mode.
  • continuous press the M button, change the unit of distance. M and Y.
  • Click the rat tail switch, the upward arrow will be appears at the bottom right of the screen,
  • That's mean the device is in the ranging mode. Measurement the distance.
  • Press M key to change the mode.
  • Multi-level power display.
  • In the "Speed" mode, the unit of the measured value needs to be converted separately. (Km/h or mile/h)
  • Pitch angle data by way of real time continuous output

Ranging mode:
Press power key to start continuous Ranging.

Fog mode:
Fog mode screen appears, press power key ranging
Fog mode can handle the interference caused by fog.

Horizontal distance measurement mode
Press power key to start measuring the distance and slope. After obtaining measurements.
Calculates and displays the horizontal distance and measuring slope.


Fog + Horizontal distance mode
Press power key to start.
In the fog can be horizontal distance measurement.

Fast lock into the target
Continuous measurment and real-time ranging.

Speed mode
Press power key to start the measurement speed.
In the speed mode. Long press M button to switch km/h and mile/h.

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Product details Color:Black
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Date First Available : November 19, 2017
  • Manufacturer : LaserWorks
  • ASIN : B077M4BF7T
  • Best-sellers rank #109,382 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    #59 in Laser Rangefinders
    #295 in Rifle Scopes

This is very accurate and mouted on my scope easy.
It is stable and fast.
My reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is simple.
This meter needs a hood. Even under a steel conopy
on a sunny day you connot read it for the glare.
I made one out of foam that works ok on a covered range
but would be a hassel in the field.

You cannot go wrong with it. Reads accurate alongside a Leapold finder. It just takes a little creativity with your mounts to put it along side a rifle scope. UTG Med-pro compact riser mount, one or two low profile tactical picatinny/ Weaver 90 degree mounts off of your existing picatinny rail and you are golden. though it works perfectly mounted on top of a scope with ADE advanced optics picatinny scope ring mounts, it just looks obnoxious. I got all of these items here at amazon.

At the most it will range effectively around 350 yards. Missed the return deadline by 2 days so I’m stuck with it. Don’t waste money on it. No where near “700 meters”

I purchased this for my Barnett Whitetail II crossbow, it is mounted on top of my UUQ Scope (yes it looks awkward, but it's just right) I measured out my target position w/ a 100' tape (3 X's is 100 yards) I was glad to see it is right on the money. Besides being very accurate it is Very Well built from High Quality Materials, it is a bit dim in bright sunlight (I put a 1/2 cover tightly over the lenze top to shade the reading face) it is very easy to adjust for height and switches from distance to speed very quickly w/ the corded control button (a bit long, but easy to coil up w/ small wire ties) I'm very happy with this High Quality Range/Speed Finder

Haven't really had much of a chance to use it on my crossbow or anything yet, I have no way of mounting, but so far, the rangefinder seems to be really nice, mounting it on a scope, You MUST have a picatinny rail adapter on your scope, so if you don't, I suggest ordering one with your new range finder or you'll be like me, Putting it up and just wanting to use it but can't until you can get it set up, I just ordered a new scope and picatinny rail adapters to try it out, on my other scope, there is nowhere to even mount it or install a picatinny adapter on the scope, it's one that has laser and everything else already on it, The quality of the range finder seems to be awesome, and if it does as advertised, It will be one of the best purchases yet, I'll update after I get to use it, Until next time, Take care of yourself, and each other. (Jerry Springer)

Update: 6/19/2019
This is an awesome range finder, I love it, seems to be very accurate, Very well made, I have even dropped it and it's still functioning as it should, I use it on a Barnett predator crossbow, just be advised, you have to have a high mount picatinny rail to mount it over your scope or a side mount to mount it on the side, you might want to order it at the same time you order this range finder

the rangefinder itself seems to line up with my handheld SIG Kilo rangefinder and casual measurement with string and tape.

UI is intuitive enough once you realize that the button on the remote switch is the primary means of interaction.
the display is bright and legible in almost all situations, baring staring straight into the sun, which is characteristic of an OLED display. I did not keep the unit long enough to determine if burn-in of static UI elements is a problem.

a separate power button on the chassis itself, and a removable remoteswitch, perhaps surefire/3.5mm compatible would be a nice feature.

the adjustable mount achieves zeroing effectively enough, but the threaded rods attaching the mount to the base of the unit itself worked their way loose or sheared off and were lost. the unit came off the mount when fired, dangling by the remote switch.

Okay, this thing is just so cool.
A range finder that attaches to your rails and operates pretty much hands free. The pigtail is all you need to use this. You do not have to loose your sight picture or count on your buddy. I have found it is very accurate.
With night vision you will see the laser operating. May be distracting...I think its neat to see it work.
I have not had to change the battery as of yet, used several times.
Great addition for accurate distance and better shooting and there is the cool factor. Quick to mount and remove for storage or to change optics.
Will definitely buy this again...great gift idea.

Purchased the item from LaserWorks1; had initial issues with the tracking number not being reckognized by the carrier. Contacted the seller, received an answer within 1.5 business days. Correct tracking number came 2 days later.
Items wrapping was well done, enough cushion to that there was no chance of damage.
The wrapped boq was filles with foam into which the rangerfinder unit was placed.

The rangerfinder itself looks and feels high quality. Satisfying clicks on the buttons (remote one as well as one the case). The casing seems to be made of aluminum into which the unit is then inserted from the front or back (both ends black shiny plastic, feels durable)
Inital tests with the range finder showed that measurings are quite accurate (within 2 yards from google maps measuring). Field tests will show final accuracy.
According to the manual, the item is rated as IPx4 (proof against splashing water), and there is some flexible material on the battery slot's removable lid. I assume this will at least protect from slight rain or a brief shower, but not necessarily suspended exposure to heavy rainfall.

Using this for airsoft during range tests before games or light in-game use, I am quite sure this thing will be of great asssistance and use.
Fully Satisfied with this purchase.