Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Camera Case (Anthracite)


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  • Camera case compatible with most compact point and shoot cameras, Material:Polyester
  • Zippered pocket stores memory cards and other small accessories
  • Includes a convenient belt loop or detachable lanyard.
  • Quality materials and logical organization ensure your equipment is stored safely inside
  • Size:4.9 x 2.8 x 3.1 in, Fit Devices: 4.3"L x 2.6"W x 1.2"H


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Color:anthracite  |  Style:Medium

Accented with vibrant detailing and an additional pocket for storage, this camera case is tailored to fit most compact digital cameras. Carrying options include a convenient belt loop or detachable lanyard.

Product information Color:anthracite  |  Style:Medium Product Dimensions 2.8 x 3.1 x 4.9 inches Item Weight 0.003 ounces ASIN B00BT80PAM Item model number DCB-302Ant

If you are looking for a case that fits the Canon G7X, two spare batteries, and an SD card, then this case is for you. If you plan on carrying your camera everywhere you go like Casey Neistat, this case has a built in belt loop. I really like this case because of its minimal design. When wearing it on your belt, it doesn't look like you have a big fanny pack hanging on your side. Small, black, and discreet is what I was looking for in a case. This case is meant to hold the bare essentials. If you want more space to carry other things, then this case is not for you. Included with this case is a shoulder strap which i doubt I'll ever use. I had a hard time looking for a perfect fitting case for the G7X until I stumbled upon this case so I hope this review helps someone out there. I took a bunch of pics to show how everything fits inside.

Perfectly fits my Panasonic ZS100. The front pocket fits a spare battery and includes a small compartment that fits an SD card. The case is padded and seems to protect the camera quite well.
The shoulder strap is narrow (1.3 cm), but can be easily replaced.

I bought the smaller DCB302 case for my Canon G7 X Mark II and while the camera fit in the case it was a very tight fit. I found it awkward to use the camera with this case. It was a struggle to remove the camera and then to try and reinsert it into the case while wearing it on my belt. I decided to get the larger DCB313 case and it is a perfect fit for my camera, extra batteries and SD card.

Camera fits perfectly in the main compartment. The front compartment is large enough to fit the battery charger that came with the camera. Fitting two spare batteries is also possible provided you lay them flat at the bottom of the main compartment, and vertical inside the front one. (See attached pictures.) Mesh pocket in the front still has enough space for an extra SD card. Overall, great product.

Previously had the smaller Case Logic Point and Shoot case, and loved it. Both it, and this case are well padded, and have included neck strap.

This case is a great fit for the Panasonic ZS100. Room for extra battery or two and some extra memory cards as well. I recommend putting the shutter end of the camera in first, and the lens end in last. That way the camera fits better if you have extras like battery in the extra compartment.

Look around at the different vendors at Amazon, for me, Amazon showed being out of stock, and the prices vary a lot. I ordered from Digital Shopper, lowest price, and it arrived two days faster than first estimated.

Perfect for the Canon G7X II. This case was my constant companion fastened to my belt on a two-week trip through England. It never let me down, was easy to access, held the camera snugly, and had enough room for a spare battery and memory card. I didn't use the neck strap, but it was available for those who prefer that method. High marks for this one.

I would have given this product 5 stars, both because it is the *perfect* snug fit for my Canon G7X and because it has a completely separate zippered compartment for safe storage of a spare battery/memory card (rather than just a side pocket inside the main camera compartment like most other small cases, which puts those items at greater risk for inadvertent loss), but the version I received (which is still notated as product # DCB-302) has a much thinner belt strap than what is pictured on this product on Amazon and even on Case Logic's website. It also has only one, rather than two, loops for the shoulder strap. Shame on Case Logic for compromising their product design just to make a few more pennies, and worse, for not updating their product photos.

Case seems well padded and decently made. However, it just barely fits G7X Mark II. The camera is thick and the case has to stretch a bit to close. I would go for a larger case, especially since i'll probably add a filter adapter to it which thickens it more.

Update: to make more room. I cut out a circular hole in the middle wall. I sealed the nylon with a soldering iron and will sew it together. Technically you could just cut all of it out too. There's is still padding in the front pouch and around it. Attached picture

Canon G7X MkII will NOT fit in this case ...

I bought this case intending it to fit my Canon G7X Mk II. Although the internal dimensions on the Amazon page suggested it would fit (camera 105 x 61 x 42 mm, case internals 112 x 75 x 45 mm), in fact it doesn't. It's just about possible to force-fit it into the case, but zipping it up is impossible - and attempting to do so results in the camera powering up and attempting to push the lens out into the unyielding case - not good for the lens mechanism, and of course it will quickly flatten the battery.

Other than that, it's a good little case, well-made, reasonably padded - just NOT quite suitable for the Canon G7X II. I bought a Case Logic QPB202 Hard Shell Case instead, which is a perfect fit.

I was extremely disappointed with this case and I was even more disappointed with Case logic, because I thought that they were a company that produce high-quality things and I was wrong.
This camera case is all crooked, it is sawn crooked, the front pocket is crooked, the logo has been sawn at the front crooked. Very cheap Chinese product, this is what it is and at £12 it is way overpriced. It's probably costing .30p to make.

First impression in trying to insert a TZ60 into the case before removing the packing card was, it is going to be much too tight. After removing the packing, insertion was easier making a snug fit, but without the wrist strap.
An important warning mentioned by another reviewer is to insert the camera with the power button end going to the bottom of the case. As I found, with the power button end at the top end it is easy when handling the camera to touch the power button and cause the lens to begin zooming out.
Not wanting anything bulky on my waist belt, this compact case suits me well. I would buy it again.

Nearly three months use and much pleased with it.
The TZ60 now fits very comfortably in the preferred way and is easy to remove and replace.
The outer zipped pocket generously holds two batteries and two memory cards (both in tandem) without being obtrusive in a bulky way.
And I like the tasteful style and feel of the zip tabs as well.
The camera and case have an affinity for each other!

The case looks to be well made in a tough nylon type of material with enough padding to protect the camera and the accessories. The zips look robust. It includes a belt loop at the back and has a hanging strap (which I haven't tried yet).
The large compartment is big enough to house a Panasonic DC-FT7 weatherproof camera - which is quite bulky.
The smaller compartment fits a USB-powered battery charger, lead and spare battery, with a further pocket for a spare SD card. At a squeeze, there would be room for a third and even a fourth battery in this compartment,

Seems to perfect in size for the Sony DSC RX100 iii for which it was purchased. By this I mean that it fits with a little bit of room to spare so no tugging to extract it etc. Even with the extra small compartment for SD cards etc this is still a sensibly small size case that is practical to wear on a belt without it getting in the way of everyday activities. It appears to be well made and good value.....time will tell.

I had been searching for a pouch style case for my Sony RX100 VI and this one is quite close - not a perfect fit as it's a little bit taller than the camera in a vertical position but it's the best fit I've found so far. This Case Logic case is well made and the zips etc. seem good quality.

Whilst not heavily padded it's adequate and there's a handy external pocket for batteries plus a slip pocket inside that for SD cards. You also get a detachable shoulderstrap and there's a belt loop but it's the sort that you have to open your belt to fit it. Overall, a good buy.

J'ai longtemps hésité avant de le prendre à la vue des commentaires disant qu'il était trop petit pour un canon g7x mark II.

Eh bien non ! Il rentre parfaitement et avec sa dragonne ! La pochette est légère et semble résistante.

Par contre je ne sais pas à quoi sert la bandoulière fournie avec tellement elle est petite... Mais à ce prix c'est déjà très bien !

N'hésitez pas à me dire que le commentaire vous a été utile, ça fait toujours plaisir !

I bought this to keep my lumix TZ30 and batteries in. I usually buy Lowepro but I was put off because it only has the one compartment, I needed to put my spare batteries in and I was worried I might lose them as I opened the case and I am not keen on velcro fastening for the belt strap.
Case Logic did not disappoint me I can fit my Lumix TZ30 in comfortably and three spare batteries in the front compartment, the belt strap feels secure and it does not bother me that I have to thread it on to the belt, less chance of it being lost. I am very pleased with my purchase.

I purchased this for a new Panasonic Lumix camera. The quality of the case was good however I felt that it was to tight to squeeze the camera in and out. Personally I hate having to fiddle around trying to get the camera out and in whilst I am travelling about. The case was returned and I purchased the Amazon Basics model which I found to be much better size.

I have been using a Lowepro 20AW for my Panasonic TZ7 for the past two years, but it has got very tatty so I ordered a new one. But I also ordered this Case Logic bag on a friend's recommendation.

It is much better - well made, robust, a comfortable fit, with a closeable front compartment for the spare battery and memory card. And £2.75 cheaper too. If there is a drawback (not for me) it is that unlike the 20AW, the belt loop is closed. But I won't mark it down just for that. Definitely a 5* product.

Note... it is listed as a Case Logic DCC302 but on Case Logic's website it is listed as DCB302 (Amazon please note!).

The 20AW was returned and a spare DCB302 ordered as I have a Canon SX230 arriving today (same size).

PS This case is also a perfect fit for Sony's new RX100 (superb) camera!

If you need a camera bag/case that is practical - this is it. Bought this bag for my Panasonic TZ30 and it fits like a dream, snug and secure. As I use my camera on hillwalking trips the bag had to securely fit to my trouser belt as for my sport you are often scrambling up Munros on all fours. The belt loop is closed so no chance of it dropping off unlike some other bags that claim quick release !!! As well as a good padded bit for the camera it also has spare zip pockets for a spare battery and memory cards.
On your hip, your camera is always at the ready for that unexpected photo opportunity when you hanging by your finger nails. I would recommend this good looking bag for anyone who loves the great outdoors, or for going on holiday - brilliant bag !

The case for my old TZ30 wasn't quite big enough. The case for my LX7 was just a little over-sized and I still need it anyway. So, after extensive searching, I took a chance on this Case Logic DCC302, the quoted internal measurements were generally OK but at 110mm high, in theory 1mm too little. In reality the TZ60 fits fine, with a couple of 1 or 2 mm to spare height-wise and perfect width/depth in the main, camera compartment. The front pocket will certainly take a spare battery, maybe two, and a card. The detachable shoulder strap is slim and fine but unlikely to be used by me. I'll be putting the camera on my waist belt, where it will be very secure but less convenient than my LX57 case, because the belt loop does not split (this is clearly stated in the description), so you have to put it on before fastening the belt, which is why I've given it 4* and not 5.

This is a really smart little case. I bought it as a replacement for an older model Case Logic I had after the dog got hold of it. Saw no reason to go with another brand since I've had a few of these in the past and they hold up really well and this is no exception. A good sized, padded main pocket and a smaller pouch on the front are just the right size for my Sony HX80/spare battery and cards. I feel like the case will offer an excellent level of protection for my camera when it's in my bag.

This product does fit the g7x Mark ii JUST! - the case will stretch a little very quickly, which then makes the prefect size case with spare battery compartment. Very happy. Only negative (very picky) is the zips come in to contact with the camera when taking it in and out if your not careful, unlikely to scratch as they are plastic, but still is rather they didn't

I liked this item, although it was too small for my Nikon AW130.
I liked the separate pocket for spare battery and memory card. I liked its versatility: it could be worn on a belt or worn around the neck.
It looked as if it would provide good protection for a camera.
When choosing a camera case, take into account whether a camera strap needs to fit into the case as well as the camera. My Nikon would have fitted by itself, but not with its carrying strap. Such a shame!