Domke 710-10S F-901 5X9 Compact Pouch (Sand)


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Hook and loop a Domke pouch onto any camera bag strap, belt it or hang it on a tripod or light stand. A hook and loop closure on the top flap keeps your stuff in it's place. Perfect for compact film or digital cameras.

Product information Color:Sand Product Dimensions 5 x 3 x 9 inches Item Weight 5.6 ounces ASIN B00009R8AX Item model number 710-10S

The allure of Domke bags to any professional is simplicty and build quality. When you first start out in photography, you embrace complex products; bags with 50 pockets, tons of padding, multiple straps, individual compartments for every single piece of equipment, etc... After a few years of serious shooting, you come to reject such complexity, usually after you throw out your back. That's where Domke comes in.

The Domke F-901 pouch is intended to compliment your Domke bag. In my case, it compliments my F-802 Satchel, which is my everday back and forth to work bag. It holds a Nikon D300s (no grip) with a Tokina 12-24 lens attached , SB-700, a Nikon 50mm f/1.4, and a small bag containing a Nikon Flash Stand, PocketWizard Flex TT5 Transceiver and TT5 Transmitter. Currently, I am using the Tenba insert though any of the Domke inserts will work great. The bag also holds my daily work stuff such as files, papers, pens, pencils, cell phone, moleskine, etc.. By adding the F-901 pouch, I gain a little more storage capability in a readily accessible format. The pouch attaches to either end of the bag easily using velcro loops abd belt strap and is very sturdy. The pouch is big enough for a variety of items up to an SB-700 with room to spare. It provides great versatility.

Hands down, the pouch will come in handy. The build quality is the same as the Domke bags. This thing will last you a lifetime and probably be handed down.

I don't remember exactly what I bought this for, but I got it because I have the Domke F-803 Camera Satchel, also in sand, which I use as a general shoulder bag (with laptop, papers, etc.) This pouch mates perfectly to the end of the F-803. About the same height, and same color obviously.

Now, I can carry a camera with me as well as fill up the 803 with papers or whatever. The thing about the larger Domke bags (and this style of bag in general) is that while they may look like regular shoulder bags that will hold all kinds of stuff in addition to your camera gear, what really ends up happening is that your camera gear's awkward shapes use up all the usable room in the bag. You might have plenty of room left, but odd spaces not usable for papers, laptops, etc.

This is particularly frustrating if you use a bag like the 803 as a carry-on for airplane travel, because there isn't room for all the other stuff you want to bring with you.

Of course, this is a rather small pouch, so you're not going to fit a full size DSLR in here. However, I've been frustrated traveling with my Canon 40D and two or three large lenses, so I got an Olympus EP-2. This bag is basically perfect for it. I have two lenses for it, the kit lens and the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7, which is what is normally always attached. Both lenses, extra batteries, and a small clamp camera mount all fit in here. It's not quite big enough that you can just toss the camera in, though - things have to be arranged properly for it to fit. That's not a big deal though; you usually have to pay attention to how things are arranged in camera bags anyway.

So the point is, if you've got an F-803 and an EP-2, you like to use the 803 as a shoulder bag for carrying stuff besides your camera, and you like to use it as a carry-on, this is ideal. A lot of conditions there, but you can extrapolate it to whatever equipment you happen to have :)

The greatest advantage is that the camera is right at hand. The EP-2 and accessories will fit in the front pockets of the 803, so if you don't have other stuff you like to carry in those (both pockets on mine tend to fill up with all kinds of other useful stuff if I'm traveling or generally using the bag) you don't really need this pouch. But you'll never get stuck opening all of the clasps and compartments (which is often difficult to do quickly on Domke bags) fumbling for your camera again, because it's very easily accessible this way. If you put this setup under the seat in front of you on an airplane (or wherever) and face the pouch toward you, you can just reach down and take out the camera very quickly.

Of course, that means it's easy for someone *else* to grab it quickly, so if that concerns you, either learn to keep track of your bag and/or use a different arrangement :)

Finally I'll mention the attachment details. It's got both velcro straps and a belt loop. You could theoretically attach it to your belt, if you're not fashion-conscious. The 803 and some other Domke bags have a clip at the end that's designed to go through the belt loop of this pouch (and other Domke accessories I presume). Not all of the bags do, though. The larger Domke bags do all have "handles" at the ends made of the same material as the shoulder strap, and the velcro attachments on this pouch are designed to attach to those. The velcro should be quite secure, but I trust the clip through the belt loop much more.

Great quality, like all Domke products. But it's way overpriced for what you get. Here's the funny worked so well for my use that I bought 2!

Well designed and made as expected with a Domke product. I do wish it was smaller or that Domke offered a slightly smaller version, and that’s the reason for the four stars. Using it as a spare battery bag and charger bag—works well for that!

un très bel étui à tout faire, pour un flash, un objectif, un compact expert. le coton est épais et les coutures sont vraiment bien finies. Au dos un passant pour la ceinture et deux paires de velcros pour attacher en vertical sur des passants de bretelles, c'est bien pensé.
l'anneau en métal fixé sur le dessus m'a permis d'y mettre un mousqueton, ainsi je peux accrocher cet étui n'importe où à l'occasion.
je l'utilise pour un compact stylus 1 avec une batterie supplémentaire au fond dans une pochette.
coté taille, je peux aussi y rentrer un 85/1.4 samyang avec son paresoleil monté à l'endroit soit 9 cm de diamètre et jusqu'à 15 cm de long. le rabat à velcro est rapide à ouvrir/fermer.
un peu cher mais c'est le genre d'étui qu'on traine 20 ans avec soi !