Vanguard Up-Rise II 15Z Zoom Camera Bag


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  • Quick action - top access
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  • 2 in 1 - expand or contract with one simple zipper
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  • Keep dry - total coverage rain cover



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Style:Zoom Bag/Up-rise Ii 15z

The UP-RISE II 15Z compact zoom bag offers you the possibility to supersize or downsize with one easy zipper motion, while still keeping gear protected. So when a longer lens is called for, or you just want to leave the lens hood on, there is no need to switch bags. Designed for intuitive use, you will find that the flap opens away from your body allowing you quick and easy access to your camera, which is literally cradled protectively inside. The UP-RISE II 15Z ensures padded protection and a snug fit. Ideally, the capacity is designed for a DSLR with medium lens attached, and when expanded you can utilize the additional depth. Strategically placed internal and external pockets arrange all other essentials such as memory cards, cables, battery, charger, and smartphone, exactly where one needs them; either secured in a zippered compartment, or on hand at any given moment in a slip-in pocket. The UP-RISE II 15Z carries comfortably over your shoulder, or the sturdy top handle makes grab-and-run possible at any given moment. Enhancing performance you will discover our second-to-none quality, materials, and bag construction, as well as a dedicated name tag, LCD screen protector, and our total coverage rain cover.

Product information Style:Zoom Bag/Up-rise Ii 15z Product Dimensions 7.25 x 6.75 x 11.25 inches Item Weight 1.06 pounds ASIN B008S94L8M Item model number UP-Rise II 15Z

I am looking for a beg with side opening that can carry camera with two lenses. Using the Z7 with 28-300 and PTZ convertor, the overall length is 9". The camera body is not as big as DSLR (like the D810).
The bag can accommodate this length, but the side opening is too small, and too close to the button of the bag.
trying the D810, you can not pull it out through this hole.
the second lens (14-30 or 16-35) could not fit in, and when you open the front, everything come flying out.
Comparing the Dimension, it is almost as big as the Case Logic DCB-308, that can handle easily what i need - I was looking for mode compact bag.
The main issue is that the opening on the side to pull the camera is nicely secured, but too small for regular size DSLR, or reasonable mirrorless cameras.

Very happy with the build quality and size of the bag. For me it strikes a good balance in how much can be packed into it yet still not go as bulky as a full messenger bag. I am able to fit my Rebel SL2 compact DSLR (put it in sideways, not as intended), a nifty-50 and a 10-18 STM into the bag. Many other DSLR's would find only one other lens comfortably packing into the bag. Other items packed include a small profile battery charger in the side pocket, a spare battery in the front zip pocket and a few cleaning supplies in with the camera and lenses.

The big cons of this bag:

1) The quick-release buckle appears to be misdesigned on the Uprise 22 size and probably for the smaller bags as well. The quick release buckle was put on in a way which allows the bag to expand but it should have been put on the bag in a way which lets you get to your camera quickly. I love the bag but if the quick release buckle had been designed properly I would have been much happier.

2) Only 1 zippered front pocket and an elastic side pocket on the outside of the bag. The bag should have had at least one or two more accessory pockets. Definitely one on the side without a pocket and perhaps a low profile pocket built into the top of the bag.

Last I checked Vanguard no longer listed this bag on their website so the bag has probably been discontinued.

Wow, I’ve been so impressed about this product. The bag, handle, and zippers feel so durable. I love all the compartments as well as the rain cover it comes with. You can expand the bag to make it bigger. I keep a Canon T3i camera with 3 lenses inside and several items on the outer zipper pocket like my hard case SD/mini SD case and cords as wells a couple of batteries in this bag. Overall, for the price and durability, I RECOMMEND IT!!! (Not paid to say this but as a picky and high expectations consumer, this is worth it!!)

I bought this bag because it has a harness that supports the camera body so that the entire weight of the camera and lens is not resting on the end of the lens. The quality is good and the zippers are very good. It holds my camera with shorter, wider 17-50mm and the longer, narrower 70-210mm. I do have a bit of trouble fitting my rubberized BlackRapid shoulder strap around the body when I need to close the bag - perhaps I need to try drop the strap through the lens opening to sit with the lens in the lower compartment. I don’t get the point of the quick release buckle on the front though - unless that is to attach an external lens case?

This is a great bag, a huge upgrade from the Amazon Basics bag. Lots of room for gear, including a tripod and laptop storage. It could use more of the dividers but, that is just my preference. This bag is comfortable and rests on the shoulders nicely. The front facing pocket it large enough to fit my home made "Ice light" and can even be unzipped on the bottom for extra space. On the sides are pockets for storage, easy camera access, and a separate tripod bag that comes out of a pouch.

Purchased this bag to carry my MacBook, camera, and a couple of lenses. When they are all in the bag it is heavy but manageable. What I really liked about this bag is that on the small commuter jet with limited overhead baggage room I had no problem fitting this bag in the overhead compartment. That was important to me. What I also loved about this bag is the strap on the back that you put over the handle of my larger roller luggage so then I don't have to carry it the entire time traveling. It held it snug and secure. I didn't find the lack of additional storage a problem since my main concern was having a slimmer bag that is expandable when I need to carry my laptop. I found the strap to be very comfortable.

I have two Vanguard bags: the UP-Rise II 28 (for quick day shoots) and this bag, which is a step up in size and capacity. I use this bag when I want to carry at least two extra lenses and/or a flash. I've even used it as a travel carry-on bag (without the camera insert). It is very well made and has numerous pockets and space for needed items, such as filters, batteries, lens cleaners, remotes, etc. It comes with a rain cover that I haven't had to use yet, but which should keep things dry in an unexpected shower until I can reach shelter. I like the removable strap (most messenger bags have attached straps), the four feet on the bottom, the expandable bottom compartment, and the trolley sleeve. The zippered top opening is handy when I don't want to lift the flap. The velcro strips keep the flap closed when I don't want to use the nylon latch.

I've used other Vanguard products and have been very impressed. They compare favorably with the big names, such as Lowepro and Manfrotto (both of which I have), and I encourage you to look at their bags and other equipment.

I purchased this bag to fit all of my photography gear.

The following equipment fits in this bag neatly with ease;

DJI Phantom 2 + H3-3D Gimbal + GoPro Hero 3+ (Fits in with everything attached)
Black Perl Diversity 7" Monitor attached to DJI Phantom Controller
Canon EOS 650D
MacBook Pro Retina 15"
Chargers / Portable Batteries etc

There is a separate section for your laptop (anything up to 15")

There are harness straps for ease of carrying, the quality is very strong, waterproof and does not feel like something that will fall apart.
I use this bag for not only Photography but travelling and general use.
If you are looking for something cheaper than the DJI Official backpack, I highly recommend this backpack.

I spent quite a bit of time choosing a Rucksack for some fairly expensive camera equipment that I own, and having bought Vanguard items before decided that this was probably the backpack for me. It seems very well made, and all the materials used seem of good quality and should stand the test of time. all stitching seems to be solid, and the zips are all good quality and of a standard that I would expect from a backpack of this price.

The bag is really well padded, and there are several safety devices to ensure that even if you forget to do up a zip there is usually a secondary mechanism (Velcro or strap) to stop your kit falling out and smashing. The bottom is waterproof, so you can sit it on the ground without fear of water ingress into the Camera compartment, and it sits upright without the need for any support, which is a great idea.

The expanding front compartment will fit a set of waterproofs or a micro-fleece easily and the top compartment will be good for a packed lunch although I wouldn't put anything that could leak in it, as it isn't fully separate from the bottom (front is just a Velcro attachment). The equipment compartment is well thought out, and there is more than enough room for a DSLR with good size lens, a set of filters and a further 2/3 lenses, and the quick access zipper on the side is easily accessed by slipping the bag off one shoulder to get to your Camera quickly.

The Tri-pod carrier is a great idea, but not perfect. I have a Vanguard tri-pod, but only one leg will fit in the carrier - if it was just a few centimetres wider it would have been perfect. I can still attach the tripod, but I would have been happier if all 3 legs could fit in the bottom pocket to ensure that they are not snagged when climbing e.t.c.

The rain cover is a complete afterthought and is pretty much useless as it won't completely cover the bag if a tripod is attached, I also doubt that it will stop rain getting into the top where the shoulders attach as the shoulder straps attach to the very top of the bag, so there is no lip for the cover to slip over. I have another Vanguard messenger type bag, and this suffers from exactly the same problem - it is a real shame as a rain cover was a must have for me, and it looks as if I may have to purchase a 3rd party item to do the job (and I still doubt that it will stay completely dry).

All in all, happy with the purchase, but would have liked a better tripod carrying system and a workable rain cover.

Not as good as i expected, it just about fits my Sony A7rii with battery grip and 85 mm G master lens attached, as it is, it's very difficult to remove via the quick release panel. there is plenty of room for other lenses,but as i stated it's not deep enough for my camera and battery grip to fit comfortably bearing in mind that this is not a DSLR but a smaller mirrorless camera. also the quick release catch is anything other than quick release and is very difficult to do back up. Perhaps i will get used to it but so far very disappointed . I have had Vanguard bags before and have always been very impressed, however this is not one of their better products.

I've had this bag for some two months so this is a first impression. I use it for my aps-c camera, with 18-105, 55-300 and 35mm prime lenses and a few filters. It is my first sling bag and it is very useful when out walking to access gear without having to place the bag on the ground. It is comfortable when walking as it is light and leaves both arms free.

Good quality day bag for the £85 asking price. Few points stop it being 5 stars. Can't carry a drinks bottle in the external carrier if your carrying a tripod. The tripod mount does not seem strong / secure enough if your carrying a heavier tripod (bought some extra straps). The quick access panel has two small holes at the top of the zip that may let in water in a quick shower, although rain cover worked well in heavy rain. Does not cover tripod though (bought aftermarket dry bag for that.) These points may seem nit picking, but if they were addressed it would be an easy 5 stars. Overall don't regret buying the bag at all and would recommend to anyone starting out as I am and needs a good bag to protect their investment without breaking the bank.

Bought this bag to house a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ 'drone', following a YouTube recommendation. Bag is hugely customisable and I was able to set up to hold the drone and all it's bits 'n' bobs safely and securely. It's not 'solid', so not appropriate for airplane cabin baggage; but to take on a hike or bike ride, it's fantastic!

I bought this based on the reviews and am so pleased I did. It has space for my camera with lens and three extra lenses. There are other sections which I use to store filters etc., and the expandable front pocket comes in very useful. I have no need to use the cover yet but it is an extra bonus. Loops and belts on the outside are great for extra carriers. Solid and well built. Highly recommended.

Haven't put this through its paces yet as have bought for a safari holiday in a few weeks. I bought a couple of bags previously and returned both, but was extremely happy with this one. It ticks the boxes of space, ease of access, feature, comfort and a nice design! I'm going to be taking a small tripod, 2 DSLR's, a 100-400mm, 24-105, 50mm, 10-22mm, bean bag and a few other accs, and this still leaves me room for personal gear. I'd highly recommend this bag for the price

Excellent rucksack - plenty of room for 2 full frame DSLR's, 80 - 400 zoom and 3 other lenses, plus 2 battery packs, laptop, iPad and assorted remote timers, filters, etc. Good design, easy access, comfortable to carry. Can't think of anything I could criticise. Highly recommended.

Well, nothing much to add to other feedbacks, because it is really a good backpack, good quality materials and well padded. The ONLY thing I am missing are inside pockets that Tamrac backpacks have :-). I am using it for my Canon EOS 7D, 3 lenses, plus some accessories and tripod :-)

Solid, well made & spacious.
Not sure how sold I am on the side camera access, but I'm sure someone would find it useful.

Very happy with my purchase.

This bag really is a great quality product and has enough room to fit my dslr, spare lense, gopro, and the many many different mounts for my gopro. It can also be re-organised inside to fit my phantom quadcoptor.

Soild and light. Plenty of room for most things but a little lacking in places for smaller objects. There is a large space at the top that I am using for a smaller bag to go in with all the little things like spare batteries, cards, step-up rings etc to go in.

I brought this for my Dji phantom 2 plus bits and it works well, it'a not an ideal fit but once you have moved a few things around it fits well and doesn't look too big. There are specific backpacks for the phantom but they are much bigger and cost more so I think it's a good fit for me.

Great bag for dji googles and mavic