ePhotoInc Large Photo Video Photography Studio 10ft x 16ft Green Chromakey Chroma Key Muslin Backdrop Background Screen 1016G


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  • 10 x 16 ft Background, perfect for television, video production and digital photography
  • Rod Pocket and Fully Stitched Edges
  • Single Piece Seamless Design
  • Saturated High Key Green Color
  • Durable and Machine Washable



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Suitable for all level photographers from amateurs to professionals. It's a perfect solution to produce photos for web retailers and commercial product catalog, especially good for portrait and costume.

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1x 10 ft x 16 ft Green Backdrop

Product information Product Dimensions 17.1 x 11.9 x 3.1 inches Item Weight 3.95 pounds ASIN B00U3003JK Item model number 1016G

I have found it excellent, although to take full advantage of it I would need a much larger studio than my living room or garage. Contrary to expectations minor creases do not affect the result, and as long as it is not fluttering in the breeze and it is evenly illuminated by lights from two sides (not front and back, but from right and left side). Also, the person in front also has to be illuminated from the right and left side or he/she will have a green halo on the not-illuminated side. He/she also has to be far enough from the green screen (or the green screen lights have to be powerful enough) that he does not cast a shadow on the green screen. Exposure on the talent in front has to be carefully adjusted to match the exposure level of whatever you are later putting on the background in post, or it looks contrived. Plus, anything shiny on the talent's body or clothing will show up as artifacts of the background even if black or some other color. All that being said, however, it does increase the options: I have taken an hour or so of B-Roll scenic background to use as the background; otherwise you have to repeat the background segment over and over in post and if something is moving there it becomes noticeable after a while.

I had a green screen kit that was purchased a few years back that included a black muslin, white muslin, and green muslin and I used that in several online videos for a while. Recently, I was asked to film some ghost effects and realized I would need to make sure I could film their feetsies, too. I bought this to spread out on the ground and crossed my fingers that it would vaguely match the one I have and it was great. It is enormous and fills half of my basement. Because it's 10X16, I could have easily tacked it to the back wall and let the overflow on the ground create an even bigger field than what I had (and I might use it like that in future).

I included a still from the green screen setup I have (this giant green muslin is spread out on the floor, the older one is hanging in the back) and a photo of one of the finished stills (face blurred). It matched almost exactly and ended up being pretty easy to pull a key on, so if you need to cover a ginormous space and have the kind of coverage I needed, this will definitely do the trick.

I've only given it four stars because, like the green screen muslin cloth I already have, it is thin and needs something behind it to avoid weird shadows. For the upright cloth, I use the white muslin doubled up behind the green. For the floor, my carpet is beige, so it all kind of works.

A size that gives you enough room for a good shot. Yes, masking in post can fix a lot, but just having enough room to move side to side without running off the green, and to get a full body shot, including feet, makes this size cloth the way to go.

Worked well for me even wrinkled and not taut. Somewhat transparent but has not been an issue, just mask off any windows or lights behind it. The real secret to making a good chromakey is flat, even lighting. You don't need to blast it or make the chroma neon bright; actually, you want it exposed about 80 IRE units, no brighter; you need some headroom for lighting the subject separately from the background. Use zebra bars display in your viewfinder, if you have it, to see where the hot spots are and fix them. I use 2 Lightdow softlights to light the cloth and they work very well, for not much outlay. Rule of thumb is to stand at least your body height, plus a foot, away from the green, to avoid throwing your shadow on the cloth.

I ordered this item and was... eeh, okay with it. The thread count on this is low, meaning it is somewhat transparent and doesn't absorb the lighting well. So, there is a color bounce back onto the subject. This color bleed on to your subject makes it somewhat difficult to get a true color shot and separate it for production. I am using three Einstein E640's with softboxes and a boom hair light which makes a very controlled lighting session, and still had color bleed. Yeah, yeah...I know! My next purchase is going to be something a bit more on par with the Einstein's. But for anyone who is just getting started and can't afford something of a bit more quality...do it.
~ Ronnie

Product is nothing like described and is not made out of the material suitable for greenscreen (unless it's in a dark room and not lit, which no one does). I loved the length of it, but the material is not good enough to use. I could not use my footage because of how poor and thin and see-through the material is. I was definitely expecting something more. Package was in great shape, shipped very fast. No complaints for the sellers other than the inaccuracy of the product.

I ordered this in a pinch and wish I spent a few extra $$ to go with Westcott 130 green screen instead! The ePhotoInc wrinkles easily and is just a very thin green sheet, so depending on your location.. you will need to cover the back of this screen to prevent light leaking through. I made it work the first time, but if you plan on doing multiple green screen shoots, seriously consider the Westcott instead.

The advantage of the Westcott is in the material. It's more of a felt type material, so it won't wrinkle and it looks a lot more professional than a crumpled up green sheet. The Westcott is also slightly thicker than the ePhotoInc, but you'll still need to conscious of any light coming from behind the green screen (eg. windows, etc.. )

Despite that this is indeed a green muslin backdrop, as expected, this is most certainly not 10' wide. It's 9' if even that. That presents fairly large complications for anyone ordering this for the specific 10' width. Essentially I'm missing 1' x 16' section of what I paid for. This is a bit infuriating. Lies about description will garner a scathing review from me. The only reason it got two stars is because it's is the material it says it is and isn't paper thin. Outside of that, I'm a very disappointed customer and will dissuade people from purchasing from this seller until they update the measurements described to the proper dimensions.