Ape Case ACQB 45 Pro Series Cubeze Flexible Padded Storage Bag, Removable And Adjustable Padded Inserts, Drawstring Closure, Hi-Vis Yellow Interior, Multiple Exterior Pockets For Accessories; For DSLR And Accessories For Canon,Nikon,Olympus,Sony,Fuji


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  • Yellow interior makes tracking small accessories possible in low light
  • It can easily fit within another bag or placed on a shelf
  • Interior padding is adjustable to best suit your needs
  • Drawstring closure for easier access
  • Padded for extra durability


Ape Case

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Color:Black/Yellow  |  Size:45  |  Style:Pro Series  |  Pattern Name:Single

The ACQB45 takes the ACQB33-ACQB39 one step further by adding a black ballistic, rip stop nylon exterior adding even more protection to your expensive gear. It also features exterior pockets for more storage. Bigger than the ACQB43 in width, this insert fits a DSLR camera body with lens attached and additional lenses/accessories. Camera Bag Insert Dimensions: Exterior Width: 6" Exterior Length: 9.75" Exterior Height: 8" Interior Width: 5" Interior Length: 8.5" Interior Height: 7.5"

Product information Color:Black/Yellow  |  Size:45  |  Style:Pro Series  |  Pattern Name:Single Product Dimensions 7.25 x 5.25 x 8.5 inches Item Weight 10.4 ounces ASIN B009KY602E Item model number ACQB45

I absolutely love this bag!
I bought it to hold my DSLR and an extra lens in my messenger bag while on a 10-day trip to Germany. I had originally bought a brand new, $120, dedicated camera backpack for the trip, but after a few months of using it, I realized (like most dedicated camera backpacks and bags) it was too bulky and too heavy. When I came across the ApeCase for $12, I figured that it was worth a shot. I'm happy to say that it worked absolutely perfectly.

The case is made with a hefty ripstop nylon with the ApeCase logo imprinted in it. While it is about 10.5 inches tall, only the bottom 6 inches are padded. The rest allows the bag to close via drawstring. (photos 1 & 6)

The drawstrings allow it to close securely and tightly. This was a huge help to me in the airports when going through security. They asked me to put all electronics together in a separate bin, so I put my charging cords, headphones, and adapter in with my camera, closed the top, pulled it out of my bag and put it in the bin. When done, I was able to simply slide it back into my bag within seconds.

I really like that if you do not want to mess with the drawstring top, it pulls down around the rest of the bag on the outside to leave an open top. This would be great for someone who just needs a place to put their camera between shots, or to switch cameras. I used this feature whenever I would change lenses.

The case is supplied with two adjustable padded dividers. The case has two Velcro strips along the inside, which allows the dividers to be placed wherever you need them. (photo 4)

The only CON I have with the bag (so far) is that it does not come in a color other than construction yellow. I feel that since this is a case for expensive cameras and the like, it should be in a color that does NOT attract attention. It does make it easy to find small pieces in dim light though.

Overall, I would certainly give this ApeCase a 9/10.

Photo 5 shows my case with a Nikon D3300 with strap and 18-55mm lens attached, a 55-200mm lens, and a Rugged memory card case.

Photo 6 shows the closed full case.

All measurements in the photos are in inches. I am not an employee, nor was I compensated by ApeCase in anyway for this review.

Fits like a glove. I can fit my D7000 with 17-55mm 2.8 lens attached (hood in reverse) and on the other sideI can fit my sigma 8-16 horizontaly and my old nikkor Q 2.8 135mm on top of it. It looks pretty boxy that way with both lenses horizontally. If i just have one vertically it doesnt look too boxy. plus there is still space in the center for my cokin filters. lens pens. etc.. i was always looking at inserts but could not justify spending 40 on an "insert". the padding on this one is great. not too thick that will take up too much space.

Bottom line. Much better then the timbuk snoop insert and at a THIRD of the cost.

So far, so good! Works perfectly with a purse I already had...I ordered the 10.25x7x4, it fits my Nikon with kit lens, a smaller prime lens, and extra space for a possible third lens, or flash, or small point and shoot or GoPro, or small folding tripod to use with my phone or GoPro. This insert saved me $300 compared to the Ona and Kelly Moore bags I was desiring! This works great, look bright and cheery, feels pretty protected from water and weather! I like and recommend.

I ordered the Cubeze QB37 (Medium) based on all of the positive reviews here and on another site. I ended up returning it.

First, the dimensions listed on the package, on Ape Case's website, and here on Amazon are all in conflict with one another. For future reference, the dimensions listed on the package are as follows. Inner Dimensions: 9.25" L x 7.0" H x 4.0" W. Outer Dimensions: 9.75" L x 7.5" H x 4.5" W. Ape Case's website lists the following. Inner Dimensions: 9.25" L x 6.5" H x 4.25" W (that's a 1/2" shorter and 1/4" wider). Outer Dimensions: 9.75" L x 6.75" H x 4.5" W (that's 3/4" shorter). Amazon simply lists "4.5 x 8 x 7". None of this is a huge deal, but you should be aware.

Second, while the padding of the bag is probably sufficient, it feels a little thinner and cheaper than I was expecting. Furthermore, the drawcord on top can't be cinched fully closed, which means dust and whatnot from the bottom of your bag will have no problem getting in. So while the Ape Case is fully worth the purchase price, I decided I'd rather spend a bit more to protect my DSLR and lenses. $20 more to protect $1,000 worth of camera equipment is a no-brainer in my book.

This being the "Large" size case I was hoping it would accommodate a full size DSLR and lens but it does not. I have a Nikon D810 and various lenses I use for landscape and general photography and the only way I could get my camera to fit in this bag was with my smallest (18-35) lens or without a lens. With the 18-35, the camera barely fits (lens down) and if I lay the camera on its side then I can't get my other lenses in the bag. This may be sized right for a smaller mirrorless camera but not a full size DSLR.

As far as the construction of the bag goes, it's about as good as it gets for the price you pay. Quality is not near as good as a Tenba BYOB but then you pay more for those as well. I wanted this bag to take a minimal kit and carry it in my backpack however, There is no way to really grab onto the bag other than by the drawstring which I'm not to fond of as constant pulling on that cord to lift a weighted bag out of a pack would probably put a good deal of stress on the seams. There is also no padding on the top of the bag, the top is just thin nylon so if you want to use this in a pack then you have to be careful what sits on top of it. Padding is also pretty thin compared to the Tenba bags I mentioned before so not sure how much protection it would provide.

For the price it's not a bad bag but just not for my intended use. I thought I'd give it a try since Ape Case generally gets favorable reviews. I have a lot of camera bags that serve a specialized purpose but this one is going back. I think I'll spend a bit more to protect my gear.

Fantastic cases to carry camera kit in a day pack rucksack.

Acaba de llegar (compre el modelo pequeño, es decir, el ACQB33), y sinceramente muy recomendada:

El costo fue bajo.
El material es aislante y protege bien la cámara.
Es de un tamaño perfecto para una mochila mediana.

Consideren que es para una cámara chica (una sin espejo o una APSC pequeña), con un lente añadido y otro lente pequeño en la bolsa.

En mi caso cabe una Canon T7, con un lente macro de 60 mm y otro lente 18-135 mm; y aun hay espacio para baterías. Claro todo bien ordenado.

Recomiendo la bolsa para aquellos que no quieran invertir en una bolsa fotográfica, pero quieran protegerla dentro de una mochila ordinaria, para llevarla a todos lados sin que se note que se lleva una cámara fotográfica.

Es tan buena la bolsa, que estoy considerando comprar el siguiente modelo que es un poco más grande, es decir el ACQB35, paro poder añadir un flash.

Antes de comprarlo, me fije muy bien en las medidas, comparándolo con las mochilas donde lo voy a meter.
Quedo tal cual lo imaginaba.
Lo puedo llevar en un bag pak o en una mochila lateral, quedando exacto.
Llevo mi cámara 70D con lente pacto 100mm L y le cabe un lente extra mediano.
Si voy a hacer foto street, llevo un 35mm en el cuerpo y cabe un angular 10-18mm, un 50mm f1.8 y un 24mm pancake.
Muy contento con el producto.
Recomiendo que chequen varias veces las medidas par que estén seguros de que es lo que necesitan.
Lo compre, porque prefiero llevar una mochila que no se vea que es de fotografía. Lo puedo llevar en distintas mochilas que tengo.

case appear to be constructed well. Came with a few dividers so the case could be arranged in different configuration. Think I would have preferred the case to have a padded cover/lid. This would provide some protection from items stacked above the case when used in my backpack. As well this would provide a better carry handle. The material of case is vinyl or nylon & looks to be durable. The case I got (9") is OK for my crop sensor DSLR, but If I insert the camera with lens on it, there is not a lot of room for anything else.

The size of this is perfect to pop it inside of a backpack or even some shoulder bags. It simply offers you the same type of segmented, padded camera storage you'd get inside of a camera bag, but you can stick it into the bag of your choice. It's a nice bit of versatility that I like a lot.

Compré este artículo al ver el precio y leer que le cabía una cámara DSLR con un lente zoom.
Al llegar el producto, me llevé la sorpresa de que mi D500 solo cabe sin objetivo . :(
Es para una cámara de mano pequeña, una cámara mirrorless o una DSLR muy pequeña.

El estuche es de excelente calidad. Es una lástima el tamaño.

Buen producto para transformar cualquier mochila en una mochila para fotografía. Está hecho con materiales de excelente calidad.
El color amarillo realmente facilita encontrar objetos pequeños dentro de el estuche protector.
La única desventaja es que es un poco angosta. Solo le cabe el cuerpo de la D500.

Es un gran producto tal vez no sea para todos los fotógrafos, pero sin duda es de las mejores opciones para guardar el equipo y pasar de ser percibido, cabe perfectamente un 70-200mm ƒ2.8 y un angular ƒ2.8 montado en cámara de tamaño profesional, ó dos dslr pequeñas la tela es 100% impermeable tanto la capucha amarilla como la construcción de la bolsa, y los bolsillos exteriores son ideales para traer cargador y pilas o tarjetas de memoria en sus respectivos estuches, tal vez le falta un poco mas de acolchado para mi gusto pero si lo puedes conseguir en oferta y no quieres que se note que traes una mochila de fotografía es de las mejores inversiones que puedes hacer tanto si lo usas es una mochila de tamaño escolar o en una bolsa de mano de buen tamaño.

Compre primero una versión más pequeño, donde cabe una cámaras y un lente, pero necesitaba otra versión más grande y esta opción es perfecta, cabe una cámara, un lente y un flash, y el precio es muy aceptable.
Esta es la nueva versión, es un poco más acolchonada, de color gris en el exterior y amarilla en el interior.

Bought it to use with my Arcteryx Arro 22 and Arcteryx Khamski 38, it fits perfect in my Arro 22. I was able to fit my Sony a6500, Sony 10-18 f4, Sony 24-70 f2.8, and Sigma 30mm f1.4 in the case, but you do need to play around with the placement. If i'm attaching my sony 24-70 to the camera, it'll stick out about half an inch.

It works really well if you do swap between backpacks and messenger bags, just take your case out and pop it in another bag. I do own quite a few camera backpacks and messenger bags, but still prefer to take hiking/trail backpacks with me when traveling and need to be out and about for the whole day.

Inicialmente pedí uno que llegó bien y que me gusta mucho, protegen muy bien el equipo u caben en mochilas normaleshacen más ágil empacar y viajar, luego pedí otro que nunca llegó pero Amazon se hizo cargo y me devolvieron mi dinero no hubo perdida

I was looking for a backpack or messenger bag insert for my E-M1 and lenses/flash. This fits the bill perfectly. Can fit camera body with either the 12-40 or 40-150 attached, with space for an additional lens and flash. Drawstrings are a nice touch for extra protection. Probably the best feature is that this turns any large-enough, normal looking bags into a fairly padded camera bag.

I bought this product for a 3 week trip. I didn't want to use a legit camera bag as it would be too conspicuous (not to mention bulky and less travel-friendly). This allowed me freedom to use my own backpack. It just fits my Canon EOSR with an adapter mount and a 24-105mm lens, with some room for extra batteries and accessories. Taking the camera out and putting it back in is quick and easy, and the bright yellow color allows for good contrast when rummaging for stuff. Since returning, I still use this to transport my camera in my hometown.

Funciona bien para guardar cámaras! Lo uso dentro de una mochila para ser discreto!

Funciona con mi Sony a6400 a la perfección y dos lentes medianos

Perfect size and design to keep my fuji XT3 and lenses safe in my day hiking pack. I haven’t ever been able to find a dedicated camera pack that’s comfortable on my frame for hiking. So this padded insert has become the solution for me.