Tripod Bag Carries -Bailuoni Tripod Package Great As A Carrying Case for Your Tripod in Outdoor/Outing Photography Bag (90cm)(35.4" × 6.3“


    This fits your.
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Carry and protect your 35.4 inch long tripod or studio kit
  • Has a zippered interior pocket
  • Come with a removable shoulder strap
  • With foam padded interior, quick-release buckles and fast-access hook
  • Attached carrying strap handles to transport the tripod for your in outdoor / outing photography


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Bailuoni tripod bag

Bring your tripod or studio kit to your outdoor/hiking photography, Bailuoni tripod bag for your preference.

  • Humanized design, high-quality workmanship, all-round protection.
  • There are multiple sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your kit.
  • Note: Tripods are not included and bags are empty.


Shoulder straps



Detachable shoulder straps (shoulder and hand-held)

  • Comfortable and durable nylon fabric for hand straps and straps for greater weight bearing and less wear
  • Humanized carrying method, dual use of shoulders and hands,
  • Attached strap handle to transport tripod to outdoor/hiking photography
  • Tripod bag is equipped with a strap (adjustable long short)

Reinforced handle

  • Reinforced handles can be safely transported in the hand. Hand feels more comfortable, making it ideal for tripods in outdoor/outdoor photography

Durable zipper

  • Quick Release Buckle and Quick Access Hook
  • Material: Metal buckle
  • Custom zipper, high quality, durable and smooth
  • Zipper: No. 12 largest slider

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Material: waterproof nylon fabric, pearl sponge lining

Thick protection

Built-in sponge protection, collision avoidance, full protection

It has padded compartments,which keep all your gears safe while taking your photography or video studio on the go.


Humanized design, outdoor weather changes, reduce rain penetration, cause damage to the items, and the rain can be easily wiped off

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Internal environment

  • There is a zipper inner bag
  • Can hold photographic equipment gadgets
  • The bag is equipped with a fixed rope to secure the tripod to carry more secure

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Multiple sizes

Multiple sizes

  • Multiple sizes are available, please choose according to your tripod.

Note: Please measure the length and diameter of your tripod to determine the size you need.


  • 50CM*12CM 55CM*12CM
  • 60CM*12CM 65CM*13CM
  • 70CM*12CM 70CM*16CM 75CM*12CM
  • 80CM*12CM
  • 90CM*16CM

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Product information Size:90cm Package Dimensions 16 x 9 x 7 inches Item Weight 2.99 pounds ASIN B071RHKPXZ

A nice bag for my tripod. The bag has a tough nylon exterior, and a smooth nylon interior, both one piece with no seams except for where the end pieces were attached. The seams are wrapped with small nylon strap material so no frayed edges to come apart in the future. A firm foam pad, about 3/8" thick, goes all the way around and runs full length of the bag. No stitching was done through the pad so no thin spots. There is even some padding on the ends. The double zipper looks bullet proof, the metal D rings are well attached, and the nylon handles are made from a single nylon strap going all the way around the bag, so not much chance of that pulling loose. The zippered pocket sown to the inside of the bag measures 5.25"x8.25". Two sets of straps, attached to the inside bottom center of the bag, are more than long enough to tie down any gear you could fit in the bag if needed. The detachable carrying strap looks nice, seems to be well made, and is adjustable, but I never use these. Seems like a tough bag and just under 10oz without the strap.

First of all - these bags are excellent quality and value - I have several and love them!! (professional videographer)

The problem is that the size chart (as displayed on Amazon) is completely wrong.

The size chart shows all the bags, from 55 cm to 80 cm having the same diameter of 4.7" or 12 cm. No bag that I have from this line has a diameter (as shown in the size chart) of 4.7" - don't know where that came from.

As you see in my photo's, the 65 cm bag that I have (several) is 22-1/2 cm (8-3/4") from bottom edge to zipper. The 55 cm bag is 19 cm (7-1/2") from bottom edge to zipper.

So, the bottom line is that the same diameter tripod or light stand, but of a shorter length, will NOT fit in the different bags.

I had to return several of the smaller bags as the shorter version of my tripod (exact same diameter) would not fit in the shorter bag - had to buy the longer gag and use stuffing so the tripod does not slide back and forth.

Great bags but really bad size chart........ just beware!!!

I purchased this bag (55CM) to carry my Gitzo GM 4562 monopod with Kirk MPA-2 tilt head attached, and it fits perfectly. The material is a heavy nylon with moderate padding, and the zipper seems strong, unlike those on some other low-cost bags. This bag is very plain-looking - it doesn't scream "expensive gear inside". Compared to tripod manufacturers' bags at 3 times the price, this is a great deal. I recently purchased the 90CM bag for my full-size RRS tripod with ball head. It's just as well-made as the smaller one. The handles wrap all the way around the bag so no worries about them ripping off. The shoulder strap is 1.5 inches wide and has a non-slip pad and metal swivel hooks. There are tie-down straps inside to keep your gear from sliding around. Highly recommended.

I noticed the seller advertising the carrying case had extra padding but expected that claim would not be true. I was wrong, it is a well-built case. Not a cheap thin case that comes with most tripods. Also, it appears the zipper system is heavy duty and should last. When I first tried putting my Manfrotto tripod inside I was very disappointed that it would not fit. The length was correct but the case diameter was too small. It seemed that the twist locks were getting the way of the zipper. After thinking about it I decided to return this one and purchase the 90cm but didn't like the fact that it would be about 5 inches longer than I needed. Then I realized I could simply loosen the screws and turn the knobs 90 degrees to lessen the overall diameter. Now it fits like a glove. I'm giving it a 4-star rating for durability, only because the case is brand new and hasn't been tested yet. Great product. Will buy more when needed.

I bought the 70 cm bag with normal height, not the 70x16 bag.
It is a perfect fit for a Swarovski Tripod 1 with Fluid Pan Head attached (see photos).

The tripod + head combined length is 26 inches.
The widest point of the head is 6 inches but the rest of the tripod is narrower.
The fit is a snug at the widest spot, but the rest of the bag has some slack.

I'm happy with the fit and function - good padding, easy access, easy to carry, inner zipper, tie strings.
The zipper is plastic with metal pulls and might be an area for concern long term.
Overall it seems well made, but only time will tell about the longevity/durability.
Since this comes in a variety of lengths and widths, you should be able to find one that fits.

This bag is made in China (see photo).
Given that it is just a long/narrow duffel bag with padding, it is probably not worth the $28 that I paid.
But considering the value of the tripod, this bag is the best fit/function I could find and I hope it lasts a few years.

I wanted a compact bag that just fits my Manfrotto 190X with MHXPRO-2W Fluid Head snugly for travel and just generally keeping the tripod from getting scratched or scraped. This bag is perfect! I got the 75cm size. Love the free-spinning metal clasps on the strap, and there's even a couple of tie-down ribbons inside, though my tripod already fits snugly enough that it doesn't want to move around. Zipper teeth are plastic, but large zipper pulls are metal, with double direction pulls.
Note: I can't close bag zipper while tripod's tilt arm is attached - it sticks out from side of tripod and makes the head just a bit too big for the bag to fit around. But it's easy enough to unscrew the arm and nestle it into tripod legs, takes about 5 seconds. I have no problem with this as I'd rather have the bag be a snug fit.

Excellent tripod bag. Fit and finish is exactly what I was looking for. Able to hold my Induro CLT303L carbon fiber with ease. This is an almost 6-foot tripod with the center column retracted but it folds down to 27 inches. I bought the 70cm and the fit is snug with a 6” slack, which I love. There’s nothing worse than lugging along a tripod whose bag has too much room to spare. The bag has tie-downs inside to keep the tripod in place and has a net pouch for storage. Very secure. I’m happy I found this on Amazon.

The product is as described. A good amount of padding and quality workmanship. Fits photo tripods but probably not fluid head tripods; measure before ordering because it’s expensive to return.

accommodates well and protects my Manfrotto 055 aluminum tripod with a ball-head attached to it.