Fotga A50TL 5 Inch FHD IPS DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut Video On-Camera Touch Screen Field Monitor,3D LUT,1920x1080,700nit cd/m2,HDMI 4K Input/Output,Dual NP-F Battery Plate,Fit DSLR Cinema Camera


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  • Screen Size: 5".Screen type: DCI-P3 and C.709 Wide Color Gamut with IPS display.High resolution : 1920x1080.Brightness: 700cd/m2. Contrast Ratio: 1500:1 . Wide viewing angle: 170 degree.
  • It supports HDMI 4K input/output.(No SDI for this model A50TL).3.5mm headphone output.Compatible with almost all cameras and camcorders. USB port for firmware upgrade.Built-in audio input.Multiple connecting holes (1/4",3/8" ,M6 and cold shoe connector)
  • Supports screen touch control and physical buttons control.Silent physical operation buttons.Support shortcut button setting.
  • Supports 3D LUT function.There are default undeletable 5 inter LUT files,and you can also import extra 8 LUT files.
  • Dual battery compartment for NP-F NP-FM/QM batteries,and this would extend your working time greatly. You can also use LP-E6 battery (battery plate for LP-E6 need to buy separately).When power by NP-F or LP-E6 battery or a dummy battery,there is also a battery output for power your camera directly from monitor.



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  • Fotga is always try best to offer professional and helpful assit tools for users,filmmakings,and it helps customer to make out wonderful works.
  • Fotga DP500IIIS A50 series field monitor is special designed for all cameras with good features:Histogram,peaking filter,false colors,zebra exposure,FHD,embedded audio,pixel-to-pixel,check field,image flip,anamorphic,image freeze,zoom-in,etc.
  • Size: 5".
  • Screen type: Wide Color Gamut with IPS display Hardware switch for changing between DCI-P3 and 709 avaible for A50TL and A50TLS
  • Ultra brightness: with firmware V2.0,the brightness can reach to 700nits (cd/m2)
  • Supports DC in power supply as well as dual NP-F batteries power supply,and this ensures uninterrupted power supply for your working.And dual battery instead of one battery greatly extend power working time.
  • 4K HDMI input/output.3G SDI Input/output (available on model A50TLS).
  • 3D LUT (Available on Model A50TL and A50TLS).
  • Audio port. Bat output for powering monitor and camera at the same time.
  • JTZ J6 port allows controlling functions of monitor through JTZ DP30 top handle,DP30 hand grip or DP30 follow focus.
  • Multiple connecting ports for extending to work with more accessories at same time,and this will greatly extend your operation options.
  • There are 4 models of A50 series for option: A50 (Standard),A50T (Touch Screen),A50TL (Touch Screen+3D LUT),A50TLS (Touch Screen+3D LUT+3G SDI). Choosing the very one according to your need,and A50 series field monitot will be a good help for your work.
  • Latest firmware can be downloaded from fotga official website. (Please ensure no power-off during firmware updating,or it may cause screen dead)
  • Lightweight (net weight is about 200g) and compact but with full functions.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen Control,Freely stepless Zoom-in

It supports touch sreen control as well as buttons control.

  • Touch screen control allows a quick and accurate control directly through the sceen,you can set the menu facing to the screen,no need to check the button one by one.
  • It also supports physical buttons control.the corresponding function of buttons can be customized according to your need.
  • Wheel button is available for quich choosing and setting.
  • Multiple connectors by side: 3 x Standard 3/8" mount ,and 4 x 1/4" screw mount.There includes 3 x 3/8"-M6 adapter,1 x 3/8"-1/4" adapter.You can mount different accessories on it.
  • There is also include a cold shoe adapter for holding extra monitor or some other device.
  • Angle adjustable hot shoe adapter with 1/4" screw mount.

Note:If use AC power,please ensure using a right AC adapter for it,or it may cause the touch screen function garbled.

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3D LUT movie color calibration and real-time preview

  • Supports 3D LUT function,advanced image processing chip and technology,allows previewing your works in advance.
  • Can import 8 LUT files (not including inter default LUT files).Supports USB LUT files importing,please ensure your USB is with FAT32 format.Please be sure each file should be no bigger than 7.9MB

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Uninterrupted Power Supply (AC power & Dual NP-F batteries)

Multiple power supply:

  • Supports dual NP-F battery ( NP-F ,NP-FM/QM batteries,such as F970 F960 F950 F930 F770 F750 F730 F570 F550 F530 QM91D QM91 QM90D QM90 QM71D QM71 QM70D QM70 QM51D QM51 FM71 FM70,etc. ) for power at the same time,which will greatly extend your battery working time.You can also use an adapter plate for LP-E6 battery (need to buy separately,then you can use LP-E6 battery alone,you can also use a NP-P battery and a LP-E6 battery at the same time.
  • It also supports AC Power supply.
  • There is Battery output for power your camera and monitor at same time.But camera can get power at the same time only when you use NP-F series or LP-E6 battery (s) and through DC can not be powered when use AC power cable.

(Note:SDI input/output is not available with this A50TL Model)

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FHD,High Brightness,High Contrast,4K HDMI Input/Output,3.5mm headphone output.

  • Screen Size: 5”
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Brightness: 700cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio: 1500:1
  • Viewing Angle: 170°
  • Input Voltage: DC 7-18V
  • Size: 162x87x24.3 (mm)
  • Net Weight: About 200g
  • USB firmware upgrade (firmware can be downloaded from fotga official website or scan the QR code on the back of monitor)
  • Standard 4K HDMI Input/Output , 3G-SDI Input/Output is not available for A50TL model

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Functions and packages:


  • Brightness Histogram / Embedded Audio / False Colors /Super False colors/ Peaking Focus Assist (Red, Green, Blue and white colors optional)/Zebra Exposure (1-100% adjustable)/Check Field
  • Anamorphic Mode (2.35:1,1.33:1,)
  • Image Flip(vertically) / Image Freeze / Safety marker / Center Marker
  • Ratio marker (4:3,16:9,16:10,5:4,1.85:1,2.35:1)
  • Adjustable color temperature

Package includes:

  • 1 x A50TL monitor
  • 1 x hot shoe mount adapter
  • 1 x sunshade hood
  • 1 x cold shoe adapter
  • 1 x HDMI to HDMI cable 1 x DC power cable
  • 1 x 3/8"-1/4” adapter
  • 3 x 3/8”-M6 adapter

Product information Size:A50TL (Touch screen+3D LUT) Package Dimensions 8.5 x 6.5 x 4.3 inches Item Weight 1.6 pounds ASIN B07MH71WH4 Item model number 912291

UPDATE: the monitor has stopped working less than a year after buying it!! And FOTGA has no answered a single one of my emails.

This might be one of the best monitors on the market under $500. Even though this is far below $500, I would challenge it against any things at $500. As you can see in the photos, its got great mounting options and really fits in well with my camera cage. And as far as features go, it's nearly identical as the features for the SmallHD 502.

From the photos, I uploaded you can tell the Color Bars show very very little banding on the grey scale. I was shocked at the dynamic range and contrast that this screen has. You can even see the different grey and black bars down in the bottom section. As LCD monitors go, the blacks are surpisely dark on this and not washed out like most LCD screens.

As for menus, this little monitor is full of features. The peaking is sharp, the histogram seems pretty accurate, and the audio VU meters are quick and responsive. And honestly, the audio VU meters were unexcepted because I don't recall seeing them listed on the Amazon post. I now keep the audio meters on full time bc my DSLR doesn't have them. I also like that I can use the monitor as a headphone pre-amp. My Canon T3i doesn't have a headphone jack. This way I can hear what my camera is recording and see the audio meters.

If you own a classic DLSR like a 5D, 7D, or any of the Canon Rebel cameras before they added headphone jacks and advanced video menus in the camera, than you should absolutely buy this camera monitor. For $209 this is a killer deal!

This is my first field monitor as I transition into videography from photography. I bought this monitor from amazon and an AK2000 gimball from another vendor (store credit purchase). Not having used one of these before, I opted for the higher end model after researching what SDI was. My theory has always been to have and not need then to need and not have. I'm previously familiar with BNC connections as well so I knew just a bit for starters.
The image seems to be super sharp. I tested by not only plugging in my camera to it, but also plugging in my 4k Nvidia Shield and playing back to the future since I've seen it a thousand times and am extremely familiar with all aspects of what's on screen including sharpness. The screen stayed sharp and clear to me even when I used the gimbal to rotate, making my viewing angle go to the extremes to either side. The menu seem straight forward although I had to look up some terms since (again) I'm just beginning to understand videography. Do note that you can be up and running out of the box without having to do anything with the menu. The touch screen is responsive which is what my worry was before buying this. I did have some NP-F batteries already so I utilized them to get this thing powered on and in use.
I'm sure I have much more to learn but as a beginner, this seems to cover all bases and then some.

I haven’t used this in the field yet, but my first impression is I’m pretty impressed.

I got it to use for my C100 Mark II so that’s what I’ll be comparing it to. The image is surprisingly good. Sharp and bright and the color looks very accurate. More accurate than the C100’s OLED actually, which tends to be a little on the green side. It’s also slightly brighter than the C100 screen, even with luminance turned on. Not by a ton but definitely noticeable brighter. 1080 resolution on a 5” screen is very sharp and easy to check focus. Great options for mounting and customizable buttons. It’s very very light which in this case is a benefit rather than a detriment. Comes with a DC cable too so if you happen to have a 9v battery pack, you can just pop the cord in and go without attaching batteries to the monitor adding extra weight. The included HDMI cable is quite thick, stiff, and longer than necessary so I ordered a 1’ coiled right-angled cable instead. When the fan is on, it’s almost completely silent. The touch screen sort of reminds me of one of those old GPS systems, not like a smart phone. But there’s very little lag and the pinch to zoom feature works really well.

Overall I’m really happy with this purchase and recommend it to other Canon cinema owners.

FOTGA has truly out done themselves. This lightweight 200g Monitor (weighs less than my iPhone 7s) has so many features packed into a small 5” hard plasticky body. I wish it was aluminum! I wish they would’ve made it 300-500 nits brighter with an aluminum body for $350-$400. I’d still buy it. SDI-IN/OUT (perfect for future proofing the monitor for when people make the move to a Cinema Camera). HDMI IN/OUT, DC Out ( I run a dc cable to d-tap off my RED camera or use a d tap on a v mount, BAT OUT ( dc to dummy battery, or DUMMY battery to tap), and it has headphones in case you wanna use that — probably isn’t any good haven’t tried — doesn’t matter honestly.
OKAY! Really the biggest draw back is the brightness but they supply a really nice and functional sunhood that can live on the monitor, so that helps. Also, second drawback like aforementioned— hard plasticky body.
You get 4 customizable function keys, brightness adjustment buttons, input for hdmi to SDI button, AND it’s a freaking TOUCHSCREEN! All for $260. Crazy. It beats the SMALL HD FOCUS without even trying when it comes to features. It has 3D LUT support and you can load those via the USB on the monitor. FOTGA truly took advantage of every inch when it comes to this monitor. Honestly, it even beats the ATOMOS Shinobi when it comes to features but not build or brightness.

I use this with my Blackmagic Pocket CC4K and it's been stellar. I've bought some cheap monitors over the past few years, and this is hands down the best option, best monitor I have owned for under $200!

It's nice and bright, a clean image from both my BMPCC4k and my Sony a7iii and no issues when you hit record (like some cheap monitors give you), a good size, with a sturdy hot-shoe mount included.

You won't be dissapointed.

Un superbe moniteur un peu difficile de s’y retrouver dans le menu mais reste parfait! Malheureusement pas le budget donc j’ai du prendre le A50 T
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