Cotton Carrier 288GREY CCS G3 Strap Shot for One Camera - Grey


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  • Ideal for use with DSLR, Mirrorless and Compact System Cameras
  • Attaches to existing belt or backpack shoulder strap
  • Patented Twist & Lock Mount for security and stability
  • Camera tether also works as a wrist strap
  • Patented Velcro-Wrap holster, Anodized aluminium camera hub and rubber washer, Mounting strap, Quick release safety tether, Hand strap, Camera-hub mounting bolt, Allen key, Tether split-ring


Cotton Carrier

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Cotton Carrier

Included in the Strapshot package

Cotton Carrier Handstrap

Cotton Quick Release Tether




The CCS Camera Hand Strap provides comfort and security when holding your DSLR. The heavy-duty Velcro strap allows you to instantly tighten or loosen your hand against the camera’s body, making holding heavy cameras and lenses a pleasure.

Saftey Tether

Backup quick release safety tether, or as some call it, the "oh crap strap!" Provides an extra level of security when using the Strapshot. Allowing you to be certain your camera is always safe.


Cotton Carrier original, flat, virtually indestructible, friction-free, hard-anodized aluminum hub. Secured with a slotted hole to allow for slight adjustment to avoid blocking the battery door. A threaded hole on the hub allows you to still use your tripod with our system.

High Quality

Cameras and lenses are expensive, so why take a chance when transporting your gear? Our high-quality products are made from tough materials: Lexan camera mounts; hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs; best-quality polypropylene nylon webbing and straps; quality stitching; and oversize clips all around.

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Product information Product Dimensions 2.4 x 5 x 9.69 inches Item Weight 8.4 ounces ASIN B076K2YSXP Item model number 288GREY

I'm giving this four stars because its definitely a well-designed and solid product for solving the problem of carrying an SLR. That said, I returned it for a couple reasons that may or may not matter to others. The unit is a lot bigger, and more rigid, than it looks. That creates a definite pressure point in where it mounts on a backpack strap. But worse, if you're using something other than a daypack (like an internal frame backpack for "real" backpacking), there's just not a good way to mount it because of that. You can't mount it above the chest strap because its too high, and the camera would (best case) be torquing the strap in an uncomfortable way, but more to the point, it can't meet the kind of curve you have at that point in the strap anyway. Its so large, it won't really fit below the chest strap either, and its hit-or-miss if the support strap would have anywhere to hook onto on a pack. (The unit is supported with a strap that is supposed to attach to the handle of the backpack, to keep it from sliding down.) On the two packs we tested it on -- an REI Flash45 and an Osprey Kyte46 -- there was no way to attach it without interfering at chest level, and no way to support it mounted any lower.

The description also suggests it could be used on a belt, but because of its side and rigidity, you'd be banging your thighs on it unless it was on your hip -- where you can't mount things when you have an internal-frame pack, because the hip pads are there.

Basically, its a great product if you're throwing it onto a casual backpack to go on a day hike, but not really workable if you're using a larger pack for multi-day hiking.

I attached the Cotton Carrier to the shoulder strap of my Osprey day pack. We spent two weeks hiking in the Cascade Mountains and Olympic Peninsula of Washington. It was a huge improvement over my prior practice of hanging my camera's neck strap around my neck or over my shoulder. I really didn't like the idea of my DSLR swinging around as I climbed in the mountains. We hiked 6-10 miles per day. The Cotton Carrier worked very well. By the end of most hikes I had a growing awareness of the camera on my chest. The carrier did create a pressure point on my chest wall as the weight of the camera rotated the attachment plate. Its not perfect, but it is by far the best solution to carrying a full-frame DSLR while hiking.

Got the strap today and hooked it up to my backpack I will be using for my trip hiking out west. The setup is simple and feels solid. I have a canon 6D and will have a Rokinon 12mm and Canon 24-105mm attached to it. After adjusting my backpack straps I notice there is a noticeable sag on left (side i attached it). This is understandable as there is a decent amount of weight on one side. The camera once locked in turns towards the battery side (assuming due to the extra weight contributed by the battery). So it doesnt face directly down but slightly off to the heavy side of camera. I seen in other reviews saying if you bend over or with enough movement may cause it to turn and possibly unlock and slip right out! Hopefully I do not run into this issue when out on the rocks. The only thing I see that maybe could be added into future updated models is a sternum strap to go across and attach to the other shoulder strap. This would help anchor the holder even more. Ive read in the Q&A and reviews of people having massive DSLR's with big telephotos, I could only imagine the weight they would put on one side and create alot of swaying and sag. A sternum anchor would help this coupled with the strap that attaches to the top of your pack to prevent the holder from slipping down. Will update review once Ive put it to the test.

I used the strapshot on my backpack strap, and it works just as described. It doesn't distribute the weight on a larger lens, so be prepared for that. The strapshot is great for keeping the camera available without it bouncing around on your chest or stomach, occupying your hands the entire time, or having to juggle a camera and a pair of binoculars at the same time.

One item to be aware of, and why I knocked off a star, is that the screw that holds the hand strap and the locking bracket works loose over time. Keep the Allen wrench with you on an extended trip. I learned that lesson the hard way, but found the safety line works like it should.

Hiked the White Mountains of New Hampshire and had this attached to my Lowepro pack while climbing and hiking some challenging peaks like the Franconia Ridge trail. The strap attached perfectly to my pack and I was very comfortable the entire week. I took one nasty spill and at no time was I worried that my camera would come out of the holster. I like this design better than the harness as I don't have to put on another contraption in addition to my Lowepro pack. This was a little expensive for what it is but I'm very happy that I bought it as trying to hold my camera while climbing and descending with hiking poles would have been a PIA. Great Product

works as expected. a large lens might pull the harness low on your backpack strap over time

I used this on a recent trip and loved the convenience of having my camera with me but not having to deal with a separate strap. The camera was secure yet easily accessible.

I saw an ad for the newer version, but couldn't wait. Love it. Keeps my camera (d500 and d850) secure on the should strap. Received the newer version hip belt and love them both. Great to have instead of dangling of the neck strap smacking your chest as you walk around and hike. Definitely recommend to have in tool belt.

I was looking for a robust holster-like system for my Sony RX100. The Spider Holsters were too expensive and felt limited while this system works with both a belt and a backpack. The patented mechanism helps keep the camera from accidentally slipping out of the carrier (if mounted correctly). Pay attention to the direction of how to mount the portion to the camera as I found out the hard way when I bent over, the camera fell out of the carrier! Once again this is my fault for not paying attention to the directional arrow on the mount. When the camera fell, luckily the tether caught it so it never hit the ground. I'm so happy there was this second safeguard. My only wish is that the grip that wraps around your hand was more durable. It feels cheap and rigid so I ended up not using it. Perhaps it might work better with a bigger DSLR camera versus a point and shoot. Nonetheless I don't regret getting this gear despite the price tag. Can't wait to take the DSLR on hikes with this carrier!

So the only issue I have with this is the hand grip on the Olympus OMD E-M5 mark 2 doesn’t work. If you try to use the hand grip you can not control the camera at all.

That being said the holding bracket is outstanding and I love using it. It’s easy and fast to gram my camera and even with a larger 300mm lens on the camera or my ultra wide angle it is still comfortable and secure.

Es bastante incómodo. Se clava mucho al instalarlo en la mochila. Tengo el que va con un arnés en el centro del pecho y este va genial pero el que se pone en la hombrera de la mochila va fatal.

Es super util, sujeta perfectamente una camara canon eos m5 con un objetivo pesado 18 200. Super comodo.

Good product design. Used it for a small camera attached to the straps of a back pack. Secure. Convenient.

this is amazing very comfortable place for the camera and easy to reach for the shot .
only thing its not good the way it sets up for a try pot .

Good for DSLR with small light lenses.
With 70-200 mm telephoto zoom lens u need stronger vest type which is $300-400 .