Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack Bag for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras (Canon Nikon Sony Pentax)


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  • ADJUSTABLE PADDED DIVIDERS: Main compartment has sturdy, padded, adjustable dividers. Holds DSLR cameras with a standard zoom lens.
  • QUICK ACCESS SIDE OPENING: Main compartment has convenient zippered side opening.
  • PADDED SLING STRAP ROTATES TO FRONT: The comfort sling design allows for quick rotation from the back to the front of your body, giving you easy and fast access to your gear.
  • ACCESSORY STORAGE: Top compartment allows you to fit extra lenses or flash units. Exterior tripod/monopod holder. Zippered mesh pockets in both compartments.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Backed with Digital Goja 90-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Altura Photo

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Altura photo

Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack for DSLR Cameras


Our lightweight, durable camera backpack is ready for all your daily escapades! Adjustable, padded dividers allow you to customize the main compartment to the various combinations of cameras and lenses you might pick to accompany you on your daily adventures. The top compartment above it holds flashes and other accessories, while the zippered interior pockets in both compartments keep batteries and cards safe and sound. It even has a tripod holder on the side.


The soft, padded, cross-body strap wears comfortably and can be rotated to bring the bag to the front of the body. This - and the zippered side opening - allows you quick and easy access to your travel companions without removing the bag.



- Curved, padded sling strap allows bag to rotate to front of body without removing

- Designed to fit DSLR cameras and lenses, mirrorless cameras, DJI Mavic Pro Drone and accessories

- Side-zippered main compartment with customizable, sturdy, padded dividers

- Top compartment for flashes and other shooting essentials

- Mesh interior pockets for smaller items

- Tripod/monopod holder on exterior

- Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5" x 16" (LxWxH)

Sling Backpack 2


- Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and other DSLRs and photographic equipment.

Product information Product Dimensions 17 x 8.1 x 6.4 inches Item Weight 1.1 pounds ASIN B00PV0IEDY Item model number UZ0272

Very happy with this bag. It fits my Canon EOS 7D perfectly. In the photo I uploaded, it has the 50mm lense and the 28-135mm on the right. I also have extra accessories, such as my Speedlite 430EXII, located in the top pocket.

Great bag. I've been wearing it on my travels and it is very comfortable and easy to access on the fly. Divider system is not as well-designed as it could be but there is plenty of room for my camera and two lenses. And yes, it does fit with a 70-300mm lens attached to the camera!

If you like carrying around a bunch of photography stuff and/or you have the more expensive FX lenses that tend to be bigger. This is probably not going to function as nicely as you like. I am one such photography and I love the design of the bag but it's... inches too small. This would be a 10 star bag if just an extra inch was added in width and potentially length.

Fantastic design. This thing works as a sling, swings around just like pictured and has buckles on the front to prevent camera items from falling out when you unzip it. But if you want easier access you just unbuckle them, no fuss, nice and simple.
The strap for the bag is also great. The band is wide so even when I put heavy lenses in it the strap doesn't dig into my shoulder. It also has a buckle for quick removal and an extra across your stomach for stability.

For me, it's slightly too small. I love the fact they kept is small but for what I want to use it for I am stuffing it a little too much...
This bag definitely can't fit my flash... I am simply not comfortable with taking it out of it's case to fold it oddly in the top like they show. I'd almost rather put an extra lens up there in a case than do that.
If you own a basic DSLR with DX lenses you will easily fit- Camera Body, stock lens (24-120mm), a 35 mm(or 55mm) and a small telephoto(70-200mm, 70-300mm gets slightly too long for standing tall as shown in picture)
If you own a camera that uses FX lenses... Be prepared to stuff... you can get the body with a lens attached (not telephoto) and a smaller 35mm or 55mm lens but if you want to add a telephoto you have to start changing the way the camera sits inside the bag and personally I am a little weary of how protected the camera is at that point. I will say it fits but just not well.
The side pocket would fit a small tripod as shown but I have yet to test how well the tripod really stays put and wears on your back like that. I am guessing it's not going to be as nicely wearable as I hope. As far as a gorilla tripod, this would definitely sit there and travel just fine.
There are several pockets for the little stuff. Extra battery, memory cards (strongly encourage a large case not individual memory card cases bc they will fall out, cleaning cloth, lens caps and so on. I do wish this had at least 1 zippered pocket but it doesn't :(

In short
Design, style, wearablity and comfort I give 10 stars out of 5 :D Very very happy with this aspect of the bag.
Easily fits smaller DX lenses and body
Lots of small pockets
Love the space for tripod

Slightly small if you are using FX lenses (ONE to TWO inches in width and depth would make this a perfect back for FX lenses as well!)
Personally don't feel it fits a flash
Wish one or two of the pockets zipped instead of velcro

With all that said, I'd buy it again. It's functionality is so incredible that I just have to have it and will continue to work with it in hopes I find a better solution for the storage spacing of the lenses... good tetris practice.

Just received this camera bag and after putting all my things it is I can say it is a Great camera sling backpack. Slinging it over my shoulder is easier for me to put on and I love it that you can pull it around the front of you and get into the main pocket with the camera in it.
I can fit my Canon T5i with the 18-55mm lens on it and both the 300mm and 250mm lens in with the camera. In the netting pocket inside that area I have both spare battery and spare camera card in it. There is room left to tuck my charger in and take with me if I am going to use this for trips.

In the area at the top of the backpack I have both my 50mm and 10-18mm lens in it. It is not too tight buy snug enough that they won't be moving around banging into each other. The netting pockets inside this top area hold my remote controller, cleaning cloths and cleaning brush.
I am pleased that as I pulled the sling backpack around to front that the main pocket opens to the side facing up, toward my face and I can get into it without fear of anything falling out. There is a latch across that pocket that you can unlatch and unzip all the way open if desired.

I have a big tripod but it does fit, the bag has a small pocket for one leg of tripod to go into it and a strap to hold the tripod tight. I tried it and wouldn't be worried at all to carry the tripod on the bag although I like using my mono pod better than a tripod. The mono pod fits very nicely also.

This is a good quality bag. I have bought several bags for my camera but this one is going to be my favorite because of the space, ease of putting it on, carrying it.

One thing I didn't see when first ordering this was a picture of the extra strap that goes across the front of you. I can see where this would be a great help if you are hiking with this pack on as it levels out the pack and makes it more like a backpack and very secure. But if you have it snapped on, you can't bring the backpack around to the front until you unsnap it. At least you have a choice.

I highly recommend this bag.

Very disappointed in this Altura Photo Camera Sling. The padding seemed slim, to say the least, but the deal breaker for me were zippers on the bag which were always snagging on the bag material. Not one of its zippers opened or closed without difficulty; they all got hung-up on the surrounding material. The zipper issues were so substantial I returned the bag after a few days and ordered a more expensive LowePro sling pack instead. The LowePro sling had zippers which worked flawlessly, and the amount of padding in the LowePro sling was much more substantial and could easily prevent damage to the camera in an unintended drop. I've purchased Altura products before but never their camera bags. I know now not to even consider them as this one was sub-standard.

I needed a backpack for my coming 4-6 weeks trip to Russia. I have tested my Altura Photo Camera Sling Backpack now for 2 - 3 weeks. This pack is just perfect for my Canon EOS R body and RF 24-105 lens. On the bigger top pocket there is room for another lens like EF 16-35 + adapter or RF 35 lens. Now there is my Gnarbox 1.0, an external PowerBank and Color Checker passport. On the left side of the RF-lens (see the picture) I have one Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT and Speedlite transmitter ST-E3-RT. On the right side there is my camera strap and 3 camera batteries. Behind the lens there is 8 AA battries. In the smaller top pocket I have some SD-cards. There is a starp to hang a light tripod or monopod on the lower side. A place for 1L water bottle is missing. I shall carry also another backpack for my cloths and etc. Altura will hang on my front side. The future tells how durable this pack is, but it seems to be well done?

great bag, fits all 4 of my lenses, mind you i have 3 small primes and 1 kit lens, and a t3i so not the biggest equipment but it works for me, also carry my tripod with this bag everywhere i got and my charger two batterys extra sd cards and lens cloths etc, am able to bike with this bag at highspeeds without it moving around. would buy again.

This bag has the perfect size. The dividers are adjustable so you can fully customize the interior. I'm able to fit my DSLR body with a lens attached as well as an extra lens, plus many other miscellaneous items. I would think you could probably fit at least one more lens. The only downside is that after wearing it for many hours (which is how long you will probably be using it for) I experience some pain in my right shoulder (due to the weight being carried by only that side). But that goes for all sling bags, so keep that in mind when purchasing a camera bag that is supported by only one shoulder. If you aren't carrying much with you or are able to compromise that for the ease of access to your camera, then go for it.

I bought this bag to hold a specific camera body and a lens or 2 plus accessories. I have never been able to use this bag effectively for any camera equipment. It just doesn't do anything well enough to be useful in a professional environment. That being said I'm sure it would be decent for someone who occasionally carries a camera besides their phone.

Great backpack for my Canon 80D SLR and lenses. Not bulky, and can carry 3 lenses with your camera, possibly 4.

I loved the bag ( though shipping cost was crazy for such a light weight) but only word it a few times and the strap broke from the bag... came out. Don't know if I can hand sew it but that shouldn't happen especially in a week of use!!!

Came as described and made with quality materials. Lots of neat pockets and mesh to hold all your things. I saw a review also on Youtube and was sold! To sweeten the deal, it was on sale as well on Amazon. I plan on using this to hold my DSLR and future mirrorless when I go out travelling!

Perfect for my 80D and extra lens.I like the other compartment that I can fit my external flash and extra battery . Not too big to carry for a petite woman like me.

nice sturdy bag but not very comfortable to wear and difficult to access, always open with caution and on a table the lenses and camera will just slide right out.

Perfect for my outdoor photo shooting. Good fit for my Nikon B700 or camera of similar. Room for accessory and lunch pack and binocular for bird watching. Sling design is convenient for back and front carrying. Not bulky at all for traveling or bicycling.

Too small for the camera.. I expected something just a little bigger. Not much room for accessories, of any kind

Fast shipping came when it was supposed to.... Decent size.... Said it would fit a tripod... It does not.. (mine anyways) no cleaning cloth as described.

This backpack is everything I was hoping it would be - well designed and good quality. It was very easy to carry and access during my last birding trip to Point Pelee, ON last weekend. I highly recommend it!.

Love this case! Bought it for my fuji xt20 and everything fits perfectly. The case isn't too big and has a number of compartments for easy storage.

Super achat et s├ęcuritaire une ganse sur l ├ępaule et l autre au tour de taille je vous le recommande